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Five Cards Relationship Cross

Updated September 8, 2023

The five-card relationship cross is an intermediate relationship spread that gives insight into your prospects in love.

You can learn about the obstacles and strengths of your relationship by using this tarot spread.

Five-card relationship cross spread helps you expand your tarot reading skills. You can examine relationships without being overwhelmed by too many cards.

With a five-card relationship spread, past, present, and future issues come to light. The core of the reading is an understanding of yourself.

You can use this spread to understand what ideal love means to you. The five-card relationship tarot’s free and spontaneous style makes it fun and exciting.

Position One: Self

Shuffle your tarot deck and place the first card you select to your left. The first card in the spread represents you.

Examining yourself in a tarot reading about relationships is essential because you are the common denominator in your relationships with others.

If you’re wondering how to interpret a five-card tarot spread start with the first card. Interpret one card at a time or each card in position, and interpret the layout holistically.

The first card gives you insight into your motivations in relationships. The card in this position embodies your role in relationships. If the Hanged Man appears, you are self-sacrificing but may martyr yourself in relationships.

If the Empress appears as this card, you are nurturing and generous. You share openly with others. The Empress indicates you can be maternal in relationships.

A card in the first position can also indicate conflicts you must overcome. If the Queen of Swords appears as the first card, you may be too defensive and not open to others in relationships. You aren’t receptive and can be dominating.

If the first card in this reading is associated with crises like the Tower or the Three of Swords, you bring unresolved trauma to your relationships.

Your attraction energy is chaotic, and you must resolve this turmoil or risk tumultuous relationships.

In this five-card layout in tarot, a card such as the Sun indicates you are uplifting and charming in relationships. You help enhance confidence, and you can entertain others.

If the first card in this spread is part of the wands suit, especially the wands courts, you bring passion and intensity to your relationship. You can be spontaneous and creative in relationships.

A swords card in this position indicates you are the communicator of the relationship. Your wit and creativity inspire your partner. Others look to you for advice and wisdom.

If one of the cup cards is in the first position, you bring empathy and sensitivity to your relationships. You nurture others and are intuitive in love.

A pentacles card in this position indicates you are patient, kind, and practical. You are a natural caregiver, yet you are also efficient and productive. You bring sensuality and stability to your relationship.

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Position Two: Past

The next card you select from the deck represents the past. Place this card across from the first, to your right. The second card in the spread represents issues and events from the past that impact your relationship.

The card in the second position can indicate unfinished business and gives context to your relationship. If the Death card appears, you are in the midst of a transformation and cut ties with your past.

Yet if a card like the Eight of Cups appears in this position, you may still long for someone from your past. You haven’t gotten over an ex, and this continued infatuation can hinder your relationship.

If the Emperor or Empress card appears in your past, you are still influenced by a controlling or authoritative person.

Someone from your past was helpful but is overextending their control over you and hindering your current relationship.

A card like the Nine of Swords or Three of Swords can indicate you are haunted by anxieties. You recently had a fight or felt betrayed, impacting your present relationship.

The card in the second position gives clues as to whether you are ready for a new relationship or still clinging to the past. You can gain insight into trust issues or disappointment from recent events.

Position Three: Ideal Love

Love means different things to different people. The third card in this spread goes beneath and between the first and second. The third card represents your ideal love. The card in this position embodies your ideal love.

If the third card in the five-card cross relationship spread is the Knight of Wands, your ideal lover is someone impetuous and loves traveling.

The King of Cups implies you dream of a sensitive, romantic, and family-oriented partner.

A court card from the swords suit suggests your ideal romantic connection is cognitive. You crave an intellectual partner who understands your communication style and inspires you.

If the third card is from the pentacles’ court, your ideal love is generous, successful, and grounded. A patient person who pampers you with gifts is best for you.

Your ideal love may be spiritual and unconventional if a card like the Hermit appears in this section. The Hermit or a similarly solitary archetype can indicate your relationship is independent.

You may wonder how to interpret a conflict-laden card in this position. If the Tower represents your ideal love, you may be attracted to people who have been through life-changing crises.

The Six of Swords or Three of Swords in the third position can suggest your ideal partner is someone who has weathered challenging storms. Your perfect partner has a realistic perspective because of hardships.

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Position Four: Underlying Issues

Place the next card in the center, above the third. This card represents underlying issues that lie beneath the surface in your relationships. You may not be conscious of these factors, but they influence your relationship.

A major arcana card in the fourth position of the five-card tarot spread’s meaning is an ongoing pattern that undermines your relationships.

Different situations are unique, but you fall prey to your unconscious patterns that follow a common theme.

You have lessons to face so you can transcend these obstacles and grow. Your relationships can improve if you take the guidance from this card to heart.

If you ignore the message of this card, history will repeat itself, and your relationships suffer.

If the fourth card in this spread is a minor arcana card, a situation continually gets under your skin. A card from the suit of wands indicates an underlying issue with passion and pacing.

You must find the motivation or slow down and give your love interest time to catch up with you. A wand’s card can indicate tension and resentment.

If the fourth card in your reading is a sword card, you are too judgmental. You may overanalyze your relationship and find fault with a partner. A suspicious nature leads you to question everything your partner tells you.

You are critical of your partner, and unresolved trust issues undermine your relationships. The underlying issues are not specific to one person. They are issues that require your attention and must be addressed.

A card in this position from the suit of cups indicates you have underlying issues related to unhealed emotions. You may be insecure or possessive of your partner. You crave intimacy and may be too clingy.

When one of the pentacles cards is in this position, you are sensual and crave stability. You may unwittingly become controlling and stubborn in relationships. You may ignore your emotional needs and focus too much on work.

Position Five: Outcome

Each position in this reading indicates influences on your relationship. Yet the fifth position is the predictive card. Place the final card at the top above the fourth card in the spread.

The last card in the five-card relationship tarot spread represents the long-range outcome of your relationship. If your relationship is headed for dilemmas and conflicts, you’ll see this reflected in the fifth card.

A breakup is indicated by the Ten of Swords, Death, or the World. A period of conflict that can make or break your relationship is suggested if Judgment, Justice, the Hanged Man, or the Eight of Wands appear.

Yet if a card like the Ace of Cups, Four of Wands, the Lovers, or the Sun appears, your relationship improves, and you find happiness and success. The Hierophant or Emperor suggests commitment and the Ten of Cups portends a wedding.

Sometimes, the outcome of a relationship indicates strife but not a breakup. Your relationship brings ongoing hardship if a card like the Six of Swords, Two of Pentacles, or Five of Wands appears.

A six-card relationship reading corresponds to the number of the Lover’s card in the tarot.

Some readers prefer using a spread that reinforces this number’s power. Yet with five cards, you can glean all the information you need about your relationship prospects.

The tarot card meanings in the fifth position are nuanced. Cards that seem to imply difficulty can portend opportunities for growth and healing.

The outcome card can represent distant future issues similar to a three-month tarot spread.

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