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The World Tarot Card Meaning (Completion & Disappointment)

Updated February 22, 2023
The World Tarot Card Meaning (Completion & Disappointment)

The World tarot card meaning is completion, fulfillment, and success. The Fool’s Journey comes full circle when the World appears.

The World tarot indicates initiation, growth, and graduation to new heights; expect to level up when the World tarot appears.

The World Tarot card portends much-awaited completion. Excitement and relief accompany your success now.

When the World appears, the scope of an issue widens. Look at the bigger picture. A resolution addresses several issues.

The World tarot card indicates broad changes and finality. You can find closure when the World tarot card appears in a reading.

The World Tarot Card
UprightCompletion, Fulfillment, Graduation
ReversedPending Growth, Disappointment, Hesitation
Yes or NoYes
ArcanaMajor Arcana
Card Number21
Zodiac SignTaurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius

Common Symbolism

The World tarot card has rich symbolism. The imagery on the World card echoes the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. A nude woman hovers above a globe; she floats in the sky, her elevation representing status.

The woman holds a wand in both hands; a purple sash is draped over her body, further adding to the meaning of completion and success. Purple is associated with royalty and status.

A wreath encircles the woman, this symbolism is reminiscent of laurel wreaths indicating success and victory. The four corners of the World card contain astrological and elemental symbols.

One corner contains an eagle’s head, a lion’s head in another, then a bull’s head, and the head of a human. The symbolism is associated with the signs of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius.

The World tarot zodiac sign meaning is complex. The image includes the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. The eagle is another symbol for Scorpio in addition to the scorpion.

In addition to showing the fixed signs, the World tarot card zodiac signs represent each of the four elements. Scorpio represents water, Leo is the fire sign portrayed, Taurus corresponds to earth, and Aquarius relates to the air element.

Some tarot readers view this symbolism as corresponding to the fixed signs which excel in manifestation. Others see the World tarot as representing the entire zodiac wheel.

The imagery of the World card is comprehensive, inclusive, and encompassing. The World symbolism suggests tying up loose ends, overcoming obstacles, and having a bird’s eye view.

Upright General Meaning

The World tarot card meaning is the completion of a cycle; your efforts yield successful results when the World tarot card appears. The World indicates finality. Ending and initiation await.

Your efforts have taken you as far as you can go. The World indicates you’ve completed a cycle and must embrace growth and change. Your journey goes to new heights when the World tarot appears.

The World tarot guides you to bring your resources together. You cross the finish line and have reached your full potential. Now the only direction to go is further up.

When the World tarot card appears, strive for new heights and opportunities to grow and evolve. Your vision and beliefs expand to adjust to success.

When the World tarot card appears, you must release past expectations and level up. You’ve outgrown a situation and are ready to embrace new opportunities.

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Upright Love & Relationships

The World tarot meaning in love is similar. The World tarot card indicates a summit and new heights attained. Your relationship becomes more committed, or you reach a milestone goal like marriage.

Find completion and fulfillment in a relationship now. You find a partner who broadens your perspective or helps you reach success. A significant achievement in your relationship helps you to grow.

You can find strength, and your status grows with the help of a partner. If a relationship has been rocky, the World suggests it’s time for you to move on. You’ve gone as far as you can go in a relationship.

Likewise, with goals like living together, starting a family, or marriage, you’re on the verge of completing these milestones. The World helps you manifest shared goals.

Upright Money & Career

The World tarot card in career and money readings suggests completion, success, and growth. Rarely the World tarot is a bad omen in money and career readings.

The World tarot portends career growth and completion. You’re likely to find a new job or graduate to a new status in your profession. Growth and ascendance are imminent when the World tarot appears.

The World tarot card indicates you’ve outgrown your job, career, or workplace. Find new opportunities when the World tarot card appears. You can’t improve your current circumstances unless you move up in your career.

Your finances can blossom when the World tarot card appears in a reading. You manifest the resources and abundance you’ve wanted when the World appears in a tarot reading related to finances.

The World following the Tower tarot card suggests bankruptcy or financial loss. You can’t avoid a loss, and your best bet is to move on and mitigate damage when the Tower and the World tarot appear together.

The Devil tarot followed by the World suggests you’ve been in a toxic workplace and there is no place to go but into a new job.

