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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Solitude & Restlessness)

Updated September 11, 2023

The Eight of Cups tarot card relates to a quest for healing and serenity. You must distance yourself from the crowd and listen to your intuition.

Your wishes are unmet, and you have more work to do before you feel fulfilled. You’ve lost your way and must regroup.

The Eight of Cups indicates a calling to pursue your inner purpose. You must break from routines and find more profound meaning and truth.

A retreat or break from clutter, work, and the influence of others is important. You can find healing and empowerment now.

The Eight of Cups makes you question your goals. You feel disconnected from spirituality, and this card encourages you to realign with your mission.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card
UprightIntrospection, Boundaries, Solitude
ReversedAlienation, Disconnection, Restlessness
Yes or NoNo
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignScorpio
Angel Number8

Common Symbolism

The symbolism of the Eight of Cups gives you an idea about this tarot card’s meaning. A figure walks with their back turned into a desolate landscape alongside a river.

He walks under a Full Moon with his head lowered as if in grief or dissatisfaction. Five chalices line the foreground; two chalices stand atop the first three chalices. One chalice stands alone atop the second two chalices.

The Full Moon in the sky has a somber face and appears to eclipse the Sun. In other versions of the card, the Moon is in a waxing crescent phase. The placement of the Moon is a time marker.

The symbolism of the Eight of Cups tarot timing suggests a month or events occurring by the next Full Moon. The Eight of Cups symbolism involves images of isolation and retreat, cleansing, and solitude.

The figure often walks with the help of staff or a walking stick. The symbolism of this card suggests a lack of emotional support and a quest to overcome wounds without others.

Some variations of the tarot feature eight chalices simplistically arranged. More elaborate depictions contain a scene suggesting a long journey and loss of connection to others or intentional flight from civilization into the wilderness.

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Upright General Meaning

The Eight of Cups tarot card meaning involves a quest for fulfillment. After being swept up by the crowd, you realize others influence you too much. Break away from the noise and routines of daily life to gain perspective.

A vacation or retreat may be to help you clear your mind. Time in contemplation helps sort out heartbreak and disappointment. You can’t rely on others now and must trust your intuition.

When the Eight of Cups tarot card appears in a reading, you are bound to experience emotional ups and downs. Your search for peace and serenity requires deep reflection. You are about to go through a dramatic emotional transformation.

Empowerment and fulfillment require you to take an unconventional path. Walk away from the people you care about, but your retreat is not permanent. Some time away gives you perspective and courage.

The Ace of Cups followed by the Eight of Cups means a new relationship or friendship isn’t all it appeared to be initially. You must adjust your expectations or feel disappointed.

Yet the Eight of Cups followed by the Ace of Cups has a different meaning. The Ace of Cups after the Eight of Cups means you are wandering in search of fulfillment, and you find it because of a new opportunity.

The Eight of Cups followed by the Nine of Cups indicates growth and progression. You may advance and find happiness and fulfillment in a relationship. Your relationship is on the rocks but a month apart heals wounds.

Your commitment and relationship improve after you learn to set boundaries. Don’t be afraid to part with a loved one temporarily if doing so improves the relationship in the long run.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups tarot in love appears to be a bad omen at first glance. Yet the meaning of this tarot card is better than you may think. Your relationships improve because of personal growth.

You undergo a transformation that brings a new perspective; your relationships and partnership blossom in time. You must work on yourself and find fulfillment.

Stop trying to heal old wounds with a relationship. You may realize codependency is not the answer to discontentment. When the Eight of Cups tarot guides you, work on being independent and your relationships succeed.

Clinging to a partner or chasing a love interest is the wrong path when the Eight of Cups tarot card appears. You must figure out your emotional needs, even if doing so takes you away from the people you love.

The Eight of Cups tarot is explained as a message to step away from a relationship to trigger your loved one’s attraction. Less is more when the Eight of Cups tarot card appears. Walk away to work on yourself so a relationship can heal.

The Eight of Cup’s advice in love is to let go and be patient. Give your partner time apart to find clarity. The Eight of Cups followed by the Six of Cups indicates a period of turmoil resulting in balance and healing.

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Upright Money & Career

The Eight of Cups tarot in money and career readings suggests you must take a time out. You aren’t satisfied with your career path, and a job or promotion you looked forward to leaves much to be desired.

