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Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Humility & Alienation)

Updated August 23, 2023

The Nine of Wands tarot card meaning indicates frustration and challenges. Critical feedback leads you to reconsider your plans.

A prolonged conflict is near resolution. Your pride is hurt, but you can learn from a challenging situation.

The Nine of Wands appears when you are under pressure. Perfectionism weighs on you, and you must let go of expectations to complete part of your journey.

It’s time to put the finishing touches on a project. You think you’ve completed a task, but feedback indicates you must reconsider your plans.

Go back to the drawing board; your plans aren’t complete. You feel anxiety because of an evaluation or criticism.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card
UprightAdjustment, Humility, Reassessment
ReversedAgitation, Alienation, Reactiveness
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignAries
Angel Number9

Common Symbolism

The Nine of Wands traditionally depicts a man leaning wearily on a wand. His head is bandaged. In other variations of the tarot, this card portrays a man with a broken arm or other visible injuries.

Behind the figure, eight wands stand lodged into the ground. The landscape in the background is obscured by this line of wands. In some cards, a full moon or crescent moon hangs in the sky.

Sometimes the wands form a fence surrounding the figure, symbolizing being blocked or stuck. In other versions of the tarot, the Nine of Wands includes symbols like candles and torches.

The symbolism of the Nine of Wands indicates weariness, hardship, and fatigue near the journey’s end. Yet the symbolism of this card also includes enlightenment. Wisdom is hard-won, and the journey is dangerous but worthwhile.

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Upright General Meaning

The Nine of Wands indicates criticism, hardship, and weariness. You are about to finalize an accomplishment and evaluate your progress. Perfectionism and criticism deflate your ego.

A long journey changes you. Although you are tired and bruised from a prolonged battle, success is right around the corner. Put the final touches on a project and revamp your strategy so you can complete the project.

You are on the verge of success and receive harsh feedback and criticism from others that wounds your pride. Don’t let power struggles interfere with your progress.

The Nine of Wands yes or no indicates you succeed in attaining what you want but must make adjustments. Your expectations are off-target. With flexibility, you can achieve success.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Nine of Wands in love indicates a struggle or hardship. Your commitment to a partner requires effort. A confrontation reveals hard truths. A partner disappoints you or hurts your feelings.

You can work through a dilemma but must take time to evaluate your plans. Choose a different strategy. A partner surprises you by criticizing your ambitions and goals.

You don’t feel supported by a partner and must work to align your goals. You feel alienated or abandoned by a partner or love interest. A relationship requires a concerted effort to sustain.

You learn upsetting information about a love interest or partner. Someone you love discourages you from pursuing your dreams. You must work to convince a love interest of your ideas and get their buy-in.

The Nine of Wands as feelings indicate stress, anxiety, and perfectionism. You may feel defensive when this card appears. You don’t feel supported by your partner or closest friends.

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Upright Money & Career

The Nine of Wands in career and money indicates conflict and turmoil at work. A project is sent back for revision. Your boss criticizes your work; your best efforts fall short of expectations.

You feel disillusioned but don’t give up. You are close to achieving a milestone and accomplishing a goal. Your tasks require more effort than expected, but you benefit from attention to detail.

Adjust your plans and give your report a final revision before completion. You are on the verge of growth and advancement and must make some adaptations to be ready for change.

You are struggling financially and must be open to harsh feedback. A wake-up call motivates you to change your budget and spending to live more sustainably. You are on the brink of a financial breakthrough but must practice austerity.

Upright Health

The Nine of Wands in a health reading indicates likely injury or illness. You can bounce back from a temporary health setback but must put effort into your recovery process.

You may be surprised by an injury or illness that interferes with your work and disrupts your plans. The change in health status is a wake-up call, and you must change some aspects of your lifestyle.

You’ve been careless and become sick or injured. Proceed with caution, and you can heal fully. Reconsider your plans and goals. A health issue forces you to change your priorities.

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Upright Spirituality

The Nine of Wands in a spirituality reading indicates a crisis or challenge that puts a damper on your faith. You question your beliefs and re-examine your spiritual path.

You are being tested. Don’t give up on your spiritual path just because of a hardship. Use your spiritual tools to help overcome a crisis. You can find higher meaning and purpose now if you adjust your mindset.

Your ego is wounded, but a crisis or hardship can hold the key to a spiritual awakening. You can become humble and receptive to intuitive messages now.

Reversed General Meaning

The Nine of Wands reversed indicates frustration and agitation. You are disillusioned and feel like giving up. You feel alienated and struggle to find focus and purpose.

Harsh feedback or judgments from others cause you to question your plans. You feel insecure and doubt your abilities. You may be demoralized and defensive, feeling unsupported by others.

When the Nine of Wands appears, you may struggle to continue your path. You are close to completing a task or accomplishing a goal but want to give up. The reversed Nine of Wands advice is to stay the course even when you lose motivation.

The Nine of Wands reversed yes or no indicates your efforts are thwarted. You feel incompetent and unable to fulfill your mission.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

The reversed Nine of Wands tarot guides you to be humble in your relationships. You have been defensive, and your dominating attitude undermines your relationship.

You may come across as demanding or closed to feedback. Step back and try to hear what others are telling you. A love interest criticizes you, and you aren’t receptive to their message.

Yet this is an important time for you to be open to criticism and feedback. Others are helping you grow, but their message seems unsupportive.

The Page of Wands followed by the reversed Nine of Wands indicates your child or your partner’s child needs attention. Their behavior disrupts your connection, and you clash over parenting styles.

The Knight of Wands followed by the Nine of Wands reversed suggests jealousy. Your partner’s attention to someone else triggers your insecurities and brings out your possessive side.

You become suspicious of your partner or love interest. Yet your suspicions are not grounded in evidence. Don’t give in to insecurities when the Nine of Wands reversed appears.

Reversed Money & Career

The Nine of Wands reversed in career appears when you expect a breakthrough or promotion and receive feedback and critique instead. A manager or supervisor guides you to improve your prospects.

Yet their guidance takes the form of criticism. You feel demoralized and disillusioned with your career. Take time to gain perspective, and don’t react based on ego and willpower.

Your career progress is slower than you expected. Your perception of feedback needs to change. You are being given another chance and are on the verge of a breakthrough in your professional life.

The reversed Nine of Wands followed by the Eight of Wands suggests your efforts aren’t paying off because you need to revisit your plans and make adjustments. Your initial plan has resolvable problems, but you aren’t open to feedback.

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Reversed Health

The Nine of Wands reversed in a health reading suggests a looming health crisis such as an illness or injury. You are accident-prone, and carelessness or impulsivity puts you at risk of illness.

It’s not too late for you to re-evaluate your lifestyle. You can avoid a crisis but must slow down and become more detail-oriented. Don’t let passion and impulsivity lead you to careless actions.

You can overcome an illness or injury if you change your lifestyle. You must slow down and be more intentional. Being a perfectionist works against your health goals.

Reversed Spirituality

The Nine of Wands reversed in a spirituality reading indicates a crisis of faith. You question your beliefs and blame God for problems you’ve encountered.

You struggle to find humility and may have an inflated ego when the Nine of Wands appears reversed. You can be defensive and feel alienated from your spiritual community.

The Nine of Wands reversed indicates you are wandering and unfocused. Your intuition is communicating with you, but you aren’t receptive to your higher wisdom.

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