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Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Success & Delay)

Updated May 14, 2023

The Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning combines the suit of pentacles with the number of completion and abundance.

The Pentacles represent practical matters of work, finance, and health. Ten corresponds to accomplishment and transformation.

The Ten of Pentacles portends success and finality. You’ve reached a milestone like retirement or the end of a job.

A career change or shift in business arrives, and you reflect on your accomplishments. You rise to a level of status and recognition.

You may become self-employed or receive a promotion and join the ranks of executives in a business. You finish a project or milestone related to your career.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card
UprightCompletion, Success, Achievement
ReversedDisappointment, Delay, Dissatisfaction
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMinor Arcana
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Angel Number10

Common Symbolism

The Ten of Pentacles is also known as the Ten of Coins; Gems, stones, and discs are also names for this suit. The symbolism of the Ten of Pentacles combines family and finances.

In some decks, the minor suits depict ten pentacles arranged on a minimalistic background. Traditionally, the Ten of Pentacles shows a scene of an older man who sits with his back partially turned.

He faces an adult couple whose faces are obscured. In some decks, the woman faces forward, her expression hard to read. She may be stressed or content, but her body language is ambivalent.

Yet the people, presumed to be two generations of a family, are in a courtyard surrounded by an abundant harvest, including ten pentacles. Even their two hunting dogs are present, enjoying their bounty.

The symbolism of this card can indicate that for all their wealth, the family seems unhappy or lacks a celebratory, intimate posture. Others read the Ten of Pentacles as a happy celebration with family.

The Ten of Pentacles symbolizes the height of accomplishment, with plenty of money for a comfortable home and a pair of dogs. Others see the dogs as representing loyalty.

The Ten of Pentacles indicates success after several generations devoted to a family business. The symbolism also suggests enough wealth to enjoy luxuries and the combination of power, family connections, and wealth.

The older man is seated, but the couple stands. The symbolism of their body postures suggests the man is retiring and passing his business and legacy off to his adult children so they can continue the work he started.

Upright General Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles’ meaning relates to completion, fulfillment, and the shifting of a cycle of work and productivity.

You reached the summit of success and are ready to move to new projects and ambitions. Often, this card is associated with retirement.

You are ready to pass the torch to someone else so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’re in the final stage of a project, and the completion of one cycle means it is time to start a new phase related to career, work, and finances.

You may enjoy the comforts of your prosperity and use your wealth to invest in a new business or home. You can enjoy luxuries and a higher standard of living thanks to a family or collective effort.

You have reason to celebrate though your mind may be on practical rather than emotional matters. Your work has led you to prosper, and you can sit back and bask in the sun now that your project is finished.

The Ten of Pentacles yes or no suggests a favorable outcome. Your questions about work, money, and health are to your liking. You receive a yes answer to questions about growth and completion.

The Ten of Pentacles tarot guides you to see your projects through to the end. The Ace of Pentacles followed by the Ten of Pentacles means you start a new career and see your professional projects through to the end.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Ten of Pentacles in a love reading can bring complicated messages. You may enjoy a celebration of commitment such as a wedding or anniversary, yet the tone of the relationship is practical, not emotional.

The Ten of Pentacles indicates a long-term relationship and a partner willing to settle down and start a family.

Yet your love interest may treat your relationship as a business alliance, not a passionate or intimate connection.

An emotionally-detached partner takes your relationship seriously. A love interest doesn’t rush in and sweep you off your feet. Instead, they set a foundation for success and security.

Your romantic life intersects with family milestones. You move to a new home, celebrate with various generations of family, or have an announcement about family growth and expansion.

You may be attracted to someone successful. The Ten of Pentacles’ advice is to look for stability in love but don’t fall in love with someone just for money and practical reasons.

You may learn that a relationship with someone affluent but emotionally distant is not all it seems. Money can’t buy love, but there are also different types of relationships.

Some people express their love through generosity. The Ten of Pentacles portends this type of relationship. Don’t dismiss love expressed in practical rather than emotional ways.

The Ten of Pentacles as a person is someone practical, successful, and hard-working. You may form a relationship with a productive person.

