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Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Power & Grandiosity)

Updated November 12, 2022
Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Power & Grandiosity)

The Strength tarot card’s meaning is to find inner fortitude and integrity amidst challenges. Strength tests your values.

The Strength tarot card pushes you to your limits and presents lessons disguised as challenges.

The Strength tarot card challenges you to find hidden sources of power when dealing with adversity. Remain grounded when the Strength card appears.

The Strength card reminds you to remain practical and avoid reacting when others provoke you. The Strength archetype is about using reason to win against the odds.

You have more power than you realize. The Strength card helps you align with your vitality and grit.

Strength Tarot Card
UprightIntegrity, Fortitude, Power
ReversedGrandiosity, Passive-Aggressiveness, Lability
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number8
Zodiac SignLeo

Common Symbolism

The symbolism of the Strength card explores power as spiritual and emotional fortitude rather than physical vitality. The Strength tarot card depicts a woman calmly subduing a lion.

The woman’s hand is in the lion’s mouth, yet the woman does not exhibit fear. Above her head, a lemniscate floats in the air. The Strength card portrays a power imbalance, yet the smaller prevails over the physically stronger.

The lemniscate symbolizes infinity, suggesting true power flows from a spiritual source rather than from physical dominance. The Strength card symbolism reinforces the power of rationality and human nature over animalistic responses.

A Strength tarot card tattoo may feature a figure with a lion or a lion and lemniscate. The Strength tarot card’s number is eight, which looks similar to the image of a lemniscate.

Lion imagery associated with the zodiac sign of Leo is also symbolic of Strength tarot card art. The Strength card displays symbols of courage, confidence, and logic superseding physical power.

Upright General Meaning

The Strength tarot card meaning deals with finding your inner power. You are outnumbered or outpowered physically, but your wits and logic prevail.

When the Strength card appears in a tarot reading, you must confront your fears and subdue your primal urges. You may feel torn between expressing your emotional instincts and trusting intuition and logic.

Follow your rational nature and refuse to let the subconscious fears and emotions take the reins. You may have emotional urges, but you must channel your power through rational means.

Expect tests of your patience and fortitude when Strength appears. You must remain grounded and keep your mind focused. Avoid acting on impulses when the Strength card surfaces in a reading. Someone may try to push your buttons.

Refuse to sacrifice your integrity. Keep a level mind when the Strength card appears. Avoid dominating others. Be clever and strategic rather than emotional and reactionary.

The Strength tarot card in yes or no readings suggests an answer dependent on your ability to maintain reason. The strength tarot card is a yes with conditions. You must wait, develop new skills, or try a different approach before getting your way.

Of all the tarot card meanings, Strength is the most likely to indicate a challenging path to accomplishing your goals. Strength as a relationship tarot card suggests more work is needed to succeed.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Strength tarot card meaning in love shows a trying time is on the horizon. Your emotional connection is not enough to see you through trials and tribulations. Work to navigate through difficulties.

The Strength card suggests you must work to appeal to your partner’s subconscious needs. Your power lies in your ability to work through knee-jerk reactions and reach each other through logic and reason.

A challenging situation in love can test your reactions. You may feel possessive, jealous, or insecure. Rather than lashing out or making accusations, you must remain calm and appeal to your partner’s sensible nature.

Upright Money & Career

Your clever, strategic nature will see you through a difficult career situation when the Strength card appears in a work and money reading. Your career may be filled with trials and tribulations now.

Avoid showing your fears and insecurities. You must project an image of strength now, even if you are uncertain of your abilities. Logic and rationality work to your advantage in your career.

Avoid impulsive spending when you see the Strength card in a career and money reading. You must weather a financial challenge by making plans and using your rational gifts. Avoid spending based on fear and powerful emotions.

Upright Health

When Strength appears in a health tarot reading, you must overcome sabotaging your health. Deep emotions and uncontrolled urges can hurt your health. You must work to maintain willpower and focus.

Your diet and commitment to moderate vices like drinking or substance use can be a problem when Strength appears in a tarot reading. You must work on developing emotional fortitude as a basis for physical power.

