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The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Enlightenment & Impatience)

Published November 15, 2022
The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Enlightenment & Impatience)

The Star tarot card has spiritual significance. The Star tarot represents your wishes and ideals.

When the Star tarot card appears, your dreams will come true. Be patient and continue your steady effort toward success.

The Star tarot card meaning relates to inspiration, epiphanies, and ideals. When the Star tarot appears, you have unexpected breakthroughs and can make progress on your goals.

Your wishes come true when the Star tarot card appears. Yet your path to success is slow. The Star tarot encourages you to find the right combination of intuition and instinct.

Balance emotion and motivation when the Star tarot appears. Be open to new ideas related to breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles.

The Star Tarot Card
UprightEnlightenment, Ideals, Wish-Fulfillment
ReversedDelayed Success, Impatience, Misguided
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number17
Zodiac SignAquarius

Common Symbolism

The Star tarot card has many layers of symbolism. The card’s number is seventeen, which reduces to eight. A large star is surrounded by seven smaller stars, eight in all.

The large star has eight points. Eight is associated with infinity, power, and mysticism; eight relates to psychic development, spiritual attunement, and transformation.

A nude woman kneels by a small pond pouring water into the pond from a pitcher with her right hand. She has another jug of water in her left hand, this one pouring water onto the ground.

The symbolism of the woman pouring water into a pond relates to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The Star card corresponds to Aquarius and innovation, inspiration, and breakthroughs.

The woman kneels on the ground, right foot hovering over the pond. The imagery relates to the Temperance card, also ruled by Aquarius, in which the figure stands with one foot on the ground and the other foot entering the water.

The symbolism of these cards relates to being attuned to both practical matters and spiritual and intuitive realms. When the Star tarot appears, you walk in the mundane world with attunement to the spiritual world.

The water poured onto the land and into the pond shows the importance of nurturing your practical goals and dreams. The Star tarot reminds you to balance your earthly and spiritual growth.

The Star tarot card tattoo reminds you to be optimistic and keep hope alive. The artwork from the Star card is also an ideal focal point for a meditation on transformation and growth.

Upright General Meaning

The Star tarot card meaning relates to hope and optimism. Your wishes will come true if you continue nurturing your dreams. The Star tarot card affirms you are on the right path.

When the Star tarot card appears, have faith. The Universe is blessing you with surprises and synchronicities align to help guide you to success. The Star is a positive omen portending destiny and the pursuit of your highest potential.

Stars help sailors navigate, and the Star tarot card meaning represents this type of guidance through difficult times. You have a beacon to follow when the Star tarot card appears.

The Star tarot card suggests you have many esoteric helpers. Pay attention to guidance and messages that initially appear coincidental. You may have lucky breaks along your path but act on these opportunities.

The Star tarot guides you to act on epiphanies and breakthroughs. You are inspired to put new ideas into action, and you may play an instrumental role in helping others awaken to new ideas and perspectives when the Star appears.

The Star tarot in yes or no readings affirms the best outcome. If you ask a yes or no question related to growth, breakthroughs, advancement, and wish fulfillment, the answer is yes.

The Moon tarot followed by the Star tarot card indicates that vague signs and clues lead you through a confusing process. Take your time and sort truth from illusion, and you’ll succeed.

When the Star follows the Tower tarot, you inevitably make the most of a crisis. Though you feel stifled, you succeed in the end.

A dramatic change disrupts your security, but you end up in a better situation that brings you closer to your dreams. Have faith, and surpass your wildest dreams even amidst a crisis.

The Star tarot is accentuated by the Sun tarot. When the Sun follows the Star, your dreams come true, and success, achievement, and confidence are likely.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Star tarot in love shows ideal growth in a relationship. The Star tarot meaning in love indicates you will soon meet the partner you desire.

An existing relationship improves. You have breakthroughs in your romantic relationships and can heal a relationship with attention and effort. Nurture your intellectual and emotional connection.

An unusual, independent, and spiritual person impacts your life when the Star appears in relationships. You may meet a friend or romantic partner who introduces you to new ideas.

Your partner supports your spiritual growth. You can become more insightful about an issue in your love life and work to overcome obstacles. The Star shows growth and development in your romantic life.

