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Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Financial Growth & Inefficient)

Updated September 14, 2023

The Page of Pentacles tarot card meaning relates to work, health, and finances. Growth and service are imminent.

Pages represent situations and people. The Page of Pentacles is a young person, intern, or novice in their industry.

The Page of Pentacles is sometimes called the Page of Coins or the Page of Gems, Stones, or Discs. The Page of Pentacles represents novelty and manifestation.

The Page of Pentacles appears to portend new opportunities in career or health. Your finances blossom, and on the brink of professional breakthroughs.

A reading featuring the Page of Pentacles brings news of growth and gradual advancement. You are both a contributor and a student learning the nuances of your profession.

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card
UprightFinancial Growth, Apprenticeship, Service
ReversedUnprepared, Inefficient, Lack
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignVirgo
Angel Number11

Common Symbolism

The Page of Pentacles often portrays a young woman or man. Sometimes the figure on the Page of Pentacles is intentionally gender-neutral. The figure holds a Pentacle with both hands extended.

The Page is light on her feet and looks ready to rush forward, proving herself and demonstrating her capabilities. The Page of Pentacles is sometimes called the Princess of Pentacles or Coins.

The archetype of the Page of Pentacles depicts ambition and eagerness to pursue work goals. The Page has a naive but passionate attitude toward work. Their hands are outstretched as if offering the Pentacle as a gift.

The graceful posture of the Page represents youth, flexibility, and willingness to pivot and adapt to your surroundings. The Pentacles suit is typically associated with the earth element and is the least adaptable.

Yet the Page represents development and growth. The Page of Pentacles symbolism represents spontaneity and grace. You make an impression and convey your excitement and enthusiasm.

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Upright General Meaning

The Page of Pentacles is a flexible, adaptive person devoted to service and ready to act on short notice. The Page represents a person or situation.

You begin to form new beliefs about career, health, and money when the Page of Pentacles appears. The Page of Pentacles sign is Virgo representing this person’s devotion to service and health.

The Page of Pentacles as a person is a child or youthful individual, typically a girl or young woman. She is practical, modest, and hard-working.

The Page represents eagerness and enthusiasm. An intern or apprentice is willing to go the extra mile and show her dedication to her profession.

You can count on the Page of Pentacles to be loyal and devoted to serving others before seeking personal gain.

As a situation, the Page of Pentacles indicates new growth in career. When this card appears, an internship or combination of learning or on-the-job training is in order.

You start a business from the ground up, or a new idea takes root but needs to be ready to launch. Your finances are minimal, but you have what you need to meet your needs as your career develops further.

The Page of Pentacles’ yes or no readings are favorable when you ask about money, work, and career growth. The Page of Pentacles followed by the Knight of Pentacles shows advancement and professional development.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Page of Pentacles in love suggests you are enjoying the honeymoon phase of a sensual relationship. You may fall in love with someone younger than you or a youthful person.

An office romance sparks your attention, and you find love in the midst of helping others. A love interest or partner tries to please you and supports your career.

A romantic relationship is in the early stages of blossoming. You may date someone who shows promise, but the relationship is still developing.

In family matters, the Page of Pentacles suggests the relationship with a child or young person is in the spotlight. The youth is hard-working, serious, and ambitious.

The Page of Pentacles indicates a child in family relationship readings. In romance readings, this card represents a young adult or someone who acts childish.

The Page of Pentacles relationship outcome suggests you have room to grow and must set a solid foundation. Don’t rush a commitment. Give a new love time to evolve and grow.

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Upright Money & Career

Like all of the Pentacles’ suits, the Page of Pentacles relates to career and money. When the Page of Pentacles appears in a career reading, you have a new project or opportunity in a job.

You aren’t likely to change careers altogether; the Ace of Pentacles would represent that. The Page of Pentacles suggests growth in a specific career area.

You may take on an internship or training opportunity. The Page of Pentacles indicates you are involved in work tasks but are also new and learning. You are developing your skills but are not yet an expert.

The Page of Pentacles indicates excitement and naivete related to your career. You are still green in your profession and have an idealistic approach. Yet you are learning from experience and are devoted to serving others.

Your finances are growing, but you are not yet wealthy. You are just beginning to accrue resources when the Page of Pentacles appears.

Upright Health

The Page of Pentacles’ meaning in health readings relates to enthusiasm and excitement as you find new motivation to improve your health. You have an optimistic outlook and are confident in your ability to heal from an illness or injury.

The Page of Pentacles tarot guides you to be careful of accidents as you may be impulsive and prone to work injuries. You can find stable routines that support your health.

Exercise and a change of scenery benefit your health when the Page of Pentacles appears. Your new health routines may make you feel like you’ve found a fountain of youth.

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Upright Spirituality

The Page of Pentacles in a spirituality reading suggests you are ready to delve into spiritual practices that have been theoretical up until now. You are excited about experimenting with different spiritual traditions.

A retreat or quest involving travel or a change of scenery is likely when the Page of Pentacles appears. Your spiritual path begins to take shape, and you may be an initiate or novice in a new religious tradition.

You are learning the nuances of a new spiritual practice. Your spirituality is connected to service, and the Page of Pentacles reminds you to be flexible and humble.

Reversed General Meaning

The Page of Pentacles reversed suggests childishness or lack of preparation. You may be stuck in the past or resist responsibility. You aren’t ready to advance or may be given a task without adequate resources.

You may feel overwhelmed because you have too much on your plate. You don’t yet have the experience needed to take on your workload, or the pace picks up at work, and you have trouble keeping up.

Your best option for improving your skills and progressing in your career is to adapt. You are thrown into the deep end and must learn to swim, but with flexibility, you learn to keep up with your colleagues.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

The Page of Pentacles reversed in love indicates a new love interest evading commitment. You get mixed signals from someone who seems devoted but runs hot and cold.

A partner or love interest doesn’t have the maturity you need. You expected someone to follow through, and instead, they play games. A love interest keeps you guessing because of financial insecurities and fears.

Your partner or love interest can’t commit because of work or family obligations. A relationship shows promise, but you are kept waiting because they haven’t established a solid foundation.

Reversed Money & Career

The Page of Pentacles reversed in career and money readings indicates delayed training and slow adaptation to a new job. You wait for a career opportunity but face a dead end.

You are promised a new project, but an opportunity is revoked. The Page of Pentacles reversed shows your unfilled potential. You are underemployed or have difficulty finding opportunities to put your talents to work.

Your financial situation is stifled when the Page of Pentacles appears reversed. You don’t easily attract the wealth you deserve and must work harder to grow professionally.

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Reversed Health

The Page of Pentacles reversed in a health reading indicates a minor setback to your health and well-being. Your recovery takes a detour.

Rest and rejuvenate so you’ll have the energy to heal from an illness or injury. You can bounce back from an illness and may feel energized after a period of rest and recovery.

Even reversed, the Page of Pentacles is a favorable omen for recovery and health. Healing takes longer than expected but you can bounce back from a setback.

Reversed Spirituality

The Page of Pentacles reversed in a spirituality reading guides you to reconnect with a higher calling. Service and selflessness are part of your purpose. You’ve been distracted by ambition and money.

But when the Page of Pentacles is reversed you can get back on track and resume focus on your higher mission. You reconnect with your higher source and your spirituality informs your work.

The Page of Pentacles tarot advice relates to staying grounded, especially when this card appears reversed. You find perspective and healing. Your spiritual quest requires you to take a youthful attitude toward work.

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