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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning (Discernment & Stagnation)

Updated April 28, 2023

The Judgement tarot card may make you feel uncomfortable initially. The imagery on this card is ominous.

Yet when Judgement appears in a reading, you must evaluate priorities. The Judgement card helps you avoid distractions.

The Judgement card brings a critical message about being discreet about your choices. When Judgement appears in a reading, you must step back and evaluate your path.

Judgement indicates your need to focus and align your choices with higher priorities. You may be letting petty issues distract you from your mission.

The Judgement archetype indicates you are missing opportunities. Clear something from your plate so you can succeed. You are outgrowing past routines.

Judgement Tarot Card
UprightDiscernment, Process, Evaluate
ReversedStagnation, Ignorance, Avoidance
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number20
Zodiac SignVirgo

Common Symbolism

In many tarot decks, the Judgement card depicts biblical symbolism from the Book of Revelation. The Judgement card in the tarot portrays a scene of resurrection.

Often, it also includes three figures rising from the grave with arms outstretched toward the sky, where the archangel Gabriel blows a trumpet, initiating resurrection associated with Judgement day.

Tarot decks have undergone numerous reiterations through the centuries and the imagery is not always as closely tied to biblical lore in many modern decks.

Judgement can also include spiritual figures and deities associated with rebirth and renewal. This card often depicts imagery associated with growth and evolution.

Some decks depict Judgement as more macabre; other variations on this card are more lighthearted. The imagery of the trumpet is often present, as this card represents a “wake-up call” spiritually.

Upright General Meaning

When the Judgement card is upright in a reading, it indicates a phase of evolution and growth. You must take inventory of your habits and lifestyle and let go of commitments that no longer fit your goals.

Judgement depicts a process, not just one event. When this card appears, you have choices to make. You are getting far off course and neglecting your spiritual growth.

Judgement is a reminder that you must release mundane fears and distractions so you can see your goals. Your spiritual growth requires you to focus, and you may be outgrowing habits, routines, and relationships.

For the Judgement tarot card, yes or no questions don’t have a clear answer. When Judgement appears in response to a yes or no question, the message is to stop thinking in black-and-white terms.

You can still influence the resolution, the answer is not in stone, and therefore a situation is not yet defined. Your actions and choices will ultimately determine whether the situation works favorably.

Unlike the World tarot card, which indicates a situation coming to completion, the Judgement card means you have to work on reining in your energy and focusing on the goals you still want to achieve. You are approaching resolution but have work to do still.

People often confuse Judgement’s meaning with the World tarot card meaning completion and fulfillment. Judgement shows you are on the path to accomplishing what you desire but are getting distracted along the way.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Judgement card in tarot love readings means you must slow down. You are making assumptions that don’t fit your relationship goals. Your desire and love for your partner are clouding your discretion.

The Judgement card meaning is not black and white. You may have to rethink some aspects of your relationship, but you don’t have to end the relationship.

The Judgement tarot card reminds you to stay true to your spiritual path in a romantic relationship. Nurture your connection to your partner, but don’t compromise your goals and dreams.

When Judgement appears, you are asked to determine if you can be true to your values and remain in your relationship. If you can’t, the relationship must end.

The Judgement card appearing when you are not in a relationship suggests an ideal romantic partner is coming, but you have work to do to prepare for this relationship. Your spiritual path and integrity are instrumental to aligning with this future partner.

Upright Money & Career

The Judgement tarot meaning in money and career readings indicates you must return to your foundation. Your original dreams and goals have gotten lost in mundane distractions.

Judgement serves as a wake-up call to come back to basics. The Judgement tarot card’s meaning suggests you may be in the process of reinventing your career or resurrecting your business but must come back to your core mission.

Judgement appearing in a money reading means you must be more discerning about how your money is invested. You’re getting carried away and maybe careless, but it’s time for a basic budget to keep you focused.

If the Judgement card appears next to the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in a money reading, you are on your way to making a breakthrough that can improve your finances significantly. The windfall is still not guaranteed and depends on your choices.

