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Five Cards Find Love Cross

Updated March 9, 2023
Five Cards Find Love Cross

One of the best love tarot spreads for singles is the Five cards find love cross layout. This spread is easy to use yet comprehensive.

Each card gives insight into the details of your quest for love. The spread includes timing and a description of your lover.

Simple three-card tarot readings can be too vague for the complexity of finding love. The five cards find love cross tarot layout covers questions related to attraction.

The five-card relationship spread in the tarot uses the least possible number of cards to answer pressing questions when looking for love. You can learn to overcome obstacles and prepare for love.

One of the unique features of this spread is its attention to choice and fate in one reading. You can work through obstacles, while timing is a matter of fate.

Position One: Self

After you shuffle your tarot deck, place the first card for this reading in the center. The first card represents yourself and what you bring to the relationship. Though it seems counterintuitive, looking for love begins with you.

When you understand your strengths and challenges, you are empowered to take charge of your quest for love. Any card you select implies assets and lessons about your role in relationships.

Traditionally positive cards have messages about your strengths and ways you can improve. The Queen of Cups is emotional and nurturing in love. Yet if this card appears in the first position, you can be maternal and smothering.

The Sun indicates joy and happiness. You are the first to cheer others. Yet this card also implies your persistent optimism can make you unrelatable. You may be too idealistic or hide behind illusions.

A court card in this tarot spread’s position is the easiest to interpret, as court cards relate directly to personality strengths. Yet any card can speak to your unique strengths and role in a relationship.

The Death card in this position implies you are going through a dramatic transformation and rebirth. The Strength card indicates you are calm and enduring, yet you may be too tolerant of drama.

A card from the suit of wands in the first position indicates you are passionate and spontaneous in a relationship. You are assertive and determined; you bring focus to the relationship.

If the first card in the reading is from the suit of swords, you bring intellectual appeal to the relationship. You are creative, discerning, and communicative.

The first card belonging to the cups suit can indicate you are the emotional and sensitive one in the relationship. You appeal to the sentimental desires of others.

A card from the suit of pentacles in this position speaks to your practicality. You are the grounded partner, and others are attracted to your patience and stability.

Position Two: Obstacles

Place the second card in the top left corner of the spread. The second card in this layout represents obstacles you must overcome to find love. Until you address the issues this card represents, your relationships are undermined.

One of the biggest mistakes in a love tarot reading is focusing only on meeting your future love. If a tarot spread doesn’t deal with obstacles that undermine your attraction; you are missing a critical piece of the equation.

A major arcana card in the second position indicates the obstacle you face is a life-long pattern. The message of this card relates to a spiritual lesson in various life areas.

If the Chariot appears in this position, you undermine your attraction power because of procrastination. Ambivalence and self-doubt keep you from finding love.

If the Hierophant appears in this position, you are not approaching the quest for love with an open mind. Family influences or religious traditions constrain your attitude toward love and attraction.

A minor arcana card in this position speaks to obstacles that are easier to overcome once you are conscious of them. A suit of wands card in position two indicates your pace, confidence, or timing is off.

A card from the suit of swords in the second placement portends challenges related to your perspective. You are being too critical and ruling out prospective partners without giving them a chance.

If one of the cup cards appears in the second position, you are letting emotions interfere with your quest for love. You aren’t over an ex or your sensitivity leads you to become introverted.

When a card from the pentacles suit appears in this position, you are focusing too much on work. You aren’t giving yourself the time to enjoy dating and getting to know new people.

Position Three: Future Love

The third card in the five cards find love cross tarot spread represents your future love. Place this card in the top right-hand corner of the spread.

If you’re wondering how to interpret the five-card tarot spread, interpret the cards in order. You may be tempted to skip to this card first because you want to learn about your future lover.

Yet you must follow the process of interpreting the first two cards before you reach the third. Interpreting the cards in order means you will understand your new relationship in context.

