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Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Anxiety & Insight)

Updated August 20, 2023

The Nine of Swords appears in tarot readings when stress and worry plague you. You may lose sleep replaying scenarios in your mind.

The Nine of Swords advice is to ground yourself. Needless worry is a waste of energy.

The Nine of Swords can indicate a stressful situation but warns you not to overanalyze. Your assumptions and fears may be unfounded.

Your reaction to a challenge determines whether you succeed or flounder. Keep your focus on rational plans and avoid hysterics.

You may panic because you don’t have all the answers, but worrying won’t change matters. Avoid thinking the worst, extremism leads you to sabotage yourself.

Nine of Swords Tarot Card
UprightStress, Rumination, Anxiety
ReversedPerspective, Relief, Insight
Yes or NoNo
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignAquarius
Angel Number9

Common Symbolism

The Nine of Swords has clear symbolism indicating worry and fear. Nine swords are stacked horizontally on a black wall in the background; a man sits up in bed, hands over his face, in despair.

The bed covering is a blanket with roses and zodiac symbols. The rose is a prominent symbol in the tarot representing passion. The astrological glyphs suggest universal or existential worries in your mind.

The symbolism of the Nine of Swords indicates restlessness and unease. Significant issues haunt you late into the night. The figure’s hands over his face in a gesture of stress also symbolizes panic that leads to denial.

The Nine of Swords symbolism relates to the Four of Swords. In the earlier card, the figure sleeps soundly, guarded by three swords above them and one below parallel to their bed.

The Four of Swords contains a stained-glass window suggesting sanctuary and respite. Yet the Nine of Swords features a figure in the darkness. The man is alone at night with his thoughts occupying him.

The symbolism of this alienation suggests the man’s stress is exaggerated because of a lack of perspective. Also, the position of the figure in the Nine of Swords is different. He is on the opposite side of the room and sitting bolt upright.

The swords are piled horizontally, not pointing down as in the Four of Swords. Pressure is mounting in his mind, and he is on the defensive, vigilant, and restless.

But he doesn’t have adequate awareness. His eyes are covered, and he is alone in a room, separated from the outside world. The symbolism represents panic and anxiety fueled by a lack of information.

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Upright General Meaning

The Nine of Swords represents anxiety and restlessness. You can’t relax because of unanswered questions that burden your mind. An unresolved situation keeps you up at night thinking the worst.

Your anxieties are justified but may be overblown. You get nowhere stewing over a situation you can’t control. More information is needed before you can solve a problem.

The Nine of Swords tarot guides you to be patient as you find clarity in a situation. Avoid jumping to conclusions or spinning your wheels when more information is yet to be revealed.

The Nine of Swords yes or no indicates an outcome that brings challenges but may not be as bad as you fear. Rethink your plans and adjust your expectations, don’t expect a smooth path to success.

The Eight of Swords followed by the Nine of Swords indicates you feel trapped and succumb to worry and despair. Creativity and feedback from others can help you break free from stagnation.

The Nine of Swords followed by the Ten of Swords indicates closure. You find relief even if you don’t get your way. A period of suffering comes to an end.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Nine of Swords in love and relationships indicates suspicion and jealousy. You fear the worst, but your anxiety interferes with your relationship.

Pay attention to red flags but don’t jump to conclusions. You need communication in a relationship; you won’t solve matters alone. Consider feedback from a partner but pay attention to discrepancies.

You may fear being alone if you are not in a relationship. Avoid desperation and insecurities, as these get in the way of your search for love.

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Upright Money & Career

The Nine of Swords in career and money readings indicate you are insecure about your finances and stressed about your professional life. Anxiety over a test or job interview disrupts your focus.

You have difficulty leaving work at the office and may ruminate over your work stress at home. A toxic work environment keeps you up all night worrying about what the next day brings.

Yet all this anxiety doesn’t help you make changes to your work. Put your fears in perspective so you can make informed choices to improve your career.

