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Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Karma & Imbalance)

Updated November 12, 2022
Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Karma & Imbalance)

The Justice tarot card’s meaning is literal and symbolic. When this card appears in a reading, Karmic matters are in focus.

You may have to bring a fair resolution to an unfair situation. Justice is the archetype of fairness and consequences.

The Justice tarot card message brings balance and fairness to a challenging situation. When Justice appears, expect difficult choices that test your integrity.

Stick to your values, even if it seems others are cutting corners and getting away with cheating. Justice is swift, and you must take the high road.

The Justice card is a reminder of the importance of taking the high road regardless of what others are doing. Your resolve is tested during this time.

Justice Tarot Card
UprightKarma, Consequences, Righteousness
ReversedAvoiding the Inevitable, Corruption, Imbalance
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number11
Zodiac SignLibra

Common Symbolism

The Justice tarot card has common symbolism that has evolved through the ages. The most common symbolism for this card is the Scales of Justice. Sometimes this is accompanied by Lady Justice.

The figure of Justice, blindfolded and holding scales, seated between two pillars is portrayed. Modern variations of the tarot have different variations of Justice symbolism.

Deities associated with righteousness, justice, and Karma, such as Ma’at appear on specialized Justice tarot cards. The symbolism of courts and Karmic retribution is on this card.

Justice is depicted as a seated figure with scales in one hand and a raised sword in the other hand. Their demeanor is calm, and they represent neutrality and righteousness.

Justice features a royal figure and other times an angel or deity. The Goddess Isis or Hera are often associated with Justice symbolism.

Animals associated with wisdom and fairness convey this archetype on the Justice tarot card. Owls and ravens are examples of the use of animals to embody this archetype.

Upright General Meaning

The upright Justice tarot card’s meaning is clear; you will have to face the consequences of some past or recent action. Follow your morals and act with integrity, and balance will prevail.

Yet if you want to cut corners, you’ll have to answer for shortcomings and poor judgment calls. Justice is about facing the consequences of your actions. The Justice card portends tests that require you to face the truth and be honest.

You may think others are getting away with cheating, but this is not the case. Justice has unique timing, and though you may not see the consequences of others’ bad decisions, don’t assume others are immune from the impact of Karma.

You are tested on a mundane and spiritual level, tempted by an opportunity to get ahead if you cheat or act dishonestly. Yet if you take the high road, your efforts will be rewarded.

Justice also indicates the need to return to balance and revisit your morals and ethics. A test of your values is approaching. Your spiritual and philosophical instincts must guide you.

The Justice tarot card number is eleven. The number eleven is considered a powerful, mystical number. Of all the tarot cards, Justice is a symbol of wisdom and spiritual evolution.

Like the Judgement card, Justice means change is on the way, and you are in a slow process involving growth and evolution. Yet unlike Judgement, the Justice card indicates a return of balance or divine consequences.

If you get the Justice tarot in yes or no questions; the answer is indirect. Rather than a yes or no message, Justice indicates you will get the outcome you’ve earned.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Justice tarot card meaning in a love reading, you may encounter a judge or judicial issue. You may go before a judge in marriage or a custody battle.

You may have to confront tests of your beliefs and morality within the relationship. Your partner may become involved in a legal case or battle for justice. You may advocate for fairness in your relationship by striving for fairness and balance.

Justice in a romance reading is also about clearing the air and setting the record straight. An unfair situation may come to light and require your attention. A lie you thought was harmless could come to the surface.

Take the Justice archetype seriously. When this card appears in a love reading you must be honest and forthright. There is no hiding the truth now, best to be transparent and work to resolve past wrongs.

Your partner or love interest may have to face their past wrongs. Don’t ignore red flags in your relationship when you draw the Justice card in a reading. Your partner’s nature may surface now.

The Justice tarot card zodiac sign is Libra. Libra is a sign of justice and fairness but also of romance. Justice in a romance reading indicates you may find the perfect partner to balance your personality and lifestyle.

Upright Money & Career

The Justice card in money and career can indicate legal issues that restore balance and fairness. You may have a settlement that brings money your way. An inheritance may clear, resulting in financial gain.

You may have a work issue in arbitration settled in your favor. Don’t make choices that can harm your work track record when this card appears. Think of your reputation and legacy.

Pay attention to details and ensure you act from your higher moral ground at work. Don’t cut corners or take careless steps, even if others are. You must keep your efforts balanced and go through the proper channels.

