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Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Abundance & Vanity)

Updated May 24, 2023

The Queen of Pentacles’ meaning relates to nurturing and empowerment in career and finances.

The Queen of Pentacles represents a person and situation. She is associated with growth and abundance.

The Queen of Pentacles is also called the Queen of Coins, Gems, Stones, or Disks. She is an abundant earth mother and nurturing figure.

The Queen of Pentacles also represents your mastery of a trade or profession, regardless of gender. The Queen of Pentacles indicates accomplishment and expertise.

The Queen of Pentacles is sensual and hard-working but loves luxury and status. Your reputation improves when this card appears.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card
UprightSecurity, Luxury, Abundance
ReversedSuperficiality, Vanity, Grandiosity
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Angel Number13

Common Symbolism

The Queen of Pentacles is a responsible yet generous figure. The symbolism of this card reflects her abundant and earthy nature. She sits on a throne made from organic material, such as stone.

Ornate carvings imply the Queen’s throne is elaborate and a work of art and excellent craftsmanship, as this is her purview. She holds a Pentacle on her lap and gazes at it, again admiring the quality of this craft.

A garland of flowers, usually roses and lilies, frames the sky above her head. Lilies and roses are a recurring motif in traditional tarot and represent passion and intellect working together.

The Queen of Pentacles is typically depicted outdoors in a luxurious garden. Her surroundings suggest comfort, wilderness, and abundance. Sometimes a rabbit sits at her feet, representing luck and fertility.

In some variations of this archetype, the Queen of Pentacles is sensual. Other times she appears pragmatic. She is comfortable in the forest and sometimes portrayed with wild animals such as deer.

The Queen of Pentacles’ symbols relate to the earth element. The Queen of Pentacles corresponds to abundance, work, money, health, and stability. She is stern but nurturing, and her depiction includes symbols of fertility and maternity.

Upright General Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles’ meaning relates to being grounded, practical, and in charge of your finances and career. You are confident and successful; your dreams come to fruition when the Queen of Pentacles appears.

The Queen of Pentacles as a person can indicate a Capricorn woman or woman who is authoritative, pragmatic, and hard working. Someone older or with more seniority than you helps nurture your career path.

The Queen of Pentacles helps you set a firm foundation for growth professional and financial growth. You have the foundation you need to feel comfortable and thrive. Your finances are abundant, and you can share them with others.

The Queen of Pentacles can indicate fertility and potential for pregnancy and family as this card relates to home and growth. The Lovers and the Queen of Pentacles can imply a love interest who helps your career or settles down to start a family.

The Queen of Pentacles doesn’t move fast. Be patient and take a slow path to growth and success when this card appears. The Star and the Queen of Pentacles emphasize slow progress.

Commitment and success are assured but take time. Strive for quality and pay attention to details. You can nurture others when the Queen of Pentacles appears.

The Queen of Pentacles’ yes or no indicates a favorable answer if your question relates to money and career. Queries about growth, advancement, and manifestation have a yes answer.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Queen of Pentacles in love portends the type of love interest you attract or the pace and status of your relationship. You are ready to commit to a nurturing, sensible, and successful person.

Your relationship with your mother or a nurturing woman is in the spotlight when the Queen of Pentacles appears. She also points to a relationship with a supportive businesswoman.

A partner or love interest uses gifts and practical displays of love to show they care. You meet someone who shows their feelings by cooking for you or nurturing your daily needs.

A relationship is rooted and has the potential to endure when the Queen of Pentacles appears in a relationship. Your loved ones and family are generous and support your career growth and finances.

The Queen and King of Pentacles together in a love reading indicate your romance overlaps with career or business partnerships. You may go into business with a partner. Your relationship focuses on practical matters like work and finances.

The Queen of Pentacles as feelings suggests someone who is stoic. You may suppress your emotions and focus on rationality and tangible goals when the Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading.

Upright Money & Career

The Queen of Pentacles in a career reading indicates experience and expertise in your profession. You may receive a promotion or gain recognition for your work.

