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Everything To Know About Tarot Readings

Updated May 12, 2023

The popularity of tarot readings online makes people curious about this divination system. Tarot readings bring insight.

You can predict the future and explore your personality using tarot readings. Tarot readings can be eclectic and empowering.

Tarot readings can bring insight and help you cultivate your intuition. Some people use tarot readings to overcome writer’s block or as a psychotherapy tool.

You can learn to do your tarot readings or find a plethora of tarot readings free on various apps. Tarot readings for love, business, and spiritual guidance are common.

You can explore dimensions of your personality and combine tarot readings with astrology or other mystical systems. Tarot readings fulfill many functions.

Is Tarot Safe?

One of the biggest misconceptions about tarot readings is that they are a gateway to negative spiritual entities. Tarot readings are generally safe as long as you follow ethical guidelines.

The potential harm from a tarot reading pertains to exploring unethical topics or falling prey to con artists who use tarot or fortune-telling to manipulate people.

In this case, the harm is not from the tarot but from the bad intentions of people who use this tool to take advantage of others. Finding a reputable tarot reader is crucial.

Tarot reading as a tool for growth and inspiration is perfectly safe. You will not unleash any negative entities because of using this divinatory tool. Some people believe tarot goes against their religion.

Yet people from all faiths consult tarot. Tarot has become ubiquitous and sought by people worldwide, including business executives, religious faith leaders, and celebrities.

Stigma about tarot being evil or harmful often stems from horror movies and misrepresentations in popular culture. In recent decades, the portrayal of tarot readings has become less stigmatized and more accurate.

Does Tarot Tell the Future?

Some people use tarot readings as a fortune-telling tool and believe tarot can tell the future. Other tarot readers speak of tarot as a tool for insight, without emphasizing the forecasting aspects.

Tarot cards can predict future events, yet there are many ways to use the tarot beyond this scope. When conducting tarot readings, consider local laws which may prohibit prediction.

Some tarot readers believe tarot can predict the future, yet because of anti-fortune-telling laws are compelled to say readings are only for entertainment. Many who consult tarot attest to the predictive power of the cards.

Others claim the tarot does not predict the future but provides guidance and insight so that you can manifest your desires and avoid problems in the future. Personal belief can determine how you use tarot.

Finding a Tarot Reader

Do your homework when selecting a tarot reader. The best way to find a good tarot reader is through word-of-mouth recommendations. When someone is pleased with a tarot reading, they tell their friends.

You are taking a gamble if you select a tarot reading off a website without references. You may end up with an excellent tarot reader or a novice who is not skilled in this profession. Worse, you may end up with a con artist.

While certification is not necessary, you can find tarot readers who have been trained and certified. Some tarot readers choose certification to add credibility to their profession.

You may also find tarot readers who blend their craft with other esoteric practices like astrology, energy healing, or casting spells. Some tarot readers are psychic mediums, while others are not.

Read your tarot professional’s bio and look for reviews about their accuracy and skills. Look for red flags if you take a chance on a tarot reader without references.

A tarot reader should be clear about their rates. Avoid readers who have vague pricing systems. A tarot reader who gives fear-driven messages and tells you they can break a curse for an exorbitant fee may be a con artist.

What To Expect

Tarot reading styles vary dramatically. Some tarot readers play up the esoteric and mystical aspects of their profession. You may see a tarot reader who lights incense and candles and displays a variety of crystals on their table.

Other tarot readers have a professional office and seem more like therapists who use tarot cards. Although tarot reading styles can vary, you can expect a few consistent elements from a good tarot reader.

A tarot reader should be clear about the length of the session and the cost if any. They should be honest yet empowering. They should also be clear about their limitations.

No matter how talented, a tarot reader can’t promise one hundred percent accuracy all the time. An honest tarot reader doesn’t guess or make assumptions. They are clear about the messages they receive and know what they don’t know.

You should also expect a tarot reader to be empowering. Even if you receive troubling news, a good tarot reader will help you explore underlying issues and look for solutions.