Upright Money & Career

The Star tarot meaning money and career shows growth and success in the long run. You are on the right track but be patient; your effort pays off; don’t expect instant gratification.

The Star tarot card in a career reading indicates you are setting the stage for breakthroughs and growth. Training and practice lead you to branch out in new directions that lead to career success.

Networking based on instinct and intuition leads to powerful connections when the Star tarot card appears. Chance encounters can be synchronistic, helping you expand your horizon and improve your chances of success.

The Star tarot card shows financial growth and success in improving your finances. Unexpected changes create new opportunities for financial growth; following your instincts and interests leads to financial gain now.

Upright Health

The Star tarot card indicates breakthroughs and insights that promote your health and well-being. Your recovery grows, and you may regain strength and fitness after a difficult time.

The Star bodes well for growth, health, stability, and strength. You are on the right path to discovering new ideas that help you improve your health. Follow your instincts and be open to trying new things.

You may have a breakthrough as you find the source of a health issue or symptoms. You can become more informed on health matters when the Star appears. A holistic approach to health is needed now.

Upright Spirituality

The Star is a spiritual card by nature. You are encouraged to find guidance from your spiritual source and be attuned to your higher purpose.

When the Star appears in a spirituality reading; you recognize your higher purpose. You find new enlightenment and inspiration to pursue your goals.

When you select the Star in a spirituality reading, prepare for a period of insights, enlightenment, and epiphanies. Your faith is empowered, and you can find the inspiration to make new moves toward your goals.

Reversed General Meaning

When the Star tarot card appears reversed in a reading, you lose hope and perspective. You may feel frustrated with a long journey. Avoid the temptation to give up hope on your goals.

You are on the path toward success but must work to get through a slump. Be patient when the Star is reversed. You may miss opportunities because of cynicism or narrow-mindedness.

When the Star appears reversed, work on overcoming obstacles to recognize your opportunities. Restore faith and optimism. Work on adjusting your perspective to avoid missing the success you deserve.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Star tarot card reversed in love, and romance reading indicates a rupture in your connection with a partner. You may feel disillusioned and question your relationship.

The Star reversed doesn’t indicate a need to give up on a relationship. You may be giving up on a relationship rather than working through a challenging time. Rather than giving up, keep working to repair the bond with your partner.

If you are single and the Star tarot card appears reversed in readings on love, you may feel like nothing is working and worry you’ll be single forever. Have faith in yourself and project your ideals and talents.

You can attract love and will meet the person you’ve been waiting for but it will take more time than you expected. Keep your mind open to meeting a love interest in an unusual setting.

Reversed Money & Career

The Star tarot card reversed in money, and career reading suggests hiccups and disruptions to your career growth. You are on the way to developing new connections that help your career.

Be patient, as you may feel like your progress is in limbo. But you are on the way to progressing in your career. Your wishes and ideals come to fruition, but the manifestation process is lengthy.

Your talents, optimism, and willingness help you grow professionally. Keep your mind open and nurture your professional network. Groups of like-minded people can be your key to career growth.

Your finances may appear stagnant when the Star tarot card appears reversed. Be patient with the process of financial growth. Although you may seem to hit a dead end, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

Efforts to improve your finances will pay off, but success stagnates because of unexpected twists and turns. Be open to making the most of unusual opportunities that help you earn money or maximize investments.

Reversed Health

When the Star tarot card appears reversed in a health reading, you can find it challenging to be patient and optimistic. You may be going through health changes and symptoms that are unresolved.

A chronic illness or recovery process takes a toll on your emotional and spiritual health. Work on gaining balance and perspective. Your faith is challenged because of a slow recovery process.

Put effort into restoring hope and faith. The more open-minded you are the better your chances of finding new solutions to health issues. A holistic approach to recovery and wellness is needed.

Reversed Spirituality

When the Star tarot card appears reversed in a spirituality reading your faith is tested. Something you want seems out of reach.

If you remain faithful, optimistic, and open-minded, you’ve passed the test and will be surprised to find unusual opportunities that promote your growth and manifestation process. Avoid despair; your optimism helps you recognize opportunities.

Creativity and imagination help you find your way out of a difficult situation. Your instincts and intuition can help guide you if you pay attention to your spiritual routines and beliefs.