Someone who resembles the Queen of Pentacles nurtures your career growth. If you are self-employed you reach new levels of visibility and expand your business. Your career improves, and others can see the success you’ve earned.

Your financial situation improves, and you can afford to indulge in your favorite luxuries. You may go on a retreat or vacation to recharge. You can upgrade your home and make adjustments that add comfort and value.

You may upgrade and move to more comfortable surroundings. You can afford to be generous and share your wealth with others. Your investment in someone else’s career or sponsorship of a business or nonprofit helps improve your community.

The Queen of Pentacles followed by the Two of Pentacles implies you seek a balance between your career and hobbies. You have a tight margin of error and must find ways to harmonize your needs with your interests in fun and pleasure.

Upright Health

The Queen of Pentacles in a health reading indicates you make a full recovery and have a solid prognosis. Your diet and time in nature help you heal.

Slow down and listen to your body’s needs. You can nurture yourself, and pampering goes a long way toward restoring wellness. Your recovery from an illness or injury depends on a balance between your work and home life.

The Queen of Pentacles appears when you have strong vitality. You can be confident in your strength and health. You find healing through herbs and supplements, and you are rejuvenated by more time spent in nature.

Upright Spirituality

The Queen of Pentacles represents a sensual approach to spirituality. Your creature comforts are a source of pleasure and spiritual connection. You find a higher purpose and connection in your work.

Being in nature is spiritually grounding when the Queen of Pentacles appears. You may become interested in the spiritual aspects of crystals or runes. The Queen of Pentacles can also be an indicator of an intuitive connection to animals and nature.

The Queen of Pentacles grounds your spiritual beliefs in practical experiences. You can become more anchored in a ritual or meditation practice when the Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading.

Reversed General Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles reversed distorts the generosity and progress this archetype usually represents. Rather than abundance and sharing, the Queen of Pentacles reversed indicates frugality, superficiality, and hoarding.

You or someone the Queen represents has plenty to share but holds back and acts stingy. You aren’t grounded and have a superficial perspective rather than exploring issues on a deeper level.

You are limiting yourself and aren’t working up to your full potential. You are disappointed when your income doesn’t match a boon you expected.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Queen of Pentacles reversed in love indicates you don’t have a reciprocal relationship with someone you were counting on. A partner or love interest disappoints you.

A relationship does not advance as expected. You are ready for commitment but your partner or love interest avoids settling down. You may be distracted from your romantic commitment because of work ambitions.

Your relationship needs work and attention. Be realistic about your expectations. You may be expecting too much from someone unwilling to follow through.

Reversed Money & Career

The Queen of Pentacles reversed in money and career readings indicate financial loss or missed expectations. You are burning out in your career and your income doesn’t match the effort you put into your work.

You are doing too much for others and draining your finances trying to help others. The Queen of Pentacles reversed indicates your need for stronger boundaries.

Adapt to changes in your profession and seek alternatives if you are reaching a dead-end. Your routines are inconsistent which takes a toll on your health and happiness.

Reversed Health

The Queen of Pentacles reversed in a tarot reading indicates your health is impaired temporarily. You receive early warning signs of a health problem, but you can prevent an illness from advancing.

You may be drained or burned out when the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed in a tarot reading. Work on getting on track with healthy routines.

Stress or work impairs your health. The reversed Queen of Pentacles’ advice is to find a balance between self-care and work obligations.

Reversed Spirituality

The Queen of Pentacles reversed in a spirituality reading means you don’t feel anchored in your spiritual quest. You are not grounded and may be ignoring your spirituality.

Find your focus and avoid putting too much emphasis on material gain. The Queen of Pentacles reversed indicates temptation to disregard your spiritual mission. Greed or competition interferes with your spiritual connection.

The trappings of spirituality are enticing, but you are not following your ideals. You’ve become disconnected from your spiritual beliefs, and your routines don’t reinforce your spiritual growth.

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