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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (Obsession & Vice)

Updated August 19, 2023

The Devil tarot card may scare you if you don’t understand this card’s meaning. When the Devil appears, look for imbalance.

The Devil represents obsession, temptation, and dependency in relationships. Balance spiritual and material interests.

The Devil tarot card’s meaning is far less sinister than you think. When you pick the Devil tarot card, you must learn lessons concerning overcoming temptation and illusions.

You may be obsessed with a love interest or overindulging in your favorite vices and pleasures. The Devil warns against too much of a good thing.

When the Devil card appears, you must come to terms with imbalances in your life. You are going to extremes and ignoring spiritual lessons.

The Devil Tarot Card
UprightCodependency, Addiction, Obsession
ReversedDenial, Temptation, Vice
Yes or NoNo
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number13
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Common Symbolism

Tarot cards sometimes share symbolism, as the deck is a system. The Devil card echoes the symbolism of the Lovers Tarot. Rather than the Lovers standing beneath an angel, they are in chains before a demon.

The symbolism of the Devil card is usually consistent. A figure representing vice, temptation, and trickery towers over a couple handcuffed or chained to a pillar or base on which the Devil stands.

Variations on the Devil card can include different archetypes associated with trickery and confinement. In some decks, the Devil has the face of vilified political leaders. In other decks, the Devil is a businessman hiding a contract.

The Devil is a fearsome figure, yet this archetype is about testing your integrity. The imagery of the Devil is both sinister and seductive.

Some variations of the Devil card feature images of wealth, beauty, and success, which may be an illusion. The Devil archetype mirrors your lust and desires. Toxic longing and addiction are associated with this card.

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Upright General Meaning

When the Devil appears, you face tests. You must question whether your choices truly align with your ideals and integrity or if you are being led astray by desires and obsessions that have become addictive.

Sometimes the Devil represents the presence of an addiction to substances, people, or routines. When the Devil represents vice or addictions, you must explore ways to infuse spirituality and purpose in your life.

You may be filling a void with obsessions that you believe will bring fulfillment but which only leave you wanting more. You can find it challenging to have faith and instead make decisions based on fear and desire.

The Devil represents desire and lust becoming consuming. The lesson involved in the Devil archetype is that the more you feed an obsession, the more it becomes warped and distorted.

When the World and the Devil tarot cards appear together, you may be immersed in a toxic pattern or addiction but also have the means to break free from this trap shortly. The Devil card shows a problem exists, and other cards indicate how to break the cycle.

The Devil tarot yes or no reading indicates a no answer to your question. You may pursue your desire and may succeed, but the success will be short-lived and filled with turmoil and stress.

The Devil tarot card combinations can show whether you are facing risk or indulgence. The Devil may portray pleasure-seeking or addictions depending on the surrounding cards.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Devil tarot card always speaks to your connection to people, ideas, or things. Thus, it is a relationship-oriented card. The Devil’s tarot in love indicates a relationship is becoming distorted or toxic.

The Devil card in love indicates an obsession with a love interest or a relationship stems from lust and desire but not compassion. You must work on bringing balance and boundaries to your relationship.

The Devil card often appears when you are in love with someone emotionally unavailable. You have a codependent relationship or relationship with someone who is addicted or unhealthy in other ways when the Devil appears.

You may need to set different boundaries to avoid becoming burned out and obsessed with a love interest. Your relationships have lost balance and you may be addicted to your romantic partner’s approval.

The Devil tarot appearing with the Death tarot card indicates your romance may become more toxic. A transformation is underway, and you must set new boundaries to empower your relationship.

The World tarot combined with the Devil tarot means a significant change and transformation is coming. A needed change will help you find freedom from an obsession and addiction.

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Upright Money & Career

When the Devil tarot card appears in money and career reading, you are obsessed with the rat race. You may be trying too hard to progress in your career, or stuck in a dead-end job.

You must work on gaining perspective as money and work consume your life when the Devil appears. You are losing yourself in a work endeavor, and your career may supersede other priorities.

Your romantic and family relationships may suffer now because you are married to your job and maybe giving too much energy to work and monetary goals. Balance is needed to break the habit of obsession.

The Devil may indicate an addiction to work and money; money can be related to an addictive process such as shopping and gambling, which harms your finances. You may be entangled in an obsessive pursuit of wealth.

Upright Health

When the Devil appears in a health reading, you are going to extremes and neglecting your health. You risk burnout and may be ignoring red flags related to addictions.

The Devil warns you against going too far in pursuit of pleasure. The Devil shows you must slow down and change your priorities. You are sacrificing your health and overindulgence in vices can lead to health consequences.

