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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning (Fertility & Waste)

Updated August 23, 2023

The Empress Tarot card relates to nurturing, abundance, and manifestation. When the Empress appears, growth abounds.

The Empress portends success and expansion; you can count on comfort and stability.

The Empress tarot card symbolizes motherhood, nurturing, and growth. The Empress portends luxuries, abundance, and wealth.

New resources that help you reach your goals are plentiful when the Empress card appears in a reading. You can easily accomplish your dreams.

The Empress brings healing, nurturing energy. You may enjoy growth and success shortly.

The Empress Tarot Card
UprightGrowth, Fertility, Abundance
ReversedWaste, Hoarding, Scarcity
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number3
Zodiac SignTaurus

Common Symbolism

The Empress is a pregnant woman sitting on a throne in the woods. She often holds a staff in her right hand. A heart-shaped shield leans against her throne, decorated with the symbol for the planet Venus.

Bulls’ heads are carved into the Empress’s throne to build further the association between the Empress and the sign Taurus. She is relaxed and welcoming, eager to share her wealth with others.

She wears a crown of twelve small white stars. Each star represents one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The number twelve is significant as it suggests completion, unity, and collaboration.

The Empress tarot card can also depict symbols of wealth and power. She sometimes appears seductive but seldom harsh or controlling. Some variations portray her holding the heart-shaped shield, yet she is inviting, not defensive.

The Empress yes or no readings are a positive sign. When the Empress tarot card appears in a yes or no reading, the answer is yes, and you are encouraged to go forward with your plans.

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Upright General Meaning

The Empress tarot card meaning is growth, creativity, and abundance. A generous woman notices you and nurtures your career and success. You may encourage others when the Empress appears.

The Empress portends caring and compassionate energy that helps you bring your dreams into reality. You may find the resources you need by collaborating with a wise, generous, and powerful patron.

Although the Empress is a symbol of power, unlike the Emperor’s tarot card, she is not a symbol of dominance. The Empress doesn’t need to hoard her wealth. She is open and shares with others.

When the Empress appears, you can find greater security and reassurance of your success. You may relax and enjoy the luxury you’ve acquired. The Empress reminds you of the importance of self-care and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The Empress card indicates a need for patience. You can be protective and command respect but with a lighter approach. Strive to attract others with your nurturing, compassionate, and kind nature.

The High Priestess tarot card’s meaning is often confused with the Empress card’s meaning. They represent feminine power, yet the High Priestess tarot card represents Divine Feminine while the Empress is practical and materialistic.

Some tarot cards relate to others in the deck. The Empress tarot card corresponds to the Queen of Pentacles and is considered the archetypal partner of the Emperor tarot card.

The Empress tarot card zodiac sign of Taurus adds to this card’s meaning. When the Empress appears in a reading, you may have the guidance and help of a benevolent Taurus person.

Upright Love & Relationships

When the Empress card appears in a love and relationship reading, you may meet a generous, wealthy, and nurturing partner. You may fall in love with someone who showers you with love and affection and materialistic gifts.

The Empress tarot in love readings suggests you may fall in love with a Taurus person or someone with a Taurus-like personality. You can find a comfortable, loving relationship with someone who wants to support your dreams.

The Empress tarot card in love suggests a slow path to love, yet your caution will be worth it. Your love interest may become interested in settling down and starting a family or sharing a household.

Your relationship may become more opulent, and you may be able to enjoy the fruits of your shared work. Take a vacation with your partner or love interest. Enjoy a weekend away and indulge in each other’s favorite desires and luxuries.

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Upright Money & Career

When the Empress appears in a money and career reading, you can expect growth and success. The Empress shows increased fortune and career expansion. You may get a promotion or succeed in business.

A powerful, caring woman in your career or industry may take you under her wing and help you succeed in your career path. You may become more successful and stable financially because of a gift from your mother or a mother figure.

When the Empress appears in a money and career reading, abundance blossoms; you manifest your desires and can attract success and opportunities.

Projects you’ve been working on in the past come to fruition. You may be able to stand out from the crowd as a nurturing leader. Your relationships are essential to career growth and success now.

