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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning (Romance & Manipulation)

Updated May 17, 2023

The Lovers tarot card is complicated. The Lovers pertains to relationships but is not always about romantic love.

The Lovers card offers lessons on the path to creating a partnership. The Lovers speaks to relationships of all kinds.

The Lovers tarot card meaning has more to do with creating balance and harmony in relationships rather than finding love. This card can appear in romance readings.

When the Lovers tarot appears in a reading, you must work on collaborating with a partner. Avoid controlling and micromanaging relationships.

The Lovers tarot guides you to find people who balance your strengths and limitations. Your perspective expands because of insight from others.

The Lovers Tarot Card
UprightCollaboration, Balance, Romance
ReversedCodependency, Control, Manipulation
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number6
Zodiac SignGemini

Common Symbolism

The Lovers tarot card symbolism stems from biblical lore and the Garden of Eden. A woman and man stand touching or holding hands, and a serpent is depicted near a tree.

In most versions of the tarot, the Lovers stand beneath the gaze of an angel, Raphael. The Lovers are depicted nude in most tarot decks, and a bright Sun shines down on them from the background.

Modern variations on the Lovers tarot card include a couple entwined in each others’ arms or other passionate stances. Yet this undermines the symbolism of the original archetype.

The Lovers represent independence and the ability to remain grounded in relationships. Though the Lovers work together and combine their opposing talents, they don’t lose themselves in the relationship and maintain separate identities.

The Lovers tarot card tattoo reminds you of the need for balance and independence in relationships. The Lovers’ artwork symbolizes the relationship between a spiritual source and other people. You must keep a balance and nurture both relationships.

In modern Lovers tarot symbolism, this significance is gone when the Lovers are enmeshed. The symbolism suggests romance, love, and passion, yet it doesn’t portray one of the essential aspects of the Lovers archetype.

Autonomy and freedom to be yourself while also maintaining a relationship is the symbolism of the original Lovers tarot card. The meaning is echoed when compared to the Devil card.

The Devil is considered a distortion of the Lovers both in imagery and in meaning. The Devil mirrors the Lover’s symbolism, but the figure of Baphomet or a Devil stands on a pedestal where the angel Raphael stands in the Lovers.

The couple in the Devil card is chained to the pedestal beneath the Devil symbolizing their loss of autonomy. The Lovers tarot card number is six, while the Devil tarot card number is fifteen, which reduces to six.

Upright General Meaning

The Lovers tarot card teaches you to be cautious about your independence and individual needs when developing relationships. Your connection to others stems from balancing your strengths with your partner’s weaknesses.

The Lovers tarot card represents the synergy between partners who are already independent, fulfilled, and self-assured, yet seek partnerships to accentuate their lives. The Lovers reminds you of the adage love yourself first if you’re looking for a partner.

The Lovers avoid neediness. The Lovers tarot card indicates the need for a complete and fulfilling life. Seek a partner to complement your purpose, not to provide completion.

The Lovers tarot in a yes or no reading usually indicates an affirmative response. If you ask a yes or no question related to a partnership, the Lovers answer is a yes, with the condition that you don’t lose yourself in the relationship.

The Lovers tarot guides you to be content with yourself instead of expecting a relationship to make you happy. When the Lovers tarot appears, self-care is as important as looking for a partner.

The Lovers tarot card astrology relates to the sign of Gemini. You may attract a Gemini partner or find your spiritual twin in a relationship soon.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Lovers tarot in love focuses this archetype on romantic relationships specifically. When the Lovers tarot appears in a romance reading, your romantic relationship is in good shape.

You’re already in a healthy, balanced, understanding relationship or headed for this type of relationship. The Lovers tarot meaning for singles suggests you will meet someone who impacts your life.

The Lovers tarot card may indicate you’re going to meet a soulmate soon. You can meet someone who changes your life and brings out your strengths.

Your partnership or future partnership is based on supporting each other’s gifts and highest potential when the Lovers tarot card appears. Your partner is instrumental to your growth and evolution with the Lovers tarot card drawing in a reading.

Upright Money & Career

The Lovers tarot card in money and career reading encourages partnerships and collaborations. Your romantic partner may influence your career and help you succeed professionally.

