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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning (Leadership & Pride)

Updated January 7, 2023
The Sun Tarot Card Meaning (Leadership & Pride)

The Sun tarot card is the most fortunate of all the tarot cards. Amidst conflicts and challenges, the Sun is the best card you can get.

The Sun portends success, blessing your situation and granting luck and hope.

The Sun tarot card helps bring light and positivity into your life. When the Sun tarot appears in a reading, lucky breaks help you succeed.

Your life will improve when the Sun tarot card appears in a reading. Your work leads to promotion, growth, and success.

You may feel optimistic, childlike, and excited when the Sun tarot card appears in a reading. Your strength is enhanced when this good omen appears.

The Sun Tarot Card
UprightSuccess, Achievement, Leadership
ReversedDelayed Success, Grandiosity, Pride
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number19
Zodiac SignLeo

Common Symbolism

The Sun tarot card contains rich symbolism. The Sun tarot card number nineteen reduces to ten and then one. The symbolism of number one implies beginnings, power, and expression.

The Sun tarot imagery includes a brilliant sun shining on a child riding a white horse. The child’s arms extend in a gesture of excitement and celebration.

The child holds a red flag or banner, and a wall of sunflowers lines the background. The sunflowers echo the positivity and inspiration the Sun symbolizes.

The child rides a white horse, and white and red indicate vitality, power, strength, and conscious awareness. The cheerful colors on the Sun tarot card radiate the positive energy represented by this archetype.

Upright General Meaning

The Sun tarot meaning amplifies luck, charm, and positivity. Whatever you are working on will work out better than expected. Your goals will come to fruition, and your wishes materialize.

When the Sun tarot card appears in reading your luck improves. You get through hardship unscathed and can make the most of a conflict.

You can charm your way through any situation when the Sun tarot card appears. The Sun helps you find success and elicits the strategies that help you win.

A decision works in your favor, you find support and admiration, and you can become a leader and spokesperson for a cause when the Sun tarot card appears in a reading.

The Sun tarot card yes or no always indicates a positive outcome. You have a green light from the Universe and can move forward with your plans when the Sun tarot card appears.

When the Tower tarot appears with the Sun tarot, you can expect a positive turnaround after a period of hardship. The Tower is one of the most challenging tarot cards, while the Sun is the most positive.

The World tarot followed by the Sun card indicates your quest is complete, surpassing your goals. Promotion and positive reinvention are likely.

The Sun tarot guides you to express your full potential. You can find success by sharing your talents. You may be more creative and imaginative when the Sun appears.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The Sun tarot card meaning in love portends attraction, happiness, and celebration in relationships. Your romantic life blossoms and you may thrive with the support of your partner.

The Sun shows a lucky turn of events in love. Your attraction energy radiates and your ideal partner notices. You can find your partner when the Sun tarot appears.

If you are in a troubled relationship, the Sun enhances your connection. A positive milestone like engagement or moving in together is imminent.

The Sun tarot love reading gives you cause for celebration and happiness. You overcome hardships and create harmony and healing with your loved one. Your love life improves when you draw the Sun tarot card.

The Moon tarot followed by the Sun tarot indicates a period of confusion and instability in your relationship leading to celebration and connection. You can overcome possessiveness and jealousy and heal a relationship.

Upright Money & Career

The Sun tarot in money and career reading brings luck and growth. Your talents and creativity impress influential people. Your unique perspective leads to promotion and recognition.

Others admire your strengths, and you may excel in careers related to leadership, entertainment, marketing, public relations, and politics. You can also succeed as an entrepreneur when the Sun tarot appears.

The Sun tarot card related to finance indicates growth and abundance. You can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A risky investment pays off.

The Judgement tarot followed by the Sun indicates a period of introspection resulting in a new awareness of your strengths. New confidence helps propel your career forward.

Upright Health

The Sun tarot card in a health reading shows improvement and strength. You can expect a full recovery from illness. Your stamina and energy are high when the Sun tarot appears.

You may feel carefree and lighthearted when the Sun tarot shows up in a health reading. If you were worried about symptoms, test results are likely favorable.

Your optimistic attitude helps improve your health. You benefit from the support and encouragement of others. The Sun can bring out your best talents and encourage you to make healthy decisions.

The Strength tarot followed by the Sun tarot indicates a period of patience and tests. You must endure challenges that help you align your emotional and physical health.

Upright Spirituality

You are optimistic when the Sun tarot card appears in a spirituality reading. Your positivity is contagious, and you feel genuine fulfillment and happiness.

You feel connected to your spiritual source. Creative acts such as making art and music help you express your unique perspective and spirituality. You can feel more secure and confident.

The Sun in a spirituality reading suggests self-actualization. You recognize your spiritual gifts now and may awaken to new spiritual practices and beliefs.

Reversed General Meaning

The Sun tarot card reversed in a tarot reading doesn’t diminish the power of this positive omen. Even when the Sun card is reversed, it indicates positive outcomes and success.

The reversal of the Sun tarot brings delays and detours. The nuance in a reading with a reversed Sun card is minimal but indicates your achievements are nominally diminished.

The Sun tarot card suggests your wins may be spread over time, delayed, or less than expected. Still, the Sun tarot card indicates a more positive outcome than the alternative.

The Sun tarot reminds you to be graceful and humble. You may be eager to show your strengths and talents, but being grandiose and bragging work against you now.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The path to love and reconciliation may not be as smooth as you expected, but you are still on track to heal a relationship when the Sun tarot card appears. Expect a positive outcome, even if it takes time.

Work on showing confidence and charisma when the Sun is reversed. You aren’t making the most of an opportunity. Reveal your full potential, and your attraction power works in your favor.

The Sun tarot reversed in love indicates a challenging time in romance. Yet celebration and harmony are imminent. Be patient with a partner or love interest.

If you want appreciation and admiration, role model your desires for your partner. Take the lead and pave the way for the kind of relationship you want.

Reversed Money & Career

The Sun tarot reversed in a career, and money reading shows wins may be lower than expected. You may take a financial risk that doesn’t pan out as expected.

The Sun reversed portends career growth delayed or a new opportunity that is less glamorous than you expected. Still, the Sun reversed offers hope and positivity.

You may win in a gamble, but the money you receive is not what you expected. Keep your attitude grateful and positive. You are still on a path to financial growth.

Reversed Health

The Sun tarot reversed suggests health concerns or a scare that turns out favorably. You’ll receive good news about your health after issues arise.

An illness, injury, or health symptoms cause disruption but are not as severe as they could be. You may catch a mild cold instead of the flu or await the results of a test that turns out favorable.

Your health can benefit from a positive attitude, but when the Sun tarot appears reversed you must work to balance positivity and realism. Don’t ignore red flags because you want to remain optimistic.

Reversed Spirituality

The Sun tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading suggests you may lack humility. Your spiritual quest is thwarted by egotistical traits. Work on keeping optimism grounded and maintaining your perspective.

When the Sun tarot card is reversed, you must work on putting your ego needs into perspective. A humbling experience seems like a fall from grace. Yet this is merely a reminder to keep your expectations right-sized.

The Sun tarot card in a spirituality reading suggests too little or too much self-esteem interfering with your serenity. You can reach a more enlightened, peaceful mindset if you work through grandiosity.