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Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Abundance & Pretentiousness)

Updated May 22, 2023

The Nine of Pentacles is sometimes called the Nine of Coins or Nine of Gems. Abundance, money, and wealth correspond to this card.

Like all Pentacles cards, the Nine of Pentacles corresponds to the earth element. Expect success in practical matters.

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card meaning relates to prosperity and fulfillment. You have an abundance of resources and feel financially secure.

Expect recognition and advancement in your career. You can share your wealth with others and have a solid foundation.

The Nine of Pentacles indicates growth, success, and a substantial harvest. Your work up until now has paid off well, and you have reason to celebrate.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card
UprightAbundance, Growth, Nurturing
ReversedGrandiosity, False Security, Pretentiousness
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignTaurus
Angel Number9

Common Symbolism

The Nine of Pentacles symbolism relates to status and comfort. A woman stands in a garden in front of lush foliage. Amidst the greenery, Pentacles appear as the fruit of the bounty in this garden.

The symbolism of Pentacles as the fruit of plants is an echo from the Seven of Pentacles, symbolizing progress and working your way to success. The symbolism of Pentacles blossoming suggests growth and wealth.

The woman wears the garments of the aristocracy. To further symbolize her status, she wears a falconer’s glove on her hand, and a falcon is either nearby or perched on her hand.

Six Pentacles are piled at her feet on one side, while the remaining three are in a cluster on her other side amidst grapes or berries appearing in the shrubs and vines. The separation of six and three symbolizes the mystical power of the numbers three, six, and nine.

Upright General Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles meaning portends growth and success. Your status and comfort expand, and you can enjoy luxuries and freedom you didn’t have before.

You can enjoy the fruits of your labor, and other people respect you. You are generous, and nurturing, and have ample resources to enjoy and share with others.

You complete a longstanding project and can enjoy the outcome. You are stable and grounded when the Nine of Pentacles appears. Your savings have reached a comfortable level, and you have a financial cushion to fall back on.

The Nine of Pentacles advice is to enjoy the luxuries you’ve earned. You worked hard, so enjoy the sensual pleasures surrounding you. Indulge in self-care and creature comforts.

The Nine of Pentacles yes or no leads to a favorable outcome. Questions about wealth, promotions, comfort, health, and stability receive a yes answer, and you can look forward to growth and success.

The Nine of Pentacles zodiac sign is Taurus because this card relates to comfort, luxury, and pleasure. You may work hard and play hard when the Nine of Pentacles appears.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Nine of Pentacles in love indicates comfort, security, and pleasure. Your relationship solidifies and you begin combining resources and setting a foundation for the future.

You may open a shared bank account or pool your finances to buy a nicer home or car. Your romantic partner helps you improve your standard of living. You attract someone wealthy, or a partner helps your business succeed.

Your efforts to attract a love interest succeed and you are comfortable and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Your partner or love interest shares your hobbies and interests, and you pursue your goals together.

Life feels perfect, and your romantic relationship provides comfort and security. You are content in love and enjoy pleasure, passion, and sensuality in your love life when the Nine of Pentacles appears.

Upright Money & Career

The Nine of Pentacles relates directly to money and career matters. You advance to a new status in your career. Others recognize your talents and your reputation leads to new opportunities.

You are sought out for your skills and have your choice of projects to take or reject. You are growing in autonomy and can be selective about your work when the Nine of Pentacles appears.

The Nine of Pentacles appears when you have opportunities to control your destiny in your career. You aren’t yet the top executive, that would be the King or Queen of Pentacles.

Yet you are gaining status and autonomy and maybe a supervisor or middle manager. Your career blossoms and you are positioning yourself for greater promotion.

The Nine of Pentacles professions include business, agriculture, landscaping, and construction. The Nine of Pentacles is also associated with the beauty and hospitality industries.

The Ace of Pentacles followed by the Nine of Pentacles suggests you start a new job and quickly progress to new status and success. The Page of Pentacles followed by the Nine of Pentacles portends a fast progression to success and accomplishment.

The Four of Pentacles followed by the Nine of Pentacles portends relief from financial constraint. Your finances flourish, and you go from hardly making ends meet to being affluent and comfortable.

Upright Health

The Nine of Pentacles in health readings indicates a favorable prognosis. You fully recover and heal from an illness or injury. You gain strength and vitality.

Your health is in good condition, and you enjoy the outcome of the hard work you’ve put into healing. You gain strength and fitness after a long regimen. You become healthy and grounded.

Your strength, stamina, and immunity improve when the Nine of Pentacles appears. You feel more energized and comfortable, and you have access to resources that help you improve your health.

Upright Spirituality

The Nine of Pentacles is a powerful omen in a spirituality reading. You are committed to following a mystical path and can be intuitive as you seek wisdom and insights.

You manifest your desires and visions because you’ve developed an understanding of your spiritual power and potential. Your spirituality becomes esoteric and takes on a metaphysical focus.

The Nine of Pentacles suggests you are tapping into wisdom from various cultures and philosophies. You have an expanded and broad understanding of your spiritual path, and your mind is open to new teachings.

Reversed General Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles reversed doesn’t negate the abundance and stability of the archetype’s meaning. You have the resources you need to thrive, but your sense of gratitude is distorted.

You may be grandiose and overestimate your prospects. You may also project an image of wealth and stability you don’t feel. The Nine of Pentacles reversed indicates you are off target in your estimation of your finances.

You may over or underestimate your influence, power, and wealth. The Nine of Pentacles reversed requires you to slow down and get into alignment with your goals. You’ll find you are in better shape financially than you realized.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in love suggests you haven’t taken the time to ground your relationship. You are rushing ahead in love and haven’t anchored your expectations in reality.

Your relationship lacks sensible wisdom, and you must slow down and take a practical approach to your romance. You aren’t in a sustainable relationship or your fantasies and desires have eclipsed your rationality.

A love interest pretends to have money or resources they don’t have. You may fall for someone because they seem affluent and stable, only to learn they aren’t who they appear.

Your expectations in love are disappointing. A partner loses a job and your standard of living changes. You lose status because of a relationship or misconstrue your financial standing because you only got to know your partner on a surface level.

Reversed Money & Career

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in career and finances indicates your expectations are misguided. Your career path doesn’t align with your income and lifestyle goals. Adjust your plan and pursue advancement and promotion.

You have status, but your income doesn’t match the work and responsibilities associated with your job. You are waiting for money from a settlement, inheritance, or gift that will change your standard of living.

A boost to your finances is well overdue. You seek growth and expansion but are not yet ready to take on new obligations or change careers.

Reversed Health

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in a health reading suggests you have the trappings of good health but have not aligned your lifestyle and health goals. You may take risks with your health but avoid consequences so far.

You are waiting for your health goals to be manifested. Despite efforts to improve your health, you haven’t yet seen the benefits of your work. You are working out but not losing weight, dieting but not seeing an improvement in your bloodwork.

Be patient, as your path to healing and recovery takes longer than expected. Your efforts will pay off, but you may need to blend lifestyle changes with a medicine, supplement, or other intervention.

Reversed Spirituality

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in spirituality indicates you are focusing on material gain and missing opportunities to expand your spiritual awareness. You are missing opportunities to develop your intuition and spiritual gifts.

You are holding back on your spiritual journey and may be attracted to the symbolism and allure of spirituality, yet you aren’t yet doing the work of healing and facing your shadow.

Find practical ways to express your spiritual growth when the Nine of Pentacles appears. Your quest requires you to stay grounded so you can thrive and grow.

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