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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning (Focus & Sabotage)

Updated May 16, 2023

The Chariot tarot card meaning indicates a need to overcome insecurities. Excess baggage and indecision disrupt progress.

You must focus on your goals and remove obstacles from your path. You can’t find success doubts in the way.

The Chariot tarot card indicates a journey underway. You may need to reconfigure your strategies; overcome roadblocks to continue your quest.

The Chariot reminds you to clear limiting beliefs and doubts. You may have conflicting inner drives.

You can make progress now if you are clear about your desires. Focus on your ideals and ambitions.

The Chariot Tarot Card
UprightFocus, Decisions, Integration
ReversedStagnation, Insecurity, Sabotage
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number7
Zodiac SignCancer

Common Symbolism

The Chariot card is depicted as a figure riding a chariot pulled by a pair of sphynxes. One sphynx is white, the other is black. They are usually reclining, facing opposite directions.

The Chariot can’t proceed with the mythical beasts lying down, not to mention facing away from each other. The figure holding the reins is depicted wearing crescent Moons on its shoulders and a belt with symbols for each zodiac sign.

Some variations on the Chariot card include a charioteer trying to control two horses, as the horses run wild. Modern Chariot tarot cards include other vehicle depictions symbolic of movement, travel, and autonomy.

The Chariot tarot card tattoo can signify someone who has gone through a critical milestone and gained wisdom from overcoming losses. The Chariot image is a reminder of the importance of balance.

Upright General Meaning

The Chariot card in a tarot reading indicates growth on your journey. The Chariot points to practical aspects of your growth and quest, such as your plans, strategies, and resources that help you follow your dreams.

Yet the Chariot is also a card of introspection. You can’t make headway on your journey if you aren’t confident and sure of your destination. The Chariot reminds you to prepare for progress internally.

The Chariot is pulled by two creatures often depicted as being at odds with each other. Their symbolism suggests your wild and subconscious nature is not working in alignment with your logical, rational side.

You may feel conflicted about growth and your quest may be a source of excitement and fear. You may doubt your path and sabotage yourself because you are uncertain of your ability to succeed.

Past failings and conflicts create extra baggage that stands in your way. Take the time to work through subconscious doubts and fears so you can be sure of your decisions.

You may face a roadblock or obstacle, but your ability to succeed depends on your conviction and resolve. You can find the stamina and willpower to overcome challenges on your path when the Chariot card appears.

You must change course or find new strategies. Your plans from the beginning of your journey no longer fit your current circumstances. The Chariot card reminds you to adapt when you reach an impasse.

The Chariot tarot card number is seven. Seven is a number associated with spirituality and idealism; the Chariot reminds you to blend spiritual and mundane wisdom.

The Chariot tarot card zodiac sign is Cancer. As the sign of the crab, Cancer represents finding security and protecting your home. The Chariot symbolizes evolution and taking your sense of home and stability with you on your journey.

Of all the tarot card meanings, the Chariot tarot card meaning for yes or no questions can be frustrating. The Chariot doesn’t give a specific yes or no answer. Instead, it signifies the importance of preparing yourself internally to create what you wish to manifest.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Chariot tarot card meaning in love reading is complicated. You may feel like your romantic life is stagnant. Yet you must work through insecurities and old fears related to your worthiness in love.

A significant milestone is on the horizon in love. You may meet someone new or realize you have feelings for an old friend. You may face a change, such as engagement, marriage, or a move with your partner.

The path is unclear because your current circumstances are different from your original goals or expectations. Rather than dismissing your love interest because they don’t match your original visions, you may have to adjust your expectations.

Don’t give up on a relationship when a pivot in your perspective can lead to new opportunities when the Chariot appears in a lover’s Tarot reading. You can strengthen a relationship by letting go of past expectations.

Upright Money & Career

Your financial and professional life requires personal reflection when the Chariot card appears. You may have an opportunity to expand your career by traveling or relocating, but you must first become sure of your goals.

Your ambitions may not align with your opportunities when the Chariot appears. You can become confident in your abilities and find opportunities for promotion and growth if you work through doubts and insecurities.