The Ten of Pentacles as a friendship suggests people who go into business with you or work friends. You may have a work family or colleagues who support your growth.

The Ten of Pentacles as feelings can indicate sensibility, patience, and practicality. A romance or relationship is not vulnerable and sentimental when the Ten of Pentacles appears.

Upright Money & Career

The Ten of Pentacles in career readings indicates success and completion. Your professional life is enhanced because you’ve reached new heights in your career.

You arrive at a summit in your career, and your reputation is as good as gold. You can celebrate your achievements and have earned respect and admiration of others.

Your family or a family-style business is instrumental to your career growth. You inherit a family business or are promoted within a family-owned business.

Your work environment functions like a family with all the connection and drama you would expect to find in family relationships. You have the advantage of a supportive team, but you may get sucked into workplace drama if you’re not careful.

Your finances improve with the help of collaboration with a team or gifts from family. You enjoy a higher standard of living, and you now have abundant wealth to share with others.

Upright Health

The Ten of Pentacles in health suggests full recovery, strength, and wellness. Enjoy a milestone in your health, such as achieving a workout goal or an anniversary of remission from illness.

Your health prognosis is good, and you have reason to celebrate with others. Your effort to improve your health is recognized. Your family or friends show their support for your recovery and wellness.

Previous illnesses or injuries are resolved when the Ten of Pentacles appears. You’re likely to have a good prognosis with some effort toward healing. The Ten of Pentacles also portends a birth or pregnancy soon.

Upright Spirituality

The Ten of Pentacles centers on materialism and mundane matters rather than spirituality. Yet when this card appears in a spirituality reading, you find greater connection and insight through tradition and community.

The Ten of Pentacles appears when you are neglecting your spirituality and guides you to reconnect with your higher wisdom. Your ancestral traditions can be a source of healing.

Being surrounded by community, particularly elders and multiple generations, helps keep you grounded. You have a positive influence on others and learn from those who have come before you.

The Ten of Pentacles encourages you to learn from your elders. You advance in your spiritual path and may face initiation and a change in status related to religious milestones.

Reversed General Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles reversed maintains optimistic connotations. The Ten of Pentacles in reverse brings out your materialistic side. Your successes and achievements aren’t fulfilling.

Your perfectionistic nature keeps you from fully appreciating the success you’ve achieved. You can be disillusioned with your career, and getting what you want isn’t enough to satisfy your needs.

You can be affluent and comfortable but feel the grass is greener elsewhere. The Ten of Pentacles reversed makes you restless to amass more than what you have if what you have is plenty.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in love suggests disillusionment with a romance. You have a relationship with a successful, wealthy person but the status and success aren’t what you expected.

You crave more intimacy and emotional connection. A partner or family gives you material gifts and resources, but your emotional needs are unmet. You have everything you want except a deeper connection.

Your relationship may be strained by an obsession with money. You have the abundance you need, but a fixation on career growth and wealth undermines your connection in love.

Reversed Money & Career

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in career portends the loss of status or disappointment with the trappings of career success. Your wealth and accomplishments don’t bring the satisfaction you expected.

You can find perspective and gratitude, making the most of your resources and career opportunities. You may decide to walk away from status and wealth to pursue a personal goal.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed indicates financial loss or expenses, yet you are not pushed into poverty. Despite financial challenges, you maintain a comfortable net worth or narrowly dodge a bigger financial loss.

Reversed Health

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a health reading indicates a challenge to your wellness or recovery from illness. You may have a favorable prognosis but must make accommodations.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed suggests you must adjust your attitude about work and productivity to protect your health and wellness. You may be burning yourself out and risking injury or illness because of overworking.

Reversed Spirituality

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a spirituality reading indicates a loss of spiritual connection because of obsession with work. You are trying too hard to promote a business or progress professionally.

Your ambitions eclipse your spiritual practices and you may put spirituality on the back burner as you chase your professional dreams.

The Ten of Pentacles appears reversed to remind you of the importance of making spirituality part of your daily life.

You can find deeper meaning in your career if you incorporate spiritual insights into your life. The Ten of Pentacles reversed appears when you are neglecting your spirituality.

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