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Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Encouragement & Manipulative)

Updated May 22, 2023

The Queen of Cups tarot card meaning relates to a person, personality traits, or a situation. The Queen of Cups is the maternal nurturer of the tarot.

The Queen of Cups shows love and encouragement. She is intuitive and empathetic.

The Queen of Cups tarot card appears in a reading to highlight your personality traits or the characteristics of someone you meet. The Queen of Cups denotes a mother figure or nurturer.

Expect help from a caring, compassionate person who treats you like family. The Queen of Cups appears in a tarot reading when you need help bringing your dreams to fruition.

The Queen of Cups lends empathy and guides you with her intuition. Her gentle, caring presence helps you succeed.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card
UprightNurturing, Encouragement, Intuition
ReversedPassive-Aggressive, Suspicious, Manipulative
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignCancer
Angel Number13

Common Symbolism

The Queen of Cups tarot card symbolism relates to the water element. The symbols related to water such as fish, seashells, and waterscapes. Water symbolism corresponds to family, feelings, and relationships.

A woman, or mermaid, sits on a throne admiring an ornate chalice. She is seated by the sea with a castle behind her. At her feet, sea glass sits on the beach. Cherubs decorate her throne.

In other variations of the tarot, the Queen of Cups depicts various sea Goddesses such as Yemaya. The Queen of Cups symbolism can also involve maternity and portray a mother with children in a boat, seaside, or emerging from the waves.

The Queen of Cups is also considered the Mistress of the Sea and may include dolphins and other sea creatures. She is serene and welcoming, offering to share her wisdom and guidance with those who seek her counsel.

She is surrounded by symbols of nurturing, abundance, and emotional connection. Some variations of the tarot include sea shells and rainbows, or other images related to compassion and happiness.

A Queen of Cups tarot tattoo signifies a person who acts as a mother figure to others. Someone may choose this tattoo to connote their zodiac sign of Cancer or their connection to this empathetic archetype.

Upright General Meaning

The Queen of Cups tarot meaning relates to a person who comes to your aid, becomes emotionally mature and wise, or commits to love and family matters.

Be more nurturing in your dealings with others. The Queen of Cups appears in a reading to encourage you to be maternal and caring. Regardless of gender, the Queen of Cups elicits a loving part of your personality.

You may have the support of a mother, stepmother, or mother figure. The Queen of Cups can denote a romantic interest who is a nurturing, affectionate person regardless of gender.

Family issues are in the spotlight; encourage others to follow their dreams. Your love and support help someone fulfill their potential, or you are successful because someone nurtures your growth now.

The Queen of Cups tarot yes or no indicates an affirmative answer to questions about growth, family, and home. You have the support and encouragement of someone who treats you like family, and this helps you succeed.

The Queen of Cups tarot zodiac sign is Cancer. A person born under the sign of Cancer or with Cancerian traits can be instrumental in helping you when the Queen of Cups tarot card appears in a reading.

The Queen of Cups tarot guides you to be receptive. Let others influence and support you when this card appears. Take a soft and gentle approach to interact with friends and loved ones.

The Knight of Cups followed by the Queen of Cups indicates a relationship progresses and becomes more serious. The Queen of Cups and King of Cups appearing together in a reading point to the influence of parental figures.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Queen of Cups tarot in love portends happiness and love. You find a partner who understands your subconscious needs. Your connection to a loved one becomes more serious. A casual fling becomes a committed romantic partner.

The personality traits related to the Queen of Cups help you advance in your relationships. Lead with compassion and empathy. You can charm a love interest by connecting with their deep emotional desires.

Take a soft and affectionate approach to love. Your romantic life escalates, and a relationship becomes a source of support and encouragement. Trust your intuition in love when the Queen of Cups appears in a love reading.

You may be ready to have a family with your partner. Nurturing and maternal energy is crucial to your relationship. Focus on family matters and make your home comforting and inviting for your relationship.

The Queen of Cups followed by the Page of Cups indicates parenthood is on the horizon. You may have to improve your relationship with a child, parent, or family member.

Upright Money & Career

The Queen of Cups tarot in career symbolizes someone who takes an interest in your success. A woman who is your boss or supervisor helps to promote you to a new status.

