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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning (Growth & Alienation)

Updated January 7, 2023
The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning (Growth & Alienation)

The Hermit Tarot card signifies wisdom and development. The Hermit finds answers without being influenced by others.

Although the Hermit is considered solitary, the card denotes a mentor with an unconventional perspective.

The Hermit tarot card indicates growth in solitude. Retreat from everyday distractions and tune in to higher wisdom.

Take a break from routines when the Hermit appears. Too many conflicting opinions confuse you. Take time to get away and analyze your situation.

The Hermit tarot card reminds you to be discreet about whose influence you follow. Your analytical nature guides you through a confusing time.

The Hermit Tarot Card
UprightWise Guidance, Autonomy, Growth
ReversedZealotry, Sabotage, Alienation
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number9
Zodiac SignVirgo

Common Symbolism

The Hermit Tarot card portrays an old man with a long beard. The Hermit is dressed in a robe and stands at the top of a mountain looking down.

He holds a lantern over the edge of a mountain as if waiting to serve as a guide. Tarot lore suggests the Hermit lights the way for the Fool, who is not depicted but is climbing up the mountain.

Thus, the Hermit tarot card symbolism suggests seeking guidance from an unconventional source or a journey for truth. The Hermit tarot card symbolism has appeared on rock album covers, clothes, and jewelry.

The Hermit tarot card scene is portrayed at night, suggesting you must work through confusion and ignorance to find enlightenment. The Hermit tarot has evolved to take different forms.

Yet the archetype maintains some common symbolism. The Hermit is usually on the outskirts of town or in rugged terrain, symbolizing the effort needed to find wisdom and truth.

The Hermit as a quasi-religious or mysterious figure is consistent. Most variations of the Hermit tarot card show a figure holding a light, torch, or lantern to find truth and inspire others.

Upright General Meaning

The Hermit tarot card portends a period of isolation or alienation from the mainstream. Yet rather than feeling disconnected, this time apart from the crowd serves as a time for growth and evolution.

Take a hiatus from your normal routines. A journey away from your comfort zone helps you develop wisdom and new insight. Standard answers no longer suffice, you’re on a quest to find greater meaning.

Unconventional gurus and leaders can offer new solutions when the Hermit appears. Be mindful of whose lead you follow. Use discretion when placing trust in influencers and guides.

Your instincts and intuition compel you to take a new path. You must be open to learning from those with experience. The voice of wisdom may come from an esoteric, unusual source.

The Hermit portends an ideal time to follow ancient wisdom and blend esoteric and practical guidance. You sense something is not right and expert opinions may not work for you. Find answers by stepping away from the crowd.

Avoid using the Hermit tarot for yes or no questions. The Hermit does not offer concrete answers to this type of question. Instead, the Hermit suggests you need time for contemplation and introspection.

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Upright Love & Relationships

When the Hermit tarot card appears in love, don’t panic. You aren’t destined to be alone. Yet the Hermit tarot card in love suggests you are too entangled in a relationship.

You are losing perspective and sacrificing your identity in romance. Take time to yourself when the Hermit tarot card appears. Time away from a love interest can help you find answers and see a situation.

The Hermit tarot card doesn’t mean the relationship must end. Yet it indicates a quest for understanding and a need for boundaries and independence. Don’t let a partner take too much influence over your decisions and priorities.

When the Hermit card appears with the World tarot or the Tower tarot card, your relationship is in jeopardy of ending.

Yet when the Hermit appears with the Lovers or other cards favorable for romance, time apart heals your relationship.

When this card appears when you are single, the Hermit tarot advice is to work on yourself first.

You’re making progress on your quest for love, yet you must work through an obstacle and get on solid ground individually first.

Upright Money & Career

When the Hermit appears in money and career reading, going against the grain benefits your professional growth and financial matters. You can succeed in your career by carving a unique path and trusting your instincts.

Self-employment or independent contract work leads to success when the Hermit appears in a career reading. The Hermit reminds you to take an unconventional and personal path to success.