You can improve your health by pushing back against your subconscious desires. Cravings for alcohol, sweets, and substances that undermine your health are vital now.

When Strength appears in a health tarot reading, you must work to restore balance and integrity. Resist temptation and make healthy choices based on reason and logic, not emotional desires and cravings.

Upright Spirituality

When the Strength card appears in a spirituality tarot reading, you can expect challenges to your integrity and values. Spiritual growth depends on your ability to balance your intellectual and intuitive gifts.

Acting on raw emotion undermines your spiritual path when the Strength card appears. Work to align your ideals and logical mind. You must work to find focus and maintain balance.

Your integrity is challenged, but you can remain true to your spiritual vision. The Strength card shows you must weed out impulses and desires to honor your intuition.

Reversed General Meaning

The Strength tarot card meaning reversed indicates you must work to restore order and logic in your life. You’re losing perspective and may let emotion drive your choices.

With effort you can restore balance and power, ensuring logic prevails. You must ground yourself and find empowerment through logic and reason rather than giving in to your intense emotions.

You may have to accept limitations, but with vulnerability, you find greater empowerment. The Strength card appearing reversed reminds you not to give your emotions credibility but to focus on the logic.

When Strength is reversed you must work to gain confidence and cultivate a rational perspective. You can thrive with effort but must keep yourself grounded.

You may be tempted to act on instincts and impulses. Challenges you face now can test your values and asserting your integrity is essential. Your emotions may undermine your success if not reined in.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Strength card reversed in love readings shows you are losing perspective. You’ve let emotion lead you and your partnership is off balance because you are trying to dominate each other rather than working together.

When the Strength card is reversed in a love reading you must be patient in finding a partner. Don’t let fears and insecurities lead you to settle in love. You may need to work on assertiveness and confidence before the right partner appears.

Reversed Strength in love indicates delays, imbalances, and the need to work through lessons. Don’t ignore or avoid difficult situations. Have challenging conversations that can help you grow in romance.

Although Strength reversal brings adversity you ultimately become more empowered and your romantic life improves when you embrace the lessons of the Strength card.

Reversed Money & Career

Strength reversed in money, and career readings suggest obstacles to career growth. You may feel ready for a promotion or advancement in your career. Yet you’re overlooking major lessons.

Keep a level head in your career. You may feel the urge to lash out against a colleague or supervisor, but it’s time to be strategic and follow rational instincts. Take the higher road in conflicts at work.

Your financial situation won’t improve if you continue acting on instinct and emotion. You must work on grounding yourself and finding balance and stability before growing financially.

You may not have all the resources you want to help you grow in your career and finances, but you have the tenacity and vision to succeed. Your wisdom and resourcefulness help you thrive.

You must do your best to work within your means and be patient when the Strength card appears reversed. Your strategic, logical approach will help you win. You are developing the skills you need to advance in your career, be patient, and be persistent.

Reversed Health

The reversed Strength card in health means you must step up to the plate and become more proactive. Your health may suffer because you are letting others dictate your decisions.

Willpower, motivation, and inspiration can help you improve your health. An ongoing stressful situation may undermine your health.

Cultivate serenity and withstand challenges that disrupt your peace of mind and stability. You must face a difficult situation taxing your health.

You may receive news about your health that is difficult to accept. Denial and avoidance don’t get you closer to the outcome you desire. Accept hardship and find the power and patience to work through tribulations.

Reversed Spirituality

The Strength tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading means you are missing opportunities to reclaim your power. You can be disillusioned but don’t give your power away.

You must work harder to find your inner power and work through distractions and limitations. You can find greater power by accepting a situation rather than clinging to illusions of control.

Surrendering can be a source of empowerment as you will be free to focus on your desires and true ambitions. Mundane matters become a distraction now and can lead you to make hasty decisions.

Avoid making choices based on fear and insecurity. Confusing raw emotion with intuition leads you to make regrettable decisions. Instead, work on maintaining logic and reason as you approach difficult situations.

Emotional desires and cravings may thwart your spiritual growth. Work on maintaining perspective and keeping yourself grounded.