Your mental health may also be affected when the Devil appears. Anxieties and obsessions are harming your health. Avoid fixations, create balance and release stress and restore your health.

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Upright Spirituality

The Devil in a spirituality reading suggests you are giving too much attention to material and mundane matters. You are ignoring your spiritual growth.

You may think you are evolving spiritually, yet you are investing in the trappings of spiritual practices. Your practices are becoming superficial and undermining your spiritual growth.

Discern between fantasy and illusions. The pursuit of pleasure and grandiosity are not aligned with your spiritual growth. When the Devil appears, you must find the balance between ego desires and spiritual growth.

Be careful to avoid cults when the Devil appears in a spirituality reading. You may be mistaking unhealed traumas for intuition. You can also misdirect your spiritual interests and must work on grounding your perceptions now.

Reversed General Meaning

When the Devil appears reversed, you may be using vice or pleasure-seeking to soothe your anxieties or insecurities. Though your obsessions seem harmless, you are avoiding dealing with significant issues.

The reversed Devil tarot card can indicate avoidance of a problem and an obsession that is en route to becoming an addiction. You may be ignoring red flags and fueling an illusion or fantasy.

The Devil tarot card reversed suggests you are on the verge of losing control or losing yourself to a relationship or addiction. Your boundaries may be slipping and you may be at risk of distracting yourself from your path.

When the Devil is reversed, you may not consciously realize how entangled you’re becoming in a relationship or addiction. You may be in denial about the risks you’re taking in pleasure.

The advancement of an addiction or obsession may not yet be severe. You may have averted the worst consequences of a toxic relationship or obsession, but your luck will run out soon. You must be honest about your obsession or an unhealthy relationship so you can make changes.

When the Devil tarot card reversed appears with the Moon tarot card, you will see the ramifications of risky decisions within the next month. You have to break a cycle and set new boundaries before the worst ramifications of a toxic relationship manifest.

The Devil tarot card with the Death tarot can be a harbinger of dramatic transformation. If the Devil tarot is reversed, you may resist a needed change.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Devil tarot card appears in love and relationship reading, you may be oblivious to the risks you are taking. Pleasure and excitement eclipse red flags in a relationship.

You need to set new boundaries and must work on setting reasonable expectations. Instead, you are losing yourself in a relationship and becoming consumed by love, approval, and pleasure.

Work to see through illusions and can be enjoying too much of a good thing without realizing it. A codependent relationship or toxic partner may be hard to recognize now.

When the Devil card appears reversed on love, you must restore self-love and become grounded. Anchor yourself and prepare to face harsh truths about your relationship.

You must work on making yourself a priority and setting boundaries in your relationship. You don’t need to go to extremes and leave a relationship, but you must be honest about red flags.

Reversed Money & Career

When the Devil tarot card appears in a money and career reading, you are ignoring warning signs. You are becoming too entrenched in your career, and your loss of perspective can become an obsession soon.

You haven’t seen the worst consequences of this loss of perspective, but you must make changes soon. Your obsession or addiction to work and status may be accelerating.

The Devil reversed suggests the worst implications of your actions are not apparent yet, but you are setting a toxic foundation. Your workplace may be unfulfilling or toxic when the Devil appears.

Set new boundaries and change your expectations. You are becoming lost in illusions and fantasies. You may expect advancement and wealth that is not likely to manifest.

Be realistic and work on breaking through illusions. The Devil, reversed, in a money reading can challenge you to face bad news about your financial situation.

You ignored feedback about your financial situation and may fall deeper into debt. The Devil reversed suggests your belief in fantasies related to your financial standing can lead to consequences in the future.

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Reversed Health

When the Devil tarot card is reversed in a health reading, you face lessons related to balance and moderation. You are going to extremes in pursuit of pleasure and your health will suffer in the future if you don’t break this cycle.

You may need to break free from addictions and obsessions. You may lose perspective and can give in to vices and habits that undermine your health, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Although risky behavior is part of your obsession or addiction, you may have illusions about your trajectory. You are losing ground and losing control, but you can reverse this cycle if you take the risk seriously now.

When the Devil appears near the Tower tarot card, you may have a prolonged escalation before the consequences of red flags and risky behavior manifest. You can avoid calamity by breaking addictive cycles now.

Reversed Spirituality

The Devil tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading indicate that you are falling for illusions and tricks disguised as spiritual teachings. You may be dabbling with empty promises.

Be careful not to fall prey to scams or cults. The Devil shows where illusions are developing. You may be tempted by a community that is not what they claim to be, particularly a spiritual group or cult.

Avoid losing perspective as you must remain grounded and balanced. Your spiritual interests are legitimate, but you may have to bypass illusions and challenges related to superficial spirituality and false promises.

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