0You may not get a promotion, but your path to freedom from the toxic environment is to move on to another workplace.

The Star tarot followed by the World suggests you’ve worked your way up to a higher level. Your career advances because of past work. You may find your dream job.

The Judgement tarot followed by the World suggests a period of evaluation and reflection followed by finality, completion, and graduation. You have clarity and closure after a period of assessment.

Upright Health

The World tarot in a health reading suggests you have completed a goal related to your wellness. You’ve reached a goal weight, overcome an illness, or healed from an injury.

Complete success and empowerment are imminent when the World tarot card appears in a health reading. A holistic approach to health is best when the World card appears.

The World tarot after the Moon tarot suggests an end to a period of stress and emotional turmoil. You resolve issues triggering mental duress. You have relief from a tumultuous situation and can relax.

The Sun tarot following the World tarot indicates your health improves because you set boundaries or move on from a toxic situation. You may move on from a relationship, friendship, or job, and this improves your health.

The World tarot yes or no in a health reading suggests you are moving toward completion and conclusion. Thus, it is not easy to discern a simple yes or no. Rather the World tarot indicates the answer to your question is fulfillment.

Upright Spirituality

The World tarot card in a spirituality reading suggests fulfillment and growth from working with the elements. Blend various spiritual beliefs and practices,

You may experience an initiation or end your connection with a spiritual group or religion in favor of another perspective. Your faith doesn’t end, but your affiliation with a spiritual organization can come to a close.

You outgrow dogma from the past. You can also grow into greater wisdom and understanding now. Ascension, growth, and evolution are likely when the World tarot card appears in a reading.

Reversed General Meaning

The World tarot card meaning in reverse still connotes endings and finality. As the Sun tarot, when the World is reversed the meaning is nominally diminished.

Completion and finality are now delayed. Success occurs in stages. You are nearing the end of a cycle but have more work to do; the World reversed portends the need for finishing touches.

When the World tarot card appears reversed don’t focus on expanding. Finish a project or path in progress before initiating a new plan. Your plans come to completion but you must take things one step at a time.

Reversed Love & Relationships

Your relationships and love life undergo turmoil and stress when the World tarot card appears reversed in a Relationships reading. Your relationship may not end, but a significant change is necessary to restore your connection.

Something must give when the World tarot card appears reversed in a romance reading. You can salvage your relationship but only if you make a dramatic change to your perspective.

The World reversed in tarot indicates you aren’t ready to move on from a relationship yet. You may be frustrated with a romance or friendship but you have more to learn or experience.

Wounds need your attention, your relationships can be a source of healing now if you take stock of a problem and put effort into resolving a conflict. The World tarot card reversed suggests the need to adapt so you can grow with your loved ones.

Reversed Money & Career

When the World tarot card appears reversed in career and money readings you may be on the fence about a career change. Your restlessness and frustration with work may lead you to think of quitting.

Yet you’re not ready for a new move in your career. When the World tarot card appears, you may want a change but you’ve got some work to do to fulfill your purpose.

The World tarot reversed suggests you have unfinished business and once you complete your mission, a new professional opportunity will arise. Don’t try to rush change when this tarot card appears.

You are stressed by your financial situation when the World tarot card appears reversed. You feel ready for a commitment or investment, but your resources don’t align with your goals.

The World tarot reversed indicates financial growth, just not to the extent you were expecting; adjust your expectations and be reasonable about the value of your investments when the World tarot card appears reversed.

Reversed Health

The World tarot card reversed in a health reading indicates delays and obstacles to growth and recovery. Your prognosis is still positive, yet you must have patience.

Your health goals aren’t achieved as you expected; the healing process from an illness or injury takes longer or is more involved than you would like.

A change of perspective or epiphany helps you discover what you must do to improve your health. You have a near-perfect game plan, but something is missing; put effort into completing a change that leads to full recovery and healing.

Reversed Spirituality

The World tarot card reversed in a spirituality reading is one of the most challenging positions for this card. The World reversed in spirituality represents tension awaiting release.

Spiritual restlessness and friction can be difficult to bear. A period of prolonged stress challenges your faith; you must find perspective and purpose amidst an ongoing conflict.

The World Reversed feels like a spiritual burden. You must sort through conflicting feelings and release some aspects of past dogma and practices that weigh heavily on you; you’re outgrowing your early spiritual beliefs and practices.

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