The third card in the five-card find love tarot reading describes your future love. The easiest cards to interpret in this position are the court cards.

A page indicates someone youthful, innocent, or optimistic. A knight also indicates a young lover.

If a queen appears in this position, your love may be a woman or a nurturing, compassionate person. A king in this position indicates a man or an authoritative person.

If the third card in your reading is part of the wands suit, your future love is passionate, energetic, and assertive. You can glean information from the astrological correspondence of the card.

You may also receive clues about your future love’s appearance based on the image on the card you select. The third card in your spread may indicate a witty and clever person if it is a sword card.

A card from the cups suit signifies you will meet a sensitive, intuitive person. If the image on the card includes a family, you may meet someone with children.

If the third card is from the pentacles suit, your future love is business-oriented and hard-working. They are sensual and practical.

Novice tarot readers struggle with major arcana cards in this position. A major arcana card in the third position indicates your future lover brings significant lessons and growth into your life.

If the five-card tarot spread free sample shows a card with a figure in the picture, you may find a resemblance to your future love. Notice their attributes most readings speak to personality and not appearance.

Your future love may be a soulmate. The archetype of the card describes your future love’s personality or gifts they bring to the relationship but doesn’t represent their appearance or mundane details.

The Hermit indicates your future love is a solitary person on a spiritual quest. The Moon card indicates your prospective partner is nurturing, emotional, and creative.

The Star in this position indicates your future love is idealistic and has many artistic gifts. They are outgoing and make a strong impression.

Position Four: Timing

Place the fourth card in the five-card find love cross meaning is timing. This card goes in the bottom left corner. The card in this position is another much-anticipated detail.

Though this is one of the significant aspects of the tarot spread, timing is not the easiest topic to interpret. Aces indicate the beginning of a season. The Ace of Wands indicates early spring or around March 21, the Spring Equinox.

The Ace of Swords indicates the beginning of winter, or around December 21. The Ace of Wands points to the Summer Solstice or June 21. The Ace of Pentacles signifies fall or the Autumn Equinox, September 21.

You can also gauge timing based on a card’s correspondence to something happening fast or slow. The Knight of Wands or Swords indicates you meet someone soon.

The Knight of Cups or Pentacles brings a slower approach. The Four, Eight, or Ten of Swords indicates a prolonged process. These cards suggest you aren’t ready for new love.

The Two, Three, Nine or Ten of Cups indicates love comes into your life soon. Pentacles cards require patience and suggest a slow path to love.

The major arcana cards give subtle clues about timing. The Moon suggests you will meet someone new in a month or around the next Full Moon. The Sun indicates the coming summer.

The Star, Temperance, and Judgment suggest you are on a slow path to meeting your new love. Have patience; you may not meet your love for another year or more.

The Chariot suggests you are at a crossroads and aren’t yet ready for new love. The Hanged Man also suggests delays. Yet the Wheel of Fortune suggests love comes quickly and from a surprise connection.

Position Five: Lesson

Place the fifth card in the reading in the bottom right corner of the spread. The fifth card signifies the lessons you learn in this relationship. Don’t gloss over this card. It is one of the most important in the reading.

The fifth card in this reading gives you insights into the purpose of your relationship. Whether your future love spends a lifetime with you or engages in a short but passionate affair, the relationship teaches you something.

Ideally, a major arcana card in this position suggests a spiritual bond and transformative purpose. Even cards like the Devil suggest this relationship teaches you to set boundaries and deal with temptation.

The Fool indicates your partner brings out your carefree nature and teaches you to live in the moment. The Judgment card implies this relationship teaches you to prioritize your choices and transform your life through a gradual process.

A minor arcana card in this position shows you what you can learn from this relationship. A wands card brings lessons related to action, impulsivity, and creativity. A card from the swords suit helps you understand new insights.

If the fifth card in this reading is from the cups suit, you learn lessons about empathy and healing. A pentacles card in this position teaches you something new about your values and strengths.

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