The Justice tarot in career readings also means you can look forward to a fair outcome from a conflict. A fair resolution to problems with your boss or colleagues is coming.

When the Justice card appears with the Wheel of Fortune, you may have a fortunate outcome in a legal case involving a settlement. Though you experience hardship leading to the lawsuit, you’ll receive a financial windfall.

Upright Health

When the Justice card appears upright in a health tarot reading you can reap the outcome of your past choices. Whether your health improves or weakens depends on the choices you’ve already made.

By the time Justice appears in a health reading, there may be little you can do to change your path. You can always make improvements, but first, you may have to navigate the consequences of your actions.

The outcome can include facing results of neglecting your health or making careless choices in the past. You can still create balance and improve your health, but you must work to earn that positive outcome first.

When a health reading includes the Justice card can also signify a legal issue related to health and wellness. A settlement related to a car accident or workplace injury may end favorably.

Upright Spirituality

When the Justice card appears in a spirituality reading, you may be dealing with issues of Karma. Many people don’t understand Karma and assume this means punishment.

Yet Karma is not specifically negative. Karma is the process of bringing your spiritual legacy into balance. You may have spiritual debts to settle, and the Justice card can indicate this imbalance.

Justice can also predict the need to balance your spiritual perspective with a greater focus on your higher pursuits. Don’t get lost in mundane issues when the Justice card appears.

When Justice appears in a spirituality reading, strive for a balance between the physical and spiritual. You can balance your focus on the physical realm and practices like meditation and divination when Justice appears as a message in tarot.

Reversed General Meaning

When the Justice tarot card appears reversed in a reading, you are stuck waiting for an outcome for longer than expected. A legal case may drag on with no end in the immediate future. You may have to wait to reap the benefits of your actions.

Likewise, Justice tarot meaning reversed indicates you are evading consequences from bad choices. Yet evading consequences doesn’t mean you dodged trouble altogether.

You can make choices now to save yourself from a negative future outcome. You are getting warnings but may be overestimating your luck. Don’t tempt fate.

You can alter your Karma and change your fate. Take warning signs seriously. If you don’t, you may end up racking up a Karmic debt which eventually catches up with you.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Justice tarot card reversed in a love reading can indicate tension brewing beneath the surface. A breakthrough is coming, and you can restore balance but work through a disruption.

You may have to overcome a legal issue that distracts from your relationship. Suspicions and doubts may compel you to prove your loyalty. You may be trying too hard to find proof to substantiate your fears and insecurities.

When Justice appears reversed you may be looking for imperfections and sabotaging a relationship. Try to restore balance and have confidence in your worth and your relationship.

You may be facing the results of a trial that impacts your relationship, such as a divorce or custody battle. Yet if this is the case, you’ll already be in the process. Resolution may be delayed and prolonged.

Reversed Money & Career

Justice reversed in a tarot reading for money and career brings delays in resolving a work or financial issue. You may have a debt you are trying to pay off. Reconciling your budget may be harder than you thought.

Unexpected expenses may lead you to lose balance in your budget or financial plans. You can get back on track financially, but this will take longer than you expected.

Your work may seem out of balance when this card appears. Justice reversed suggests an ongoing struggle in your career. You can find balance and correct past wrongs, but this is not easy.

Make amends for past wrongs, and audit your work before a mistake becomes a significant problem. Don’t wait for problems to escalate. Balance is restored when you work toward correcting past mistakes.

Reversed Health

When the Justice card appears reversed in a health reading, you may have to revisit past decisions and make changes to compensate for past carelessness. The consequences of not caring for your health are coming.

You must overcome hesitation and pursue better health choices before the red flags of illness or injuries manifest. Go on the offensive and protect your health; restore the balance between your physical and emotional health.

You may be testing fate and pushing your luck by allowing stress to build up. Don’t ignore red flags that indicate you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can make changes now and avoid the worst consequences of neglecting your health in the past.

Reversed Spirituality

When Justice appears reversed in a spirituality tarot reading you may be shrugging off your spiritual path. Though you don’t see the outcomes of your choices, you are headed for the consequences of living out of balance.

You must slow down and balance your spiritual growth and material interests. The consequences of only thinking of material success are mounting.

Yet it is not too late to adjust your perspective. Take stock of your priorities. You must make room for spiritual growth or face the consequences of being too focused on mundane issues.