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Zodiac Tarot Spread

Updated May 5, 2023

The Zodiac Spread combines wisdom from tarot and astrology. You can learn about many aspects of your personality with this spread.

The zodiac tarot card spreads for self-awareness and gives insight into your prospects and potential.

The zodiac wheel spread in tarot helps you understand the meaning of the signs and houses while also revealing your strengths. The zodiac spread is comprehensive yet easy.

You can use this spread even if you do not know about astrology. The zodiac spread helps you explore nuances of your life purpose and potential.

You can use this spread for prediction, yet designed for self-exploration. The zodiac wheel spread helps you unlock your strengths and empowerment.

Position 1: Aries (Outer Ambition)

This zodiac tarot reading follows the astrological signs in order. It is a twelve-house zodiac spread because each card corresponds to a sign, and the zodiac houses in order.

Begin by shuffling the cards in your tarot deck and placing the first to your far left. This card represents the first sign and house of the zodiac, Aries.

For this reading, the signs function as archetypes representing different aspects of your personality and life path. Thus, the first card represents your outer ambition.

Thus, the first card’s relationship to Aries is not about the placement of Aries in your horoscope. Instead, the card in this position relates to the Aries archetype and your outer ambitions.

This card shows the first impression you make and what you are likely to strive for. If the card is from the suit of wands, you follow your impulses for excitement and adventure.

Others see you as daring and brave, and you are the first to pursue tasks to prove yourself. A sword card in this position indicates you are clever and motivated by discovering the truth.

A cup card in this placement means you are sensitive and romantic. A pentacles card shows you are motivated by a quest for security and material comfort.

A major arcana card in this position indicates your outer ambition is fueled by your spiritual quest. The meaning of the specific card further delineates your motivation and first impressions.

Position 2: Taurus (Money & Income)

Place the second card beneath and slightly to the right of the first. When all the cards are laid out in the tarot spreads, they form a circle. Place the cards to show a curving arc down and to the right as you proceed.

The second card corresponds to Taurus and the second house. This card shows your relationship with money and income. Broadly, this card represents what you value.

A major arcana card can indicate how much ease or difficulty accompanies your income and money matters. A card like the Tower suggests you make and lose money in dramatic cycles.

The Fool shows you spontaneously earn money by following your creative instincts but you may spend frivolously. You value adventure and discovery.

A wands card indicates money comes from your eagerness to challenge yourself. A sword card shows you earn money through wit and strategy.

A cup card denotes income related to caretaking and emotional healing. A pentacles card is the best indicator of wealth from business acumen and savvy investing skills.

A reversed card in this position indicates obstacles to earning. Work through negative associations with money and security to enhance your earning potential.

Position 3: Gemini (Communication & Learning)

Place the third card in this cartomancy spread below and slightly to the right of the second, continuing the arc. This card corresponds to Gemini and the third house. The third card shows your communication and learning style.

The best placement here is a card from the suit of swords, indicating logical and communication strengths. A wands card suggests you learn through activities and challenges.

A cup card in this placement suggests you communicate through empathy and learn from your emotional connection to a topic. A pentacles card portends concrete thinking.

You learn best when a topic is practical and leads to comfort and wealth. You can be an honest communicator, but you don’t like abstract topics.

A reversed card in this placement suggests learning difficulties or communication challenges. You may struggle with a learning or writing disability or learn to read, write, or speak late.

The Hanged Man in this position suggests delayed verbal expression, although you may be psychically attuned and communicate through symbols, pictures, and images.

Position 4: Cancer (Home & Family)

The fourth card belongs below the third and to the right, forming the lowest part of the bottom arc of the spread. This card corresponds to the sign of Cancer and the fourth house in astrology.

The fourth card relates to home and family. More specifically, this card represents your private life and the roots that support your personality and potential.

A benevolent card such as the Three, Ten, or Cups court cards suggests a loving, empathic, emotionally supportive upbringing. You had nurturing caretakers and emotional validation.

A card from the suit of pentacles suggests a practical approach to comfort at home and with family. Your family nurtured you by caring for your physical needs and instilled a strong work ethic.

A wand’s card in this position suggests an active family life filled with passion and adventure. Your upbringing featured excitement and some drama.

A card from the sword suit in this placement suggests a family or household that valued intellect and learning. You dealt with strife but became a wise judge of character in the process.

A reversed card in this position suggests unresolved family issues that persist. You can heal and grow if you deal with the lesson from the reversed card.

Position 5: Leo (Fun & Games)

Place the next card for the tarot spread’s zodiac sign of Leo to the right and slightly higher than the fourth. The fifth card corresponds to hobbies, creativity, and playfulness.

This card represents how you unwind and your recreational interests. It can also describe your relationship with children and your potential for competitiveness.