You may have mixed feelings about a promotion or new opportunity in your career when the Chariot appears. Don’t dismiss a new project without considering how it may align with your growth.

Your finances may need attention when the Chariot appears. Your car may need repairs or require more financial investment; travel and transportation costs may present a setback from your financial goals.

Take the time to evaluate your budget and finances; you may be overlooking costs that help you succeed. You must adjust your expectations when the Chariot appears.

Upright Health

The Chariot tarot card in a health reading suggests you have outgrown some of your routines. You may be at a milestone requiring you to adjust or upgrade your practices and lifestyle.

Insufficient sleep or an unhealthy diet may not have had much impact on your health in the past, but things are changing. Reconcile your lifestyle choices with new circumstances.

You may be spending so much time traveling that your health is bearing the consequences. Pay attention to exercise, diet, and stretching. Health issues and injuries related to being on the road may also become apparent.

Upright Spirituality

Your spiritual growth slows because of insecurities or uncertainties. Growth is on the horizon, but you must reconcile past beliefs and expectations with new information or experiences.

You may outgrow beliefs or spiritual practices that were important to you earlier in life. The Chariot card indicates an important milestone that requires attention and introspection.

Be open to changing, modifying, and adapting your spiritual practices and beliefs with your new goals and wisdom. You can find new insights and perspectives and may have to release limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Reversed General Meaning

The Chariot reversed indicates you have been operating on default and are not evolving your beliefs and lifestyle to match new circumstances and experiences.

You may feel stuck as if you are going through the motions. The Chariot tarot card reversed warns you not to give up on growth and new ideas because change is uncomfortable.

Fear and insecurity may keep you stuck in an unfulfilling situation. Don’t limit your options out of fear of the unknown. When the Chariot is reversed, you must become innovative and expand in new directions.

Revisit your subconscious fears and insecurities. You’re holding on to traumas and doubts which inhibit your growth and momentum. Be creative and find new strategies that fit your current circumstances.

Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Chariot card appears reversed in a love and relationship reading, pay attention to doubts and fears related to commitment. You may be holding on to a relationship you’ve outgrown.

You may also feel like your romantic life is stagnant because of routines. Be honest about your attraction to a partner. Are you feeling an emotional connection, or are you in a relationship out of habit and responsibility?

You must take stock of your motivation for remaining attached to someone from the past. You may also have to be realistic about love or longing for a person from your past.

A romantic tie to someone from your past may be an illusion. Be prepared to move on from a past relationship now rather than holding out hope the person will reappear in your life.

Reversed Money & Career

When the Chariot tarot card appears reversed in a money and career reading be honest about your expectations. Your budget can’t support your needs, and you must make adjustments.

Your current career path may be unsustainable unless something changes. Yet you may feel stuck and unable to advance. Something is holding you back from success.

Be more open-minded about your career path. You are holding on to past expectations. New training to improve your skills or a career change is needed to be competitive now.

When the Chariot card appears reversed, you may have to seek new prospects in a new location. Traveling for a career or relocating to live in an area with more opportunities or other dramatic changes are required.

Your finances must undergo significant upheaval when the Chariot card appears reversed in a reading. Inflation or changes in your lifestyle may render a previous budget untenable. Find new ways to match your income to your changing needs.

Reversed Health

When the Chariot card appears reversed in a health reading, you may resist the necessary inner work needed to restore wellness. Focus on doubts, fears, and negative thinking that keep you from making healthy choices.

Your lifestyle may harm your health, especially if you drive excessively. You are receiving red flags related to needed changes but are ignoring these messages. Your lifestyle is undermining your health goals.

With effort, you can work to find new ways to accomplish your goals and make progress on improving your health. Confront inner fears and insecurities so you can commit to healthy changes.

Reversed Spirituality

The Chariot tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading suggests you are missing important messages from your intuition and spiritual guides. You may be resistant to broadening your perspective.

This is an essential time to examine your spiritual practices. Your beliefs may limit your growth; don’t confuse fear and anxiety with intuition and spiritual guidance.

Limiting ideas and dogmatic teachings are inhibiting your path. You must work on expanding your mind and embracing new concepts.

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