Are There Any Bad Cards?

Some tarot cards carry messages related to strife, change, and disruption. Tarot readings can predict crises and hardships. Though the cards aren’t bad, the news some cards deliver can challenge your expectations.

Approach tarot readings with an open mind. Learning about hardship in advance can give you an advantage. Even the cards associated with disruption can lead to growth and empowerment.

Like a doctor giving a challenging prognosis, a good tarot reading may deliver the news you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear it. Use your reading to find the best options when you get the news you don’t like.

Can I Change My Fate?

How much future prediction is fate or free will is a matter of debate among tarot readers. Most modern tarot readers approach their messages emphasizing choices and consequences.

You will likely find that some predicted events are changeable while others are not. When you can’t change an event or prevent it from happening, a tarot reading can help you navigate a challenge.

A tarot reading on relationships may predict a break-up, for example. If you try to avoid the break-up, you may succeed only to delay the inevitable. Other tarot readings indicate a break-up is possible but not necessary.

The difference between a fated event and a changeable potential can be indicated in the reading. Usually, major arcana cards point to situations that are destined to occur and are inflexible.

A tarot reading’s meaning will help you discern whether you must accept an event or try to change it. Minor arcana cards can give nuances about how much influence you can have over events.

Limitations Of Tarot Readings

Even when a tarot reading is accurate, it still has limitations. Some topics are best unexplored for ethical reasons. In addition, tarot readings can’t give you a play-by-play of every decision you make.

Tarot readings are helpful guides. Don’t use tarot readings to replace common sense or self-confidence. Don’t become dependent on tarot readings to address every choice you make.

Tarot readings can predict the timing of events. Yet knowledge of future events can lead you to make different choices that can alter the timing or outcome of the events.

You may get an accurate tarot reading yet still face surprises. Tarot readers believe that some things should not be predicted. You may gain insight into some aspects of your path but not others.

Are Tarot Readings a Scam?

You may wonder are free online tarot readings accurate or a scam? Either is possible. Most tarot readers are reputable and want to help people. Some tarot readers are more skilled than others.

Yet generally, you will typically encounter tarot readers with good intentions. However, con artists sometimes take advantage of the public’s interest in tarot.

Some red flags that a tarot reading is a scam include baiting a client with the promise of free initial reading and using fear-mongering to encourage clients to pay for the rest of the message.

Tarot readers advertise, but unsolicited online messages followed by an upselling attempt may be a scam. Often con artists use direct messages to bait people into paying for solutions to fear-based readings.

A common grift is to offer a free short reading and use messages about curses and bad luck to scare a client into paying for esoteric services to break the curse or cure the bad luck. This type of reading is usually a scam.

A free love tarot reading followed by an offer for a love spell for a high price is also a red flag. Free three-card tarot readings can be innocent, but if followed by requests for an expensive fix may be a scam.

Yet these examples of manipulation are exceptions and not emblematic of tarot readings. With some discernment and research, you can find sincere tarot readers and avoid scams.

Who Gets Tarot Readings?

Many people seek tarot readings since this method of divination has surged in popularity in recent years. People interested in spiritual growth seek tarot guidance.

People interested in holistic lifestyles and healing are often fascinated by tarot as are enthusiasts of astrology and other occult systems. Yet tarot has gained mainstream popularity.

Business professionals seek guidance from tarot, and some companies enlist the help of tarot readers to entertain and enlighten their staff. Investors and financial professionals seek guidance from tarot.

Psychologists and therapists use tarot readings to help their clients. Writers use tarot to overcome creative blocks. Spiritual leaders seek tarot guidance, as do politicians and other professionals.

People from all walks of life seek tarot readings for different reasons. Some people are interested in predictions, while others want to be entertained. Tarot readings are now popular to gain insight into relationships and personality.

Tarot readings for beginners can bring new insights that lead you to appreciate this tool. There are as many uses for tarot readings as questions people have about their lives and purpose.

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