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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Colaboration & Stagnation)

Updated January 7, 2023
Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Colaboration & Stagnation)

The Temperance tarot card’s meaning relates to balance, harmony, and collaboration. This archetype is about cooperation and sharing.

The Temperance card is associated with prudence. Seek moderation and avoid extremes when this card appears.

The Temperance tarot card is a reminder of the importance of avoiding extremes. When Temperance appears, you don’t have to avoid pleasure and fun.

Yet Temperance tarot card meaning indicates you must collaborate with others and blend the best of your gifts with others’ talents. You can’t win on your own.

Temperance tarot card meaning includes patience and cooperation. You can succeed if you are strategic. Avoid being impulsive now.

Temperance Tarot Card
UprightPatience, Collaboration, Alchemy
ReversedStagnation, Carelessness, Zealousness
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number14
Zodiac SignAquarius

Common Symbolism

The Temperance tarot card art traditionally includes an angel standing with one foot on the ground and the other in a river. She pours water from one chalice to another.

The Temperance symbolism is a reminder of the importance of balancing practicality and your emotional and intuitive nature. Temperance imagery depicts reminders of the water and earth elements.

Temperance is depicted with a full Moon in the background. Traditionally, Temperance shows a path to a rising Sun.

Temperance tarot card art depicts water pouring from one vessel to another, often a chalice or cup. Sometimes the card includes a cauldron. The Temperance card emphasizes the blending of different elements in spiritual and symbolic alchemy.

Water is present in the imagery of the river and the chalices. The earth and air elements are portrayed. The angel’s wings are often red, representing fire. The angel also wears a robe with an upward-facing triangle representing the fire element.

Temperance card tattoos are popular for people who want to convey the power of blending creative energies and alchemy. The art in the Temperance card reminds you of the need to work with the four elements in nature.

Upright General Meaning

The Temperance tarot card’s meaning is to balance your instincts and talents. You must take lessons from the four elements when the Temperance card appears in a reading.

The air element focuses intellect and reminds you to improve your communication. Fire brings passion and ambition; water relates to intuition and compassion; the earth is the element of stability and practicality.

The Temperance tarot guides you to slow down and reconsider your priorities. You may be losing balance and perspective. When the Temperance card appears must compromise and collaborate with others.

Trying to singlehandedly succeed in your quest will only prolong and inhibit your growth. You must reconsider your plans and open your mind to letting others help you.

Temperance in Tarot suggests you are going through a process involving slow growth and evolution. You may need to be more mindful of balance and harmony in your relationships with others. You may be relying too much on some talents and ignoring others.

The temperance tarot for yes or no questions suggests something is missing. Your answer is not a no, but a not yet. Temperance tells you your path won’t succeed unless you add something new or take a new approach.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Temperance tarot in love is about slowing down and being more receptive. When Temperance appears in a love reading, you’re trying too hard to do everything yourself.

The Temperance tarot in love single indicates you must first become comfortable accepting yourself. You may be looking for a partner to fulfill you but are taking the wrong approach to find love.

You may be dominating your partner and driving them away slowly. Back up and make room for your partner to contribute to your relationship.

You must slowly nurture your relationship when the Temperance card appears. You can encourage your partner to share their creativity and insights. You may need to work on communication and express your ideals and higher vision.

Change is needed, but you must take your time and gradually shift your priorities. You can help each other become more confident in your unique talents and strengths.

Find new ways to communicate and empathize with each other. Work on communication and find new ways to solve problems in your relationship to help each other work through a difficult time.

You are moving too fast in a romance when the Temperance card appears. Your strong feelings and desires are causing you to go to extremes in a relationship, and you are losing ground.

Upright Money & Career

The Temperance card in money and career readings suggests you may need to rely on separate income streams. You can find balance and success by monetizing your artistic and creative talents.

Leverage various skills and talents to help your career growth. You may have success in the coming months if you open a small business selling your artwork or crafts.

You may derive financial success through collaborations when the Temperance card appears. The Temperance card portends slow financial growth and the need for patience in your career.

Moderate your energy. Avoid having an all-work-no-play mentality. You are spending too much time at the office when the Temperance card appears. Try to spread your attention and focus to different areas of your life.

The Temperance card is a reminder to balance your talents and strengths. You may have a few small projects that lead to a promotion or significant opportunity shortly.

