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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Illusion & Insecurities)

Updated September 2, 2023

The Moon tarot card meaning relates to cycles, seasons, changes, and illusions. The Moon illuminates hidden subconscious desires.

When the Moon card appears, you may have to sort through illusions. Be patient and trust your instincts.

The Moon tarot card is a reminder of your mystical quest. When the Moon tarot card appears, you’re not dealing with mundane matters but also with spiritual guidance.

Your quest deepens when the Moon appears in a tarot reading. Your instincts guide you to changes within a month.

The Moon also speaks to your deeper feelings and subconscious desires. Emotional ups and downs are likely when the Moon tarot card appears.

The Moon Tarot Card
UprightIllusion, Nurturing, Subconscious
ReversedDelusions, Fantasies, Insecurities
Yes or NoMaybe
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number18
Zodiac SignPisces / Cancer

Common Symbolism

The Moon tarot card echoes imagery from other cards, including the High Priestess tarot, the Hierophant, and Justice. A large Moon is in the night sky.

In the distance, two pillars represent a decision between two paths or a need for balance. The pillars are watchtowers with windows near the top, suggesting a broad view rather than paying attention to details.

Vision, perspective, and what is visible versus what is hidden is a theme for the Moon tarot card. A path runs through the scene, symbolizing your spiritual quest.

A dog sits howling at the Moon on one side of the path while a wolf or coyote mirrors the dog’s actions on the other side. The Moon tarot number is eighteen, which reduces to nine. The number nine connects the Moon to the Hermit in tarot.

Along the foreground, a river flows. A creature resembling a lobster, crayfish, or crab, emerges from the water. The Moon’s symbolism is dualistic.

The Moon tarot card symbols suggest a fine line between wilderness and civilization. The thin veil separates emotion from reason, logic from desire, and passion.

The wolf and the dog symbolize wild instincts triggered by the full Moon. The creature crawling out of the river symbolizes deep emotional and unconscious longings coming to the surface.

The Moon tarot tattoo reminds you of your intuitive gifts. The art associated with the Moon tarot encourages you to blend practical and spiritual wisdom.

The Moon tarot characteristics match the symbolism on this card. When the Moon appears, you must navigate nebulous, confusing choices. There is no clear right or wrong answer.

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Upright General Meaning

The Moon tarot card meaning relates to discerning truth from illusion. When the Moon appears in a reading; things aren’t black and white. You can’t tell which path is the best.

Your insecurities masquerade as intuition and logic are suppressed by powerful emotions. You may find it difficult to discern what you want because of conflicting feelings and drives. The Moon challenges you to sit with uncomfortable feelings.

Uncertainty is the tone of the Moon card. You don’t have all the information you need to make a rational decision. You can follow your instincts, but ensure you aren’t falling for tricks of your subconscious mind.

The best action is to go deeper into your feelings and pay attention to your desires and fears. If possible, don’t make life-altering decisions when the Moon card appears.

You’re still collecting information. Dig deep into your subconscious, but don’t ignore rationality. Be open to new information, but wait until all facts are established.

Don’t let knee-jerk reactions take hold of your decision-making process. When the Moon appears in a tarot reading, work through emotional reactions and master your feelings. Don’t ignore emotional wisdom, but don’t take them at face value.

The Moon tarot in yes or no readings don’t align. The Moon is a card of gradual revelations. Rather than a yes or no answer, the Moon indicates more information is needed before making a decision.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Moon tarot in love shows the potential to feel restless and agitated. A partner gets under your skin, and you don’t feel secure about your love life, but you may not be able to identify why.

The Moon tarot guides you to shed light on a problem brewing beneath the surface but doesn’t fully illuminate all the details. Your quest when the Moon appears is to piece together clues from your logical mind and intuition.

Don’t jump to conclusions and make accusations. Your jealous, suspicious nature is triggered now. Only time will tell if your intuition is spot on or you are projecting fears onto your relationship.

Pay attention to your instincts, and don’t take everything a partner tells you to heart without verifying the truth. Actions must carry more weight than words when the Moon card appears in a love reading.

You placed your trust in someone unreliable. Red flags warrant your attention. Be open to cues but don’t make bold moves yet. Let a month go by as you investigate the source of your restless feelings.

The Moon tarot followed by the World indicates a period of reflection before an eventual breakthrough. Your choices in the coming month can make or break a relationship.

The Moon followed by the Sun tarot indicates a positive change after a month passes. You may reconcile or advance to greater happiness in a relationship.

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Upright Money & Career

When the Moon appears in a career and money reading, it is often a time marker. You may have a month to wait to hear about the outcome of a job interview or promotion.

