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Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Hierarchy & Acceptance)

Updated August 22, 2023

The Seven of Wands tarot meaning indicates territorial attitudes. You are put on the defensive by others and feel targeted.

The Seven of Wands motivates you to stand up for yourself. You find the courage and strength to protect yourself.

The Seven of Wands in tarot portends strife and conflict. You can hold your ground but must be strategic and assertive when this card appears.

Protect yourself from slights and attacks. Others unfairly target you, but you have the higher ground. Protect what is yours and defend your ideas when this card appears.

A stressful situation culminates in a confrontation. Don’t accept unfair treatment and assert your needs; be clear about your boundaries.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card
UprightDefensiveness, Territorial, Hierarchy
ReversedCooperation, Surrender, Acceptance
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Angel Number7

Common Symbolism

The Seven of Wands typically depicts a figure holding a wand in a defensive posture. The figure stands atop a mountain facing down. Six wands emerge from the lower ground as if aimed at this figure.

The scene is tense, and the tone is self-defense and preservation. Other variations of the Seven of Wands include seven stylized wands against a plain backdrop.

In some tarot decks, a figure is a man. Other times, the figure defending herself is a woman. Many variations depict a full moon in the background. The symbolism of the full moon suggests completion and cycles.

In some versions, the Seven of Wands is depicted as a figure with a hammer surrounded by nails rather than wands. Other images show the figure on lowlands, not a mountain, with wands aimed at them from above.

Sometimes the wands are torches or candles. The symbolism of the Seven of Wands relates to self-defense and taking the high road regardless of your opposition.

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Upright General Meaning

When the Seven of Wands appears, you face opposition, attack, or resistance to your plans. You can defend yourself and your ideas but doing so requires you to be alert.

Your effort to protect your interests and fight back pay off. Stick to your ideals, and you can prevail, although your opposition creates stress.

The Seven of Wands yes or no indicates you can have what you desire, but you must fight for it. Success doesn’t come easily when this tarot card appears in a reading.

The Seven of Wands as a person can have a few meanings. The card can indicate a defensive person. The Seven of Wands can also indicate oppositional people.

The Seven of Wands tarot guides you to stand up for yourself and look out for unprovoked attacks. You can overcome defiance and maintain your authority and status, but you must work to protect yourself.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Seven of Wands in love suggests you have competition. You must prove yourself or protect your relationship or family. You feel criticized by others because of your relationship.

A partner puts you on the defensive. You aren’t supported as you expected when the Seven of Wands appears. Find confidence in yourself and stand up for your interests.

You must work to set boundaries, but you can prevail. Take the reins in a relationship. You can’t avoid a conflict when the Seven of Wands appears, but you can push back against an antagonistic person.

The Seven of Wands as feelings indicate stress and tension. You must defend yourself against a person or group who criticizes you. You may be angry or defiant when this card appears.

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Upright Money & Career

The Seven of Wands in career indicates a hostile work environment. You don’t have the support of your colleagues and may be on the defensive as you try to protect your career interests from others who sabotage you.

Others try to undermine your success. Defend yourself against criticism. The Seven of Wands suggests you must stand up for your ideas in your profession.

Your financial interests are in danger when the Seven of Wands appears in a reading. Be careful of theft or sabotage. You must safeguard your financial interests and assert your needs.

The Seven of Wands reversed, followed by the Ten of Wands suggests completion and solutions. You resolve debt and overcome financial hardship. Your finances improve after a period of uncertainty.

Upright Health

The Seven of Wands in health appears when you must fight to protect your health. You have a challenging road to recovery from an injury or illness. Stand up for your needs and assert yourself in the health care system.

You struggle to protect your health in a stressful situation, but you can succeed. You regain strength, health, and wellness after a turbulent time.

Others’ actions undermine your health and wellness. Stand up for your needs, as others don’t naturally accommodate you. Your health suffers because of criticism and antagonistic relationships.

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Upright Spirituality

The Seven of Wands appears in spirituality readings to indicate disconnection from your spiritual source. You try to fight a battle based on ego and neglect your higher wisdom and perspective.

With effort, you can align with your spiritual ideals and remain centered during a struggle. Advocate for your spiritual needs as others criticizes the path you take.

You become engrossed in mundane struggles. Step back and put conflicts into perspective. You are draining your energy on a matter that may not be as important as you think.

Your serenity is disrupted by a conflict. With some effort, you can put a challenge into perspective and may accept a loss or struggle before you find solutions.

Reversed General Meaning

The Seven of Wands reversed in a tarot reading indicates loss of balance and status. You accept a situation you don’t like for serenity. You find peace and give up a struggle.

The Seven of Wands reversed shows you progressing beyond struggle. Conflict gives way to acceptance. You find ways to cooperate with others rather than clash.

You give up ego investment in a struggle and find purpose and focus. The Seven of Wands reversed shows you are willing to cut your losses and move on from a dilemma.

The Five of Wands followed by the Seven of Wands reversed indicates you emerge from a conflict with the upper hand, but you lose friends and support in the process. You may win the battle but lose the war, and your success comes at a cost.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

The Seven of Wands reversed in love indicates collaboration and acceptance. Rather than being territorial and defensive, you embrace sharing and cooperation.

The reversed Seven of Wands appears in a reading when it is time to let go of a struggle and cut your losses. You overcome a conflict in a relationship.

You find the strength to accept criticism and move on. The Seven of Wands reversed suggests you are open and receptive to others rather than defensive.

The Seven of Wands reversed followed by the Eight of Wands suggests you can overcome a disruptive period in your relationship. Opening your mind and learning to communicate in new ways helps your relationship progress.

Reversed Money & Career

The Seven of Wands reversed in career indicates cooperative attempts to advance professionally. You aren’t concerned with competition and have confidence in your skills.

You can work with others and gain status and recognition together rather than attempting to find advancement. You can find support where you once received criticism.

You salvage your finances temporarily. Find a reprieve so you can reassess your finances and change your strategies. Your current plans are not sustainable.

You find advancement and success when you stop fighting against the tide. Accept a change in your career or workplace and find ways to thrive despite your expectations being unmet.

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Reversed Health

The Seven of Wands reversed suggests you improve your health by surrendering and accepting a situation rather than fighting the inevitable. You can find freedom from stress by changing your perspective.

Your recovery is completed, and you overcome injuries and illnesses despite an uphill battle. You improve your health and improve your prognosis because you change your attitude and release control.

You gain strength and restore your health and wellness. The Seven of Wands reversed appears when you reclaim your power and withstand hardship and criticism.

Reversed Spirituality

The Seven of Wands reversed in a spirituality reading indicates surrender and acceptance. You acknowledge limitations and find the freedom to release stress and trauma.

The Seven of Wands reversed accompanies a stronger connection to your spiritual source. You have breakthroughs and epiphanies that teach you the importance of aligning with others.

You embrace humility and collaboration when the Seven of Wands is reversed in a spirituality reading. You are open and receptive to intuitive insights. You are humble and work with a community rather than trying to succeed independently.

You become interested in occult mysteries and embrace synchronicity and spiritual omens. The Seven of Wands reversed appears when you are willing to replace willfulness with faith.

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