Lack of sleep impairs your judgment and performance at work. You create a self-fulfilling prophecy by feeding into stress and anxiety when the Nine of Swords appears.

Plan for a change in your career. You have options but may be paralyzed because of fear. Don’t eliminate your options. Creativity can be a good outlet; brainstorm to gain perspective on your options.

The Nine of Swords followed by the Six of Swords suggests you find a new job. You make a lateral move or a step backward to find relief from a toxic work environment.

The Ace of Swords followed by the Nine of Swords indicates anxiety related to a new job. Trying too hard to impress others creates more pressure than it is worth. The stress of trying to be perfect can undermine your success.

Upright Health

The Nine of Swords in a health reading indicates stress-related injuries and illnesses. Anxiety leads to a lack of sleep, and fatigue makes you accident-prone.

Environmental stress impairs your health. Your immune system may be weakened by prolonged anxiety and stress. The Nine of Swords indicates you need rest and support to cope with anxiety.

Your decision-making improves with better self-care. Avoid dealing with an illness or injury alone. You may project fears and assume the worst about a health issue before you have accurate information.

The Nine of Swords as feelings indicate turmoil and anxiety. You may become paranoid and suspicious of others because you are isolated and under pressure.

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Upright Spirituality

The Nine of Swords in spirituality readings indicates alienation from spiritual people. You feel alone and disconnected from your higher wisdom. Fears and insecurities make it difficult to have faith.

Practice meditation and seek the support and encouragement of spiritual people. Use spiritual practices to help you cope with a daunting challenge.

Grounding rituals and practices that help you maintain perspective are essential when the Nine of Swords appears. You may try to figure out a problem rationally but hit roadblocks.

Finding meaning in a struggle is essential when the Nine of Swords appears. Avoid giving in to irrationality and despair. You can find purpose amidst a crisis.

Reversed General Meaning

The Nine of Swords reversed brings relief and needed insights. You find the missing puzzle piece and recover your hope and optimism.

The Nine of Wands followed by the Nine of Swords indicates resolution and conviction that enhance your willpower and readiness to act on your ideas. You can break free from a rut and follow a new path to success.

Reversed tarot cards often denote obstacles, but the Nine of Swords reversed is a good omen. When this card is reversed, autonomy is restored, and you know which choice to make.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

The Nine of Swords reversed in love brings resolution to an ongoing challenge. You release stress and resolve to be more assertive. Communication helps you heal a romantic connection.

You become receptive to the insight and feedback of your partner or love interest. You can soothe fears about your relationship. You resolve a conflict that is not as bad as you expected.

Your fears are unfounded, and a partner proves themselves to you. You can repair trust in a relationship. You learn from a conflict and commit to improving a relationship.

Reversed Money & Career

The Nine of Swords reversed in career and money readings indicates improvement in your workplace. Morale improves, and you reconsider searching for a new job.

Your relationships with colleagues improve, and you have the support of others at work. You can see a path forward to career success. Release fears and anxieties related to your professional talents.

You prove yourself in your career, and others reassure you of your potential. You feel grounded and focused on your career path again. Your finances improve, or an expense is less critical than you feared.

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Reversed Health

The Nine of Swords reversed in health indicates crisis averted. You avoid an illness or injury. Asserting your boundaries and working on wellness and sleep routines helps you overcome an illness.

You find ways to cope with anxiety and relieve stress. The Nine of Swords reversed indicates you shift your perspective and become stronger and healthier.

You receive good news and resolve a health scare. Your prognosis is better than expected, and you can rest and recharge your batteries after a temporary stressful period.

Reversed Spirituality

The Nine of Swords reversed in spirituality indicates relief from stress and anxiety coming from a spiritual connection. You improve your perspective and gain insight because of a hardship.

You find meaning in a loss or challenging situation, and this gives renewed emphasis to your spiritual path. You can ease your mind knowing you are part of a bigger universe.

Your interest in astrology or other occult studies increases because you find comfort and perspective. You work through obstacles with the help of your intuition.

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