When the Temperance card appears in a money reading, avoid putting all your money in one investment. Diversify your investments and balance where your money is going.

You must also avoid extremes in spending when the Temperance card appears. Moderating your spending and sticking to a budget can help you succeed when Temperance appears.

Upright Health

The Temperance card in a health reading suggests your habits are becoming obscene, and you may be going to the extreme and harming your health. You must slow down and find balance in your lifestyle.

The Temperance card reminds you to moderate your choices and avoid obsessive habits. The Temperance card in health readings may speak to addictions to alcohol or other substances and your need to slow down or abstain from these vices.

The Temperance tarot in health combined with the Strength tarot indicates a long path to recovery. Numerous tactics are needed to restore health and balance.

Your health may be out of balance because of extremes in your lifestyle. Too much stress, working too hard, or overeating are undermining your health. You can improve your health by paying attention to balance and moderation when Temperance appears.

Upright Spirituality

Your spiritual life is neglected when Temperance appears in a reading. The Temperance card reminds you to look to the natural world for inspiration and spiritual connection.

You can find spiritual growth and perspectives by meditating and aligning yourself with the elements in nature. You can learn from the alchemists when Temperance appears.

The Temperance card reminds you that your creativity can inspire your spiritual connection. You can find fulfillment and a spiritual connection by bringing balance into your lifestyle.

Reversed General Meaning

The Temperance tarot reversed indicates you are ignoring the message of this archetype. You may be getting red flags indicating the need to slow down, but you’re not paying attention.

You can face inevitable consequences of moving too fast and going to extremes, such as fatigue, burnout, and self-sabotage if you don’t heed the warning from the Temperance card. Temperance reversed suggests you are avoiding needed changes.

The temperance tarot reversed is similar to the Judgement tarot card. Make adjustments to your plans to succeed. Temperance reversed combined with the Sun tarot shows success is possible if you change your process.

You may be getting feedback that your strategies and plans aren’t working. If you refuse to make needed changes, you won’t be able to break out of the habit of sabotage. Working harder is not the answer when Temperance appears reversed.

Your only path to success involves slowing down and collaborating with others. There is no way to succeed without balance and cooperation. Temperance reversed reminds you that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Temperance card reversed in love and romance readings suggest you are not in a reciprocal relationship. Either your relationship has fallen out of balance or you are trying too hard to please your partner.

You can help your partner by being patient and taking a gentle, gradual approach to the relationship. Although you may advocate for your partner, trying too hard undermines your relationship.

The Temperance card reversed reminds you that relationships work when both partners invest. You may be picking up the slack for your partner and overcompensating for them, but doing so undermines your relationship.

Find ways to improve collaboration and balance when Temperance is reversed. Doing less can allow your partner to invest more in the relationship. Your relationship is going through tests.

Reversed Money & Career

The Temperance card reversed in money, and career reading means you need to reconsider your career path and investments. Your budget and financial plans are misguided, and you must slow down and rethink your strategies.

Your career may suffer because you are trying too hard to accomplish everything yourself. You may resist leaning on your colleagues or team, but doing so only leads to burnout and exhaustion.

You may not have all the resources you need to fulfill your professional goals now, but you can be creative and make progress. Be open to letting others help you now. Obstinance and determination get in the way of success when Temperance appears reversed.

Reversed Health

When the Temperance tarot card appears reversed in a health reading, you must use your creativity and resourcefulness. You must overcome health problems related to your lifestyle and routines.

Work on overcoming stress; you must create balance and harmony to improve your health now. You may ignore some facets of your health, such as emotional health or spirituality.

When the Temperance card appears reversed, you must prioritize and minimize the chaos in your life. You’ve over-committed and are overextending yourself. The path to health involves streamlining your focus.

Reversed Spirituality

When the Temperance card appears reversed in a spirituality reading, you must incorporate spiritual routines into your daily life. You’re putting too much energy into mundane matters.

You must find new ways to create balance and bring spirituality to the forefront. You may be ignoring red flags related to ignoring your spiritual needs. Spend time in nature to create balance after a long work day.

You need harmony when the Temperance card is reversed. You are getting spiritual warnings but may be ignoring these signs and symbols. Pay attention to your dreams. You may need to be more open to receiving spiritual messages.