The next Full Moon brings news of a change related to your work or financial situation. You may hear rumors at work, but don’t buy into the negative talk. Look for legitimate information before reacting.

You may feel unfulfilled by your current work, but a change of scenery is not on the horizon yet. The Moon tarot card encourages you to ease into a new career path over time, don’t make sudden moves based on emotion or reactionary decisions.

Impulsive spending can undermine your finances now. Avoid making decisions based on fantasies and wishes. Keep unnecessary spending to a minimum now; a repair or expense related to the home is likely in the coming month.

Upright Health

The Moon tarot card appears in a health reading to indicate you must pay attention to new symptoms or changes to your health, but don’t panic. When red flags surface, investigate their source but don’t jump to conclusions.

Your mental health may be vulnerable when the Moon tarot appears. Addictions, obsessions, and illusions can threaten your mental stability. Relying too much on a fantasy coming true can lead you down the wrong path.

When the Moon appears in a health reading, restore balance and try to bring spirituality and practical interests into alignment. You may be giving in to suspicions and paranoia when the Moon appears.

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Upright Spirituality

Like many major arcana cards, the Moon card has inherent spiritual meanings. When the Moon tarot appears in a spirituality reading, you are more intuitive than usual.

Work on fine-tuning your intuition. Pay attention to your dreams as they may be prophetic. Learn the language of symbolism when the Moon appears. Your intuition may be strong, but you must understand how to interpret your instincts.

Pay attention to the cycles of the Moon. When the Moon tarot appears, you can grow spiritually by studying Lunar deities and even the role of the Moon in your natal chart.

Reversed General Meaning

The Moon tarot card reversed has a similar meaning to the upright card because the initial meaning of this archetype relates to sorting through the confusion. Reversed, the Moon tarot card indicates losing connection to reality.

You are going too far into illusions when the Moon is reversed. Fantasies and wishful thinking cloud your judgment. You are missing intuitive clues because you are distracted by delusions and anxieties.

When the Moon is reversed, pay attention to stress and anxiety. Your mental health may suffer because of a stressful situation or prolonged pressure. You must work to regain balance and perspective.

Suppressed feelings come to the surface. The more you try to ignore red flags in the past, the more intense your current feelings will be. The Moon reversed brings deep, buried emotions to the surface.

The Moon card followed by the Judgement tarot indicates a prolonged path. You must follow your instincts through a confusing period and allow more information to surface before making a decision.

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Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Moon is reversed in a love and romance reading, you must work through confusion and deception in a relationship. You haven’t been willing to see a situation clearly, and ignorance backfires now.

Be realistic about the limitations of a relationship. The Moon appears reversed to encourage you to follow reason and logic, not just emotion, in affairs of the heart.

Someone from your past may resurface. You may think their re-emergence is a dream come true, yet there are complicated issues to work through. Don’t make commitments now.

Reversed Money & Career

When the Moon tarot appears reversed in a career reading, you must take stock of assumptions. You are trying to advance without setting a solid foundation. Without the proper resources, you are likely to undermine your success.

This is an important time for you to balance your desires for growth and intuitive instincts. You may be getting ahead of yourself without realizing it. Hopes and fantasies aren’t enough to support your goals.

Be realistic about practical limitations when the Moon appears reversed. You can still accomplish your goals but you must ground yourself and be realistic.

When the Moon appears with the Devil tarot, you may be chasing ambitions that are out of alignment with your larger ideals and goals. Find a balance between professional and personal needs.

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Reversed Health

Your health may suffer because you are not facing facts and undermining your recovery and wellness. The Moon card reversed in a health reading suggests you must be careful not to jump to conclusions.

Assumptions about your security and stability can lead to stress and anxiety. Projecting your fears and living in the future can lead you to neglect your health. Your mental health can also suffer because of increased insecurities.

Recovery and wellness require you to find perspective. Don’t let knee-jerk reactions and intense emotions lead you off-course. This is an important time for you to remain grounded.

Reversed Spirituality

Your spiritual quest is thwarted by illusions and grandiosity when the Moon card appears reversed. Fantasies, insecurities, and distorted beliefs interfere with your ability to see the truth.

Balance rationality with intuition. You may be distracted looking for signs and synchronicities and miss intuitive signals. Your spiritual path requires balance.

Avoid letting your quest for deeper meaning lead you down a path of delusions. Test your instincts and premonitions against rationality and realism. You may be trying too hard to experience breakthroughs.

Find a community of like-minded spiritual seekers. Trying too hard to develop intuition and wisdom in a vacuum can lead you to make grandiose assumptions.

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