Follow the steps to interpreting the cards in this position, drawing on wisdom from the major arcana archetypes. For minor arcana cards, combine the meaning of the numbers and suits to learn how you find fun and inspiration.

The Empress in this position suggests the potential for many children. The suit of wands indicates fun related to travel and adventure. The Hierophant or pentacles suggest you find pleasure in work.

Position 6: Virgo (Health & Routines)

The sixth card’s placement is above and to the right of the fifth. By now, you can see the bottom arc of the spread. The sixth and second cards are aligned but on opposite sides of the arc, as are the third and fifth cards.

The sixth card in the zodiac spread corresponds to Virgo and the sixth house. This card represents routines, health, and work tasks. Chores and mundane aspects of your daily routines correspond to this card.

If you have stable routines and reliable schedules, a pentacles card signifies this. Yet a wands card in this placement suggests your routines are hectic and unpredictable; you need to stay on your toes.

Follow the interpretation of the card by arcana, suit, and number to elicit details about your health. This card shows if you need more stability or excitement in your routines.

Position 7: Libra (Love)

The seventh card placement is above and to the right of the sixth. The seventh card is on the farthest right point of the bottom arc, directly across from the first card.

The card in this position corresponds to the sign Libra and matters of love, partnership, and balance. The card in this placement represents what you need in a partner to balance your strengths and personality.

This card also describes your approach to love, relationships, and partnerships. You can find clues about your potential for marriage in this card’s interpretation.

Don’t panic if the card in this position doesn’t naturally relate to marriage or partnership. The Hermit in this position may make you fear you’ll be alone since this card indicates a solitary path.

Yet this card in the seventh position speaks to attraction to independent, spiritual mavericks who follow their intuition. The seventh card represents your ideal partner.

The Eight of Cups zodiac sign placement indicates a path to love filled with trials and tribulations. You won’t easily find a partner but this does not mean you are destined to be alone.

Position 8: Scorpio (Transformation)

Place the eighth card above and slightly to the left of the seventh card. This card belongs above the sixth card. The card in this position corresponds to Scorpio and matters of transformation and empowerment.

The eighth card tells you about upcoming changes and can be predictive. This card relates to your personality as it shows how you approach change.

Follow the standard interpretation for the card in this position. Apply the meaning of this card to transformation and change. You can find empowerment by aligning with the message and power of this card.

Position 9: Sagittarius (Higher Wisdom)

The ninth card goes above and to the left of the previous one, forming an arc that stretches back toward the initial card. The ninth card in the zodiac sign’s tarot reading corresponds to Sagittarius and higher wisdom.

The ninth card indicates how you derive spiritual wisdom and expand your mind. This card can also speak to the potential for travel and exploration of new cultures and beliefs.

A pentacles card in this position suggests you find wisdom in practical matters. The sword cards suggest enlightenment from classes and books. The wands show you find wisdom in creativity and experience.

When a cup card appears in the ninth position, you find higher wisdom through intuition and empathy. A major arcana indicates spiritual growth through significant life lessons.

Position 10: Capricorn (Career)

The tenth card placement is across from the fourth card, at the uppermost position in the top arc of this spread. This card is above and to the left of the ninth card.

The tenth card corresponds to Capricorn and represents career and status. One way to remember this meaning is to think of the placement as the top arc of the circle in this spread. As such, it is the most visible.

Thus, it represents your most visible strengths, which for most people relates to career status and accomplishments. A minor arcana in this position can show success and achievements.

A major arcana card in the tenth position indicates a career that aligns with spiritual lessons. You make a difference for others and your career brings growth and insight.

Position 11: Aquarius (Breakthroughs)

The eleventh card goes to the left and below the tenth card, across from the ninth card. This card corresponds to Aquarius. The eleventh card relates to breakthroughs and shocking epiphanies.

The major arcana cards in this position suggest your breakthroughs have a significant impact on your spiritual growth and evolution. You find insight through cataclysmic events.

Minor arcana cards can indicate breakthroughs in specific life areas. Pentacles suggest breakthroughs relate to money or work. Cup cards suggest your breakthroughs come through relationships and intuition.

Sword cards indicate intellectual insights. A card from the suit of wands suggests you gain epiphanies through experience and challenges.

Position 12: Pisces (Spirituality)

The final card in this spread is to the left and below the eleventh. This card is directly above the second card. The twelfth card corresponds to Pisces and relates to your approach to spirituality.

This card teaches you how your spiritual growth relates to crises and healing. Your path through limitations to freedom corresponds to this card.

The card in this position gives you insight into your approach to spirituality as a source of perspective and empowerment. Interpret the card in this position as it relates to transcendence and finding purpose.

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