Your personable nature and compassion are essential to success in your profession now. Appeal to others’ emotional needs, and you can grow professionally. Your people skills win people over, and you have all the support you need.

The Queen of Cups tarot suggests success in real estate, caretaking, and childcare careers. A profession related to caring for others and healing emotions is ideal for you when the Queen of Cups appears.

Your financial situation can improve if you listen to your intuition. Yet when the Queen of Cups tarot card comes up in a financial reading, you must be careful not to let your empathy for others cloud your financial choices.

Upright Health

The Queen of Cups tarot advice in health is to be more compassionate with yourself. Emotional wellness is essential to your health when the Queen of Cups tarot card appears.

You are in good health, and your immune system is strong when the Queen of Cups tarot card comes up in a health reading. People close to you support your health and wellness.

Your needs are met, and you enjoy a lifestyle that is conducive to good health. You’ve healed from an illness or found balance and rejuvenation after an injury. The Queen of Cups indicates improvements and growth.

Upright Spirituality

The Queen of Cups appears in spirituality readings to help you connect with the Divine Feminine in yourself and the universe. You find fulfillment and happiness when this card appears.

Your intuition is awakened, and you understand your deeper needs when the Queen of Cups appears in a spirituality reading. Nurture your spiritual quest, and you can find wisdom and growth.

You can now use your spiritual insights to inspire and uplift others. Emotional cleansing is key to spiritual growth, and you benefit from ritual baths, visits to lakes or oceans, and communing with the water element.

Reversed General Meaning

The Queen of Cups tarot reversed distorts the power of this archetype. A maternal caregiver deceives you. You may use your caring personality to manipulate someone else.

You won’t easily find the support you seek when this card is reversed. You may be critical of others or find that the love and support you have is conditional. Your relationships are codependent, and you may be attracted to someone toxic and manipulative.

The Queen of Cups reversed implies you are being dishonest about your feelings or suppressing your emotions. Someone close to you is not being clear about their feelings. You may project your wishes and fantasies onto someone and ignore red flags.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Queen of Cups reversed in love brings imbalance and turbulence to your love life. You have difficulty expressing your feelings. Emotional detachment undermines your connection.

A partner becomes emotionally manipulative and immature; you learn someone has been deceiving you. Your relationship is not emotionally supportive or sustainable without making changes.

The Queen of Cups tarot card reversed in love forces you to question your decisions in love and romance. You’ve put your trust in someone unreliable or selfish rather than caring and supportive.

A partner needs nurturing and healing to restore balance and perspective. You may be entangled in a romantic relationship with someone manipulating you. Discern intuition from wishful thinking when this card is reversed.

Reversed Money & Career

The Queen of Cups reversed in career and money reading brings news of disappointment. Your supervisor or a female authority figure at work doesn’t support your efforts. You must work to improve your relationship with this person.

You may be too lenient with colleagues taking advantage of your good nature. Work on boundaries when this card appears reversed. Your professional relationships must improve if you are going to succeed in your career.

A kind, compassionate demeanor is needed when the Queen of Cups tarot card appears reversed in a reading. Don’t forget to have a positive attitude. Focusing only on tasks and ignoring the human side of your work is not enough now.

Reversed Health

The Queen of Cups tarot card reversed in a health reading suggests you are allowing others to drain you. Your health is harmed by a toxic person who is needy or demanding. You may be sacrificing your health to try to help someone who is not receptive to your efforts.

Your emotional health is out of balance when the Queen of Cups tarot card is reversed. Work on gaining new perspective and setting boundaries with others when this card appears upside-down.

The Queen of Cups tarot card reversed in a health reading advises you to boost your immunity and get rest. Recovery and wellness require you to relax and slow down. You need time to replenish your energy.

Reversed Spirituality

The Queen of Cups reversed in a spirituality reading suggests you are alienated from family traditions and practices that once sustained you. Your spiritual path has gone astray.

You can’t pursue spiritual wisdom without being honest about your past wounds and need for healing. The Queen of Cups reversed indicates you must work through traumas and emotional wounds so that you can find spiritual connection.

Your spiritual path leads you to awaken your intuition and develop new wisdom and insight. Face your Shadow side and be honest about your hidden intentions. Overcome habits of emotional manipulation and learn to be vulnerable.

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