When the Empress appears beside the World tarot, you may make a drastic change in your career leading to success. You have gone as far as possible in your current job, and it’s time to advance to a new career.

When combined with the Magician tarot card, the Empress tarot advice is to embrace creativity and work on manifesting new opportunities. You can advance when these cards appear in a career and money reading.

Upright Health

The Empress is one of the most positive tarot cards you can select in a health reading. The Empress suggests vitality, growth, health, and strength. The Empress tarot card indicates a healthy pregnancy and delivery for expecting people.

When the Empress appears upright in a health reading, you can relax and enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Your strength and health are solid, even if you miss a few days at the gym.

You can relax with strict diet routines and reduce stress. Enjoy your favorite activities. Gentle exercise is preferred to intense workouts when the Empress appears.

Like all tarot card meanings, the Empress can relate to literal and symbolic events. You may be fertile with new ideas and creativity or you may become pregnant when the Empress appears in a health reading.

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Upright Spirituality

When the Empress appears in a spirituality reading, you have a link to your spiritual source when you are in nature. You can find it easier to find peace and serenity on a retreat.

Go into the woods and unwind for a weekend. Pay attention to your body as you may receive messages from Spirit through somatic experiences.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and other movement-based methods of grounding yourself are favored when the Empress appears in a spiritual reading. You may find greater comfort in Goddess spirituality and seek nurturing spiritual routines.

Reversed General Meaning

When the Empress tarot card appears reversed, you are tempted to indulge in your favorite vices. You may take nurturing to an extreme and smother others with affection and attention.

Your relationships can become too controlling when the Empress is reversed. You must try to regain perspective and find balance and grounding. You judge others based on status and trappings of power but may make careless choices as you network.

You can be careless in general, becoming lackadaisical and throwing caution to the wind so you can enjoy your favorite things. You may not consider the consequences of overindulgence when the Empress is reversed.

You may also become obsessed with money and material wealth. Rather than nurturing others and sharing your wealth and abundance, you may hold back and become stingy and frugal when the Empress tarot card appears.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Empress tarot is reversed in a love reading, you can miss an opportunity to connect with someone because of suspicions and trust issues. You may be too picky about sharing and turn off prospective lovers.

You may judge people on appearances alone, and your relationships suffer because of your short-sightedness during this time. The Empress reversed can also indicate withholding affection and love.

Your relationship may need work as you are holding back and missing opportunities to connect emotionally. You can limit your prospects in romance because you’re trying too hard to protect your sensitive nature.

Reversed Money & Career

When the Empress card appears reversed in a money and career reading, you may have to work to find growth opportunities. You may resist change and growth, and this stifles your income.

You may be too narrow in your approach to your career. The Empress card is about being comfortable and confident with your power. When this card is reversed, you may feel insecure about your career or have big shoes to fill.

You may also have to work with a boss or mentor who is withholding and micromanaging. You aren’t being given all the resources you need to accomplish your goals, but with creativity and patience, you can succeed anyway.

Money management is challenging when the Empress card appears reversed in a reading. You may overspend because you can’t say no to others. You may hold on too tight to money and miss lucrative investments.

Your discretion is off because of insecurities and fears. Money-related anxieties can lead you to make hasty decisions and make blunders in investing and financial matters.

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Reversed Health

When the Empress appears reversed in a health reading your overindulging catches up with you. You are going too far to the extreme to find pleasure and luxuries.

A rich diet, a lackadaisical lifestyle, and a carefree attitude toward self-care routines are not sustainable. The Empress reversed reminds you to balance luxuries and self-discipline.

You are putting your health at risk by dismissing red flags and being too generous. You may overestimate your limits and undermine healthy routines when the Empress appears reversed.

Reversed Spirituality

When the Empress tarot card appears reversed in a spirituality reading, you favor material comforts and mundane matters and neglect spiritual wisdom. You are working too hard and becoming disconnected from nature.

The Empress reversed suggests you focus on money and material wealth and lose your sense of purpose. You can find it difficult to see beyond the here and now and may not feel grounded and secure.

The Empress reversed can also indicate you are missing opportunities to nurture your spiritual needs. You are taking work too seriously and getting lost in tedious tasks that don’t fulfill you.

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