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Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Deceit & Resolution)

Updated February 20, 2023
Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Deceit & Resolution)

The Seven of Swords’ meaning relates to deception and lies. Someone undermines you with misinformation and manipulation.

Someone misleads you and tells you what you want to hear. Someone close to you is not trustworthy.

The Seven of Swords appears when you are susceptible to lies and deception. Use stronger boundaries to protect yourself from an energy vampire or sneaky person.

You get lost in another’s stories of hardship and may lower your guard to accommodate someone with an ulterior motive. Discern truth from fantasies.

The Seven of Swords can also imply wasted energy. You spin your wheels without accomplishing your goals.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card
UprightDeceit, Theft, Inefficiency
ReversedFocus, Repair, Resolution
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignAquarius
Angel Number7

Common Symbolism

The Seven of Swords seems sinister based on the card’s symbolism. A man sneaks away from an encampment holding two swords in one hand, and three in another.

Behind him, two swords stand with their tips on the ground. The man looks back over his shoulder, and his posture suggests he is trying to be stealthy as he slips away from the camp.

In other variations of the Seven of Swords, a simplistic background includes seven swords in a pattern. Different versions of the Seven of Swords depict a figure escaping from a castle holding five swords with two left behind.

The symbolism of the division among the swords relates to the Two of Swords and the Five of Swords. Consider the lessons of these two cards or look to these two cards for context in reading.

The number seven is considered lucky and spiritual. Yet the Seven of Swords has connotations of theft, interference, and deception. You may fall for illusions as someone spins stories to impress you.

Upright General Meaning

The Seven of Swords’ meaning relates to infiltration, theft, and wastefulness. A person or situation drains your energy and focus. Someone with selfish intentions influences your thinking.

Attempts to deceive others backfire. You seek the upper hand by learning about an adversary or opponent, but as you try to outmaneuver them, they are also studying you.

Passive-aggressive communication is a trap when the Seven of Swords appears in a reading. You get stuck in a web of lies. Outsmarting others backfires and you become entranced by someone’s charm.

Pay attention to red flags and avoid getting ensnared by someone who tells you what you want to hear. Your routines and habits undermine your goals and you sabotage yourself.

The Seven of Swords yes or no is not clear. If your query relates to being deceived, the answer is yes. If your question is if you can trust a person the answer is no.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Seven of Swords in love indicates a partner is not trustworthy. You are wasting your time in a relationship with someone deceptive.

A partner keeps you hanging on but won’t commit. When the Seven of Swords appears, it is time to change your boundaries, and you may have to end a relationship because there is no resolving a problem.

Your partner or love interest is unwilling or unable to be honest about their feelings. Giving ultimatums and bargaining doesn’t work. If someone is taking advantage of your kindness, avoid being gullible.

The Seven of Swords tarot guides you to be clear about your boundaries and expectations. Protect yourself in relationships and pay attention to red flags.

The Page of Swords and Seven of Swords indicates an impulsive, careless person deceives you. You can’t rationalize with this person and your best option is to set limits.

Upright Money & Career

The Seven of Swords indicates sabotage and frustration in your career. Someone is stealing your ideas or taking credit for your work. You are unsupported by your team and feel alienated.

A job description is misleading. Avoid signing contracts and making deals when the Seven of Swords appears. Someone offers you a deal, but they are bargaining in bad faith.

Read agreements carefully; hidden agreements and fine print contain traps. Your work drains your energy and consumes your mind. Your career is unfulfilling.

The Seven of Swords appears when your finances are drained because of vice, cheating, or manipulation. You can’t get ahead financially because someone is figuratively or actually stealing from you.

The Seven of Swords followed by the Eight of Swords indicates you feel trapped in a job that is not sustaining you. You have a way out but must reflect on your options before giving up hope.

The Seven of Swords followed by the Six of Swords suggests you can move on from a toxic work situation, but you must make a lateral move. You may not be happy with your options, but any change is better than stagnation.

Upright Health

The Seven of Swords indicates anxiety, stress, or misinformation jeopardize your health. Someone deceives you and puts your health at risk.

You feel fatigued and lose focus because you are not acting efficiently and conserving your energy. You are fighting a cold or illness but refuse to slow down so your body can heal.

The Seven of Swords warns you to pay attention to your body’s signals. Don’t ignore red flags, as you are burning out and putting yourself at risk of injury and illness.

The Seven of Swords tarot advice is to protect yourself from depletion and exhaustion. You may need vitamins or a dietary change to add nutrients you may not be absorbing.

Upright Spirituality

The Seven of Swords indicates you are disconnected from your spiritual source and feeling drained and confused. You are susceptible to believing illusions and conspiracies.

Insecurities limit your perspective and distract you from your higher purpose. A spiritual guru misleads you, or you fall prey to cults or charismatic leaders.

Work on restoring your spiritual connection. The Seven of Swords reminds you to seek a higher connection and avoid getting distracted by mundane matters.

The Seven of Swords followed by the Seven of Wands indicates infighting in a spiritual community or group. Petty matters distract from your spiritual path. Seek other like-minded people who have a positive focus.

Reversed General Meaning

The Seven of Swords reversed appears when you recognize red flags and protect yourself from deception. You avoid a crisis by recognizing sabotage in progress and changing your routines.

You recognize someone is not trustworthy and change your relationship to protect your interests. The Seven of Swords reversed indicates you make necessary changes to improve your prospects.

Confront someone who has been deceiving you. Trust your intuition and higher wisdom. You sense something is off-center, and your suspicions are proven accurate.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Seven of Swords reversed in love appears when you stand up for yourself and stop someone from deceiving you. You set new boundaries and protect yourself from a manipulative person.

You may confront a partner about lies and deception. You can avoid a crisis or breakup by being honest and calling out unacceptable behavior.

A relationship is a source of strain and exhaustion. When the Seven of Swords appears reversed, you take control of your choices and restore balance and stability in your relationship.

Stand up to a partner who is taking advantage of your generosity. Be firm about your expectations and show a partner or friend that you will not accept deception or dishonesty.

Reversed Money & Career

The Seven of Swords reversed in career and finances means you correct your strategies and refocus your efforts. You have been distracted in the past but find new motivation to pursue your goals.

Make changes in your career to avoid burning out. Alter your schedule or routines to conserve your energy. You can restore enthusiasm for your career after a period of burnout and fatigue.

You discover someone has been deceiving you at work but can break a toxic cycle. Your reputation is unharmed, and you restore boundaries and protect your career interests.

The Seven of Swords reversed indicates you’ve found the insight, you needed to tie up loose ends and preserve your finances. You improve your budget and financial standing because you are honest about past indiscretions and waste.

Reversed Health

The Seven of Swords reversed in health indicates you restore health and recover from an illness or injury. You set boundaries to protect your health and wellness.

Suspicions and paranoia are put to rest, and your mental health improves after a stressful time. Changes to your routines and lifestyle improve your health.

You find ways to stop wasting energy and can improve issues of fatigue and anxiety. Better self-care, the end of a relationship, or a move away from a toxic environment improves your health.

Reversed Spirituality

The Seven of Swords reversed in spirituality indicates a shift in perspective. You become aligned with your ideals and break from toxic groups.

Your spiritual path becomes clear, and you eliminate mundane distractions. Your intuitive senses help you notice deception and red flags. You pursue new beliefs and practices to support your growth.

You discern truth from illusions, and a wake-up call helps you find the motivation to become more spiritually conscious. The Seven of Swords reversed encourages you to embrace abundance and overcome a fear of scarcity and competition.

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