You may have unique needs in your career, such as a personalized schedule. The Hermit encourages you to seek a career path that matches your ideals and spiritual beliefs.

Step back and analyze your budget and spending habits when the Hermit appears. Devise a new strategy that meets your financial needs rather than following the crowd.

Trust your intuition regarding financial investments. Popular advice doesn’t work for you when the Hermit appears. Step away from the crowd so you can learn from your wisdom. Be selective about the advice you follow.

Upright Health

The Hermit tarot card in a health reading means you are overdue for a break. Mounting stress is taking a toll on your health. Time away from routines can be restorative.

The Hermit shows a solitary quest to find health and recovery. You may have injuries or symptoms of illnesses not resolved by conventional medicine.

Alternative practitioners can lead you to restore and improve your health. Yet the Hermit also cautions you not to put your trust in just anyone. Use your rational skills to discern what practices are best for you.

When the Hermit appears with the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, your recovery takes an unusual path. Your road to health includes surprises, and you must take charge of your health, being assertive rather than passive.

Upright Spirituality

The Hermit tarot card in a spirituality tarot reading means it’s time to retreat away from mundane distractions. You may connect with your spiritual source through an intentional vacation.

Your spiritual quest requires more attention. Looking to the past helps you find answers to questions about your purpose and mission. Unusual gurus or leaders influence your spiritual path.

You can empower your spiritual growth by enjoying a period of solitude. Turn off your phone, unplug, and de-stress when the Hermit appears in a tarot reading on spirituality.

The Hermit tarot combined with the Moon tarot suggests a spiritual retreat is in order involving intense introspection and reflection. You must figure out what path to take and gain wisdom and insight in the month ahead.

Reversed General Meaning

The Hermit tarot reversed is similar to the meaning of the Strength card. When the Hermit tarot is reversed, you face obstacles and challenges on your quest.

You aren’t missing out. Instead, the tests and lessons intensify because you must work harder to break free from distractions and find your truth. The Hermit reversed indicates it is now harder to find the truth amidst illusions.

The Hermit reversed appears when you’ve misplaced trust. Sharpen your discernment, judgment is needed when the Hermit appears reversed. You may be too eager to believe what others tell you and must be more analytical.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Hermit tarot card reversed in a love reading means you’re making hasty and unwise decisions in your relationships. You are too eager to make your partner happy and are losing independence.

Establish boundaries in your relationships when the Hermit appears reversed. You may not have enough downtime to recharge. You may exhaust yourself by committing to too many social engagements.

The reversed Hermit tarot card in family readings suggests you are moving too fast and missing clues from your intuition. Slow down and pay attention to your needs.

The Hermit tarot card zodiac is Virgo, and when this card is reversed, you must focus on solidifying schedules and routines. Analyze a situation based on what is best for you. Don’t let others pressure you into a decision.

Reversed Money & Career

The Hermit reversed in money and career reading suggests you must change your strategy. You have been listening to guidance that doesn’t align with your goals.

Your career won’t progress unless you become more strategic about your plans. You must take the time to evaluate what your quest is teaching you. Expand and grow with the times rather than holding on to past expectations.

Reversed Health

The Hermit tarot card reversed in reading on health suggests you’re burning out but ignoring red flags. You must slow down and take time for self-care.

Recovery and wellness require rest and isolation. You must break away from routines and reduce distractions. Focus on yourself; your quest now requires aligning physical and emotional needs.

Your health may be suffering because of overwork and too much stress. A sabbatical in the woods or a peaceful healing retreat can help you rest and restore your energy.

Reversed Spirituality

The Hermit tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading indicates misleading information. Avoid trusting people who have a hidden agenda. You may fall for illusions because some use the trappings of spirituality to offer false hope.

When the Hermit appears reversed, your analytical and rational nature must align with your intuition. Your spiritual quest brings you into contact with ineffective leaders.

Trust your intuition and intellect to help you determine who to follow. You may be too eager to put faith in manipulative people when the Hermit appears reversed in a spirituality reading.