You can find a balance between your romantic relationship and career when the Lovers appears. The Lovers tarot card education from a peer in your profession who complements your strengths and knowledge is warranted.

Your finances get a boost with a partner who helps promote your work or contributes to your investments. Shared finances help maintain balance in your romantic and practical life.

Upright Health

The Lovers tarot card in a health reading suggests you have support from a partner or friend. Your health is stable when the Lovers tarot card appears.

If you have struggled with health in the past, your health will improve. You must maintain balance and allow your partner, friends, and other supports to help you.

The most vulnerable area to be mindful of when the Lovers tarot card appears is the lungs. Keep toxins out of your environment and be mindful of the need for fresh air when the Lovers appear in a health reading.

Upright Spirituality

When the Lovers card appears upright in a spirituality reading, you are encouraged to find spiritual fulfillment within yourself so you can strive toward your highest potential with the support of your partner. Your relationships can nurture spiritual growth.

You may have spiritual insights and awakenings due to your connection with a partner. Your collaborations with a partner help you open your mind to new beliefs.

You may attract spiritual practices and experiences related to partnerships and sexuality, such as Tantra. Your partnership may be a source of spiritual guidance when the Lovers tarot card appears.

Reversed General Meaning

The Lovers tarot card reversed suggests you are losing balance and perspective in your relationships. You may give a partner too much power and lose yourself in a relationship.

Your relationship can be a source of stress, and you may give too much deference to others. Don’t abdicate responsibility, and be careful not to become dependent on your partners or friends when the Lovers appear reversed.

The Lovers tarot card appears reversed; you must work on establishing boundaries. You may be trying too hard to accomplish your goals. Be open to allowing others to help you succeed.

The Lovers tarot reversed followed by the Chariot tarot card suggests a long path ahead. Work through conflicting desires and sort out insecurities and toxic beliefs before restoring a relationship.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Lovers tarot card reversed in love readings suggests a healthy relationship is becoming distorted by neediness and insecurities. Jealousy, possessiveness, and codependency threaten your relationship.

With the reversed Lovers tarot reconciliation is possible. The Lovers tarot card can be a positive sign for growth, healing, and resilience.

Although someone from your past returns and you have a chance to resolve your differences, the Lovers tarot reversed indicates work is needed to repair the relationship. You can’t take a passive stance in relationships.

Work to heal a relationship and resolve past wounds and strengthen your foundation. Your partnership has potential, but you must create balance and harmony rather than continuing the status quo.

Reversed Money & Career

The Lovers tarot card reversed in money and career reading suggests a lack of balance and harmony among colleagues or business partners. Your romantic relationship may interfere with your career growth now.

Pay attention to boundaries as you must restore harmony and a collaborative spirit to relationships that are out of balance. Your career is affected by relationships sliding into toxic patterns, whether these relationships are with family members, a partner, or your colleagues.

You may have the same problems repeating in relationships across the board when the Lovers tarot appears reversed. Poor boundaries and people-pleasing are hurting your prospects; this stems from difficulty asserting yourself and collaborating with others.

Work on boundaries, independence, and autonomy. Your relationships will improve. Work relationships and relationships that have undermined your financial stability will benefit from you breaking people-pleasing patterns.

Reversed Health

The Lovers card reversed in a health reading suggests you are falling away from routines that helped preserve your health and wellness. You may be responding to others’ needs and undermining your health.

People-pleasing and codependency in your relationships cause stress and take valuable energy and time away from your needs. Strive for balance in your relationships so you can resume your healthy routines.

A partner, friend, or family member is making demands that take away from your stability and security. Your health may suffer because you are giving too much and not enjoying a reciprocal relationship with someone taking a lot of your focus.

Reversed Spirituality

The Lovers card reversed in a spirituality reading is similar to the appearance of the Devil tarot card. You are becoming too focused on the trappings of spiritual growth or the superficial aspects of partnerships.

Your relationship may lack depth and your pursuit of love may lead you to undermine your spiritual practices and beliefs. Step away from a partnership to gain perspective. You may need to work to break patterns of codependency and neediness.

Your spiritual connection is being undermined by an obsession with a partner, friend, or love interest. You may become disillusioned or misguided because you are misinterpreting signals and confusing wishful thinking with intuition, especially in matters of romance.

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