You feel disillusioned and must take a step back to re-evaluate your prospects. You may downsize or leave a prestigious career path for simplicity and fulfillment. You don’t need to rush when the Eight of Cups appears.

The Eight of Cups does not imply a career path ending but rather the process of re-evaluating your choices. You may decide to move on from a job or profession but should wait a month before making any decisions.

Your finances are not sustaining you. The Eight of Cups indicates you must walk away from your material desires to reconnect with what matters to you.

Upright Health

When the Eight of Cups tarot card appears in a health reading, you must spend time away from your typical work, routines, and possibly home to find clarity and recovery. Your wellness depends on altering your lifestyle.

You may need to simplify your diet or give up comfort food to detoxify yourself. An illness or injury takes a month to heal. Recovery from an addiction or illness requires distance from friends and family.

You can’t recover unless you change the status quo. An environmental toxin or part of your routine contributes to illness or injury. Dramatic changes lead to healing.

You find healing by listening to your instincts. Your path to recovery may be unconventional. Explore alternative healing modalities when the Eight of Cups appears. Recovery requires transformation, not just surface-level changes.

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Upright Spirituality

When the Eight of Cups tarot card appears, you must break from the crowd to seek spiritual connection. Pay attention to inner wisdom. A month away from your typical routines brings greater awareness.

Reconnect with nature. Emotional healing is essential to transformation and growth when the Eight of Cups tarot card appears. You may wander into new spiritual practices and ideals now.

The Eight of Cups tarot card indicates you must break from tradition and spirituality becomes an integral part of your transformation and empowerment. Psychic development is likely now.

When the Eight of Cups appears, you may become confident in your skills as a spiritual healer, psychic, or medium. You must break from convention and undergo some form of clearing or initiation to enhance your spiritual wisdom.

Reversed General Meaning

The Eight of Cups tarot reversed has a similar meaning to the upright card. The Eight of Cups tarot reversed indicates a delay in growth or expansion; new wisdom and strength await, but you resist change.

You may be holding on to the past and hoping a relationship or situation will improve. The Eight of Cups reversed indicates you are trapped by repeating behaviors that sabotage you.

You can still move on and grow, but you can’t advance until you’ve embraced a transformation. You must change your perspective and face your insecurities and fears when the Eight of Cups tarot card appears.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups reversed in love means you are resisting inevitable changes. You’re holding on to past illusions and stifling yourself and your love interest.

You are avoiding the truth or hiding from fears and insecurities. Facing the reality of your relationship leads to empowerment and growth, but you must first build up your confidence and set new boundaries.

You are clinging to a partner and refusing to see codependency in a relationship. The Eight of Cups reversed appears to signal the need for independence. Avoid enmeshment in your relationships.

Reversed Money & Career

The Eight of Cups tarot card reversed in a career and money reading indicates a failure to see that you are trapping yourself. You must be honest with yourself about an unfulfilling career choice.

You can correct a mistake in your career or get on track financially. Yet you won’t make ground if you can’t be honest about your disappointment.

Your work is draining your emotions, but you won’t admit to yourself that you’ve lost your way professionally. The Eight of Cups reversed requires you to take time away from work to evaluate what you want.

Your finances aren’t sustaining you, but you may be in denial about this when the Eight of Cups is reversed. Be honest with yourself about your budgetary limitations.

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Reversed Health

The Eight of Cups tarot card reversed in a health reading points to emotional distress and illness or injuries that require a dramatic change of routines. You are resisting needed changes, and your health issues are a symptom of imbalance.

Step away from your routines to gain perspective. You can recover from an illness or injury, but you aren’t helping yourself. Intentionally break a pattern that hinders your healing.

Rather than moving in the direction you need, you are stuck in the past or buying into illusions. Be honest with yourself and release old expectations. Don’t prolong a health imbalance because of fear of facing facts.

Reversed Spirituality

The Eight of Cups reversed appears when you are hiding from your deeper needs. You aren’t nurturing yourself and feel alienated and disconnected from your spiritual source.

Time to reconsider your ideals. You may feel disillusioned with your spiritual path. You’re stuck and won’t progress until you examine your inner fears and insecurities and change your perspective.

You must go on a quest or journey to find your higher connection. You’re resisting a significant change or transformation when this card appeares reversed.

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