Upright Health

When Judgement appears in a health reading, you may be scared because of the imagery related to death and resurrection. Yet the Judgement card is nothing to fear.

The Judgement archetype tells you to re-evaluate your lifestyle because health has not been a priority. You must return to a diet or healthy lifestyle you once had.

The Judgement card in health also means you must align spiritual and physical health. Don’t let distractions lead you astray; you must find renewed motivation and focus on your routines.

Judgement in a health reading helps you clear distractions, work, relationships, or other commitments that interfere with your ability to make health and wellness a top priority.

You may have to rearrange your schedule or take time off from work. You may have to be clear when setting boundaries with others. It’s up to you to make changes and advocate for your health and wellness.

The Judgement reading for health indicates you have choices to make that will improve your health or contribute to disease. Don’t take your choices for granted now.

Upright Spirituality

When the Judgement tarot card appears in a reading on spirituality, you must strip away any mundane pursuits that distract you from your spiritual path. You must return to previous routines that help you grow spiritually.

Judgement tells you to work on fine-tuning your connection to your spiritual guides. You may have to analyze your routines and choices, taking a different perspective is essential to your spiritual growth.

The Judgement card instigates new motivation. The Judgement archetype calls you to reunite with your spiritual beliefs and return to core ideals and values.

Reversed General Meaning

The Judgement tarot card zodiac sign is Virgo, and like this sign of purity and service, the Judgement archetype involves finding your pure mission and removing distractions. When the Judgement card is reversed you may become too critical.

You may project your control issues onto others and use your analytical skills to stress yourself and procrastinate. Judgement reversed indicates you are trying too hard to make the “right” choice and not trusting your instincts.

You may be blocking your intuition and spiritual connection. Judgement reversed requires you to contemplate your options; you are on a spiritual quest but may be making decisions based on fear or vanity.

The reversed Judgement’s tarot message is one of warning. You still have time to improve your circumstances, but you must take red flags seriously now. You may be avoiding feedback guiding you to improve your potential.

Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Judgement card appears in love and relationship readings, you may be suspicious but looking for reassurance in the wrong places. You are trying too hard and missing the most important clues.

You may expect someone from your past to reappear, but your true mission is to let go of the past and move forward. The Judgement card reversed in love suggests your suspicions and trust issues cloud your judgment.

You need to slow down and trust your intuition. Your expectations are off-base. You may be suspicious of your love interest for no reason. You may procrastinate or sabotage your quest for love because of limiting beliefs.

Reversed Money & Career

When the Judgement card is reversed in money and career readings, you are missing opportunities to grow financially and professionally. Your career growth may be on hold because you aren’t ready to take on more responsibilities.

You must fine-tune your skills or return to your training and original goals and grow professionally. Your career may be stagnant, and you may be ignoring new opportunities and living in the past.

Money and financial matters are also stagnant when the Judgement card appears reversed. You aren’t likely to make more money in the coming months and must be more judicious about how you spend or invest what you have.

Reversed Health

When the Judgement card is reversed in a health reading, you may burn yourself out by taking on too many responsibilities. Take time out to recharge and rest.

Judgement reversed in a health tarot reading means you’ve been ignoring warning signs of exhaustion. Your health may deteriorate if you don’t improve your routines.

You may have had better health habits but have gotten distracted from your health regimen. You must return to prioritizing your health. Your choices are not benefitting your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Work on making plans to revise your lifestyle now. Judgement reversed doesn’t mean you have an illness, but it can portend illness or injury if you don’t make significant changes.

Reversed Spirituality

When Judgement is reversed in a spirituality tarot reading, you can get too lost in mundane matters. Work on bringing balance and harmony to your lifestyle.

Resume your meditation routine, get back in touch with your spiritual practices, and work on journaling and making gratitude lists. Prayer and other spiritual practices can bring balance and healing to your life.

The appearance of Judgement reversed suggests you need to put effort into making spiritual growth a priority. Your perspective has shifted too far toward material issues like money and status. Bring